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  1. Luvpitts

    Camp Carnival(holiday)

    Yes, I have used Camp Carnival on the Holiday ship. The room was a bit small, but so are kids... We used it for ages 2, 4, 5 and 7. (as they grew!) They LOVED it. You also can get a beeper so that if you are 'needed' for any reason, they will page you via the beeper. My daughter loved it so much last year she didn't even get off the boat in Cozumel because she wanted to stay with the Camp Carnival program! Let me know if you have more specific questions.
  2. Luvpitts

    oct cruising and upgrade cost

    We've never had a party on our ships in October. Maybe it's for dates closer to Halloween... OR specific to particular ships?
  3. Luvpitts


    They will put the beds together to make a king and there is a fold down bunk. There is usually a roll away bed as well, and if not, just ask your steward. The bunk is only good for one person unless the kids are young. The bed you and your husband sleep in will be big enough, don't worry!
  4. Luvpitts

    Price drop and early saver

    Per my conversation regarding this very subject: If you are not past your "final payment date" they will, as firefly333 stated, reduce your final payment amount by the difference. If you ARE past the final payment date, THEN you will get an on board credit or an "upgrade". BUT- YOU HAVE TO KEEP UP ON THE RATES!! Carnival will NOT automatically do either option without you contacting them.
  5. For those us who have been affected by stations running low, or even empty, remember to get some additives for your tanks because with all the "extra" fill ups and running out of fuel, the gunk on the bottom is really stirred up and you are probably getting some sludge/gunk in your vehicle. The additives will help clean it out. I leave tomorrow for my trip, out of Mobile. Taking a friends car that gets 27 mpg, but I have twice the tank size. Not sure what the trade off is on that. I can get us there and back on one tank. She can't. Decisions, decisions...
  6. Luvpitts

    Inter-racial Couple Cruisers

    There are plenty! I've not heard of an inter-racial group cruise specifically dedicated to that, like gay/lesbian etc, but you could always organize one!
  7. Luvpitts

    Conquest 10/26 Military deal $800 for 2

    Found it. Galveston. $421.74 per person mil rate. 7 days to Western Caribbean. Nice deal!
  8. Luvpitts

    Conquest 10/26 Military deal $800 for 2

    Where does it sail from? Sounds like a GREAT deal!
  9. Luvpitts

    If you could do one thing different....

    If you are ok with crowds, go to the Sail Away party! Even if you don't participate, it's great fun!
  10. Luvpitts

    Military Discounts

    Jetskier, where DO you get your inside info??? Semper Fi, Devil Dog! My husband and I are both Marines, too!! CamPen mostly... on the wing...
  11. Thank you, Tim! It was an honor and a pleasure, belieive it or not.:) My husband did 21 years, and I did 3 before I got hurt.
  12. Luvpitts

    Jeep rentals

    As I read, I got the impression they were arguing with each other, not you. Ok, not ARGUING, but disagreeing... Either way, let's keep it light here, because we ALL understand that the only guarantee in another country is that there are no guarantees. Figure out what you are willing to gamble, and go from there. If you're not willing to burn that $100 bill, then stay out of the casino!! hugs to you Leeleent... ;)
  13. Luvpitts

    Anyone recently get a passport, I have a ?

    We ordered my DD's on 9/8, and mine on 9/9, normal delivery. Hers arrived 9/18, and mine 9/19. I'm glad I didn't pay the expedited fee!! BTW, both of our pics are on the first regular page, with all the crazy graphics on it as well. They are pretty sturdy, all things considered! We even got our original pictures back!
  14. Luvpitts

    Another OBC???

    yes, you can. Anytime the rate goes down, even a dollar, you can call and get credit!
  15. Luvpitts

    Can you take your own pictures?

    JAJA: Great idea! Thanks! VentureMan: I don't think I have the gall to do THAT! LOL Some people's children! And I'll be on the Small-iday, I mean Holiday, so there is no "grand staircase". And I'm gonna dress up a bit, coctail attire, at least. But as soon as dinner is over, and the pictures taken - I'm BACK IN CRUISE-WEAR!!! HAHHAAAAAA!! I have to take as many pics as I can because one of my g'friends backed out on my after I paid her fare! I found another BFF to go with me, so we are determined to show her how she messed up!! LOTS and LOTS of FUN FUN FUN - til they pull back into port!! :D :p