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  1. :) Hi y'all: The P2P letter is most important when returning through US Customs!!! I got a bi-lingual letter from Mondial, the official medical insurance company, which assures Cuban authorities that the insurance complies with their requirements! I paid Cuba Cruise $44 CAD over the phone and got the "paperwork" the next day from Greece. Very efficient! Tom:)

  2. :) Hi y'all: Because I'm 39+++, I paid Cuba Cruise $44 CAD for the newly required medical insurance. (About $32 US) (I wish I was a junior rather than senior.) Just another cost of the trip. January 22nd in Montego Bay is just around the corner from the snow in the Lake Tahoe area (courtesy of el Nino). Tom:)

  3. Hi: Check the Roll Call for Louis Cristal Cuba Cruise Montego Bay January 22, 2016 for an idea about meeting on embarkation day. Deck 9 (swimming pool deck), Helios Bar, near the beauty salon at 4:45-5PM. Any other ideas? Tom:)

  4. :) Some interesting questions are posed regarding stamp/no stamp in one's passport. If you're going to declare, to US Customs, the importation of up to $400 worth of stuff from Cuba (of which up to $100 can be booze/tobacco), the stamp doesn't matter. I think the $95 P2P registration for U.S. Citizens is now a requirement of Cuba Cruise. (yourcubacruise.com then "Your Cuba" then "Travelling to Cuba") So, I think it's of value. I have Global Entry and could avoid the letter, but I'm not!


    Got my e-ticket today. Embarkation and Deparkation times are different in the e-ticket and Pre-departure information. Not of any importance.

  5. Hi I'm on the Jan 22 sailing out of MoBay. I did start a roll call as the Louis Cristal. I'm fully paid up, in $CDN, including the US Citizen mandatory booze, tour and tip package. A great deal compared to Globus and Road Scholar. The "People to People" program seems very informative and comprehensive. Tom


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