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  1. Here is a good explanation of room service charges on most major cruise lines: https://cruisemaven.com/cruise-ship-room-service-fee-2019/ There is no service charge for the continental breakfast on NCL.
  2. Price in Canadian dollars.....around 25% less in US dollars.....for single occupancy Category 2B on the Solstice October 26, 2022 for 12 days. Not much more for a double as singles pay 200% unfortunately. This price includes the refundable deposit option.
  3. When I spoke with my Big Box TA to make the change I was very specific to ensure that the Refundable Deposit Option was available with the 20% off campaign. They did confirm that it was if we chose that option. In addition I went on the Celebrity website to make a mock new booking for our cruise. It did allow me to choose the Refundable Deposit option and still get the 20% savings. Veranda Stateroom First Guest $7,358.00 Discounts 20 PCTSAV -$1,472.00 Always Included℠ - Refundable Wi-Fi Drinks Tips Dining Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner included at select venues Main Dining Time - Anytime Dining Taxes & Fees Taxes, Fees, and Port Expenses $162.00 Trip Total $6,048.00 CAD
  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you! After 2.5 well spent hours we had our 2 single cabins on the October 2022 Japan cruise reduced by over CAD$1,000 each. And without any loss of $200 OBC each or other perks. Bravo Cruisecritic members!
  5. Canada will require that all cruise passengers docking in Canada be fully vaccinated. Since there are many cruise lines that originate or end in Vancouver for Alaska, Pacific Coastal, Hawaii and TransPacific and many that stop in Victoria on their return to Seattle, NCL won't be alone. This would include ships that stop in the Maritimes on those itineraries.
  6. BC’s current approach: BC Centre For Disease Control  The goal of BC’s COVID-19 immunization program is to minimize serious COVID-19 outcomes. To achieve this goal, BC has adopted the recommendation by the Canadian National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) to extend dose intervals.  Providing a first dose faster to as many people as possible saves more lives and avoid cases, hospitalisations and deaths.  Completion of the COVID-19 vaccination schedule (currently set at 2 doses) remains important to provide long-term protection. How BC’s approach aligns nationally and compares internationally:  In Canada, most jurisdictions have adopted NACI’s recommendation and extended the interval for the second dose to up to 4 months.  In the United Kingdom, Quebec, and Finland, the practice of extending the interval to the second dose up to 12 weeks (or even later) after the first dose has been in place for months. Argentina, Estonia, and Hungary also switched to this approach relatively more recently.  European Medicines Agency and World Health Organisation support using a longer interval up to 6 weeks.  The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recommended that manufacturer’s schedule should be followed whenever possible, but administration of second dose could be extended up to 6 weeks. In conclusion  On balance, using a longer interval between the first and the second dose is ethical and justifiable public health policy to maximize population level benefit in the context of limited supply and relatively high community transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. 
  7. This link my help to answer some of your questions. https://www.whatsinport.com/Livorno.htm On our last stop in Livorno on the Pearl in October 2019 we purchased the shuttle just off the gangway which will take you to the Central Square. From there, we booked this company who run a regular bus service into Florence. They are very reliable as we had used them a few years earlier for Lucca. Hope this helps. https://tuscanybus.com/it/home.aspx
  8. Interesting that Quebec are offering a third dose for those who had the mixed. https://www.cbc.ca/news/health/quebec-third-dose-covid-vaccine-travel-1.6117954
  9. https://secureservercdn.net/ October is very late to sail Alaska. The attached shows Ketchikan port arrivals. Notice virtually only Encore for the final 3 cruises of October. Most shops and services will shut down before this.
  10. As of July 5th fully vaccinated Canadians and Residents of Canada no longer need to quarantine. PCR within 72 hours prior to arrival, PCR at the border (no charge) then travel to your destination. This week my 32 year old niece (Canadian citizen) and her American husband, both of whom live in Seattle, crossed by land border south of Vancouver at 7am. Very quiet, very simple and, rather than being given the test at the border, they were given kits to take with them. They then either went to one of the authorized labs to perform the test or did it virtually in front of one of the Nurses from the Lab. Soon thereafter picked up by the courier and sent to the Lab. All at no cost. And no quarantine for either. Trudeau is indicating that by mid August fully vaccinated Americans will also be permitted to enter Canada under the same protocols above. But, of course, subject to Covid numbers on both sides of the border over the next few weeks.
  11. Ever confusing and changing rules! Canada has only shipped just over 3 million doses of AZ to the provinces out of a total of 53 million. So the percentage of those who received AZ in combination with Pfizer or Moderna is very low. Remember, the population of Canada is only 38 million. Fortunately, in my case and those of all my friends and family, we had Pfizer both times. One friend, who is a very loyal NCL fan, had AZ followed by Moderna! Their next NCL cruise not until October 2022 so it's likely everything will evolve and change by then. https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/diseases/2019-novel-coronavirus-infection/prevention-risks/covid-19-vaccine-treatment/vaccine-rollout.html
  12. I notice that the Encore last sailing this year is October 16 to 23 to Alaska from Seattle. So the news will make no difference this year but will help the cruise lines to firm up their 2022 plans.
  13. https://vancouverisland.ctvnews.ca/canada-to-welcome-cruise-ships-back-starting-in-november-1.5509528
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