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  1. Let's hope that you and ships arrive next year. As much as I miss cruising myself, I also miss the ships sailing into town. Always so exciting when a ship or two or three (especially the bigger ones) are docked.
  2. My name is David and my DW often calls me Davey (when she is happy with me LOL) and I am born and lived all my life on Cape Breton Island and residents of our island are called "Capers". Capers is also the name of the isand's (and my alma mater's) university's sports team.
  3. Hello, We just got notification that our November 12, 2021 cruise we booked just days ago is now cancelled because of "deployment". There are no cruises showing for the ship from July something to November 20th, which was going to be the cruise after the one we booked. Anyone have an idea what is going on?
  4. I feel your pain. My DW and I are scheduled to sail on the Royal Princess on March 28th. As recently as Friday, we planned to go still. However, given the weekend events, we have decided to cancel - although we have not actually done the deed yet. The Possibility of quarantine is a huge factor as we are both working age (latter half of our 40s). My DW has high blood pressure which is a risk factor if you get the virus which is a concern. We are considering adjusting our vacation to a shorter land vacation but it is a difficult decision right now.
  5. When we cruised on the Caribbean Princess in November, they gave them with your cruise card when you embarked. We happen to be sailing on the cruise before you. We are kind of medallion veterans now as we were on the disastrous "debut of the medallion" cruise on the Regal in 2017 when only a small portion of the ship had them and they did not work.
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