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  1. Yes, this is super disappointing. We already moved our July 20 sailing to July 21 at the prevailing rate when they wanted us to make final payment on a cruise that we knew was going to be cancelled. Now for us to move this sailing to July 22 will cost us approx $1,600 more. I don't see why they don't offer the same options as the other sailings that have been cancelled. I get that this is killing them financially - so part of me understands - just really disappointed in the options available. I'm going to wait it out a week or two and hope they reconsider the options (I know, very unlikely. but possible) - otherwise we'll just take the refund. The bonus FCC only amounts to $200 so totally not worth it. Mike
  2. That's fantastic. Congratulations. Lift and shift worked out very well for us as well - significant savings over us having to rebook (although not quite as good a 3X savings). Mike
  3. Thanks - called a little while ago and it was taken care of. I only listed one sailing on the form instead of the 3. The person I talked to said my request got "stuck" somewhere. He didn't provide any details and I didn't press since he was able to take care of it for me. Mike
  4. All done. Have to admit I was a little nervous during the multiple times on hold while he was "checking to see if he could do it while we were on the phone" - thinking of all the excuses why he was going to come back and say he couldn't do it - but he did it! So appreciate all your help and advice. Feeling so much better now that I have invoice in hand. Mike
  5. Ok - was getting ready to call but want to make sure I have my facts straight. I went back to the Cruise with Confidence page and am confused by the section that says: As of May 6th, 2020 we have also added the new "Best Price Guarantee" and "Lift and Shift" options outlined below. If you opted into our Cruise with Confidence program before May 6th, please learn more about that program here. Does that mean only cruises booked after May 6th are eligible? The cruise I am trying to shift was re-booked in March - the same day my cancelled cruise was supposed to sail. Hope I'm not reading that correctly - and there is some other snafu more easily resolvable.... Mike
  6. Ok will do. Thanks. Standard reservation #? On Celebrity I would typically call Captain's Club to start - I'm Elite +. Often it's easier to get through and they can just take care of things. Not sure if it's helpful to call C&A - or just the main number. Mike
  7. Ok - I'll probably give it until Tuesday before I call. The cabin cat. matched - but the ship is completely different. Freedom -> Oasis. Mike
  8. What's been you experience with timing? I made my request Wed eve. when I lasted posted. I received the email saying I would get confirmation of the new sailing within 72 hours...... yet here I am 4 days later and no confirmation and my old cruise is still showing online. Should I just be a bit more patient - or does is this atypical and perhaps I should call? Mike
  9. Calendar isn't out yet, but based on past experience we are hoping it's March 20th. If not - I guess our kids will have a two week break 🙂 Mike
  10. Thanks again. Form has been submitted with just one preference. There were a number of Owners Suites available for that sailing (I was actually a bit surprised by the availability given it is Spring Break). Just having the form submitted is a bit of a load off......
  11. Appreciate the quick reply. How does it work once I submit my 3 preferences. Will I have any options when they come back - or will it just be booked? And am I guaranteed they will keep the same category and not downgrade me?
  12. Would appreciate some advice - We originally had a cruise booked for this past March that Royal cancelled. It was more than 1/2 paid with FCC that was set to expire this Dec 2020. In March (actually on the day we were supposed to set sail) we booked a new cruise for March 2021. The payment was covered by a combination of the new deposit I had to put down, the payment ($) from the cancelled March cruise, the FCC from the cancelled March cruise + the original FCC that was due to expire this Dec. I'm not sure if they made an exception to allow the old FCC to carry over - OR if this was standard - but they did it. We are in an Owners Suite. We're now not sure we want to sail in March - it may end up being too close to cruises starting up for our comfort. We're also booked for July on Celebrity - but more comfortable with that. I checked the online tool and it listed a number of options. None great - but ok. Couple of questions - a) Under lift and shift - will they still honor the FCC that was due to expire this year? I'm sure this has been discussed but I haven't been following CC since our cruise was cancelled :-(. b) Am I better off calling - or submitting the request via the form? I prefer to call so I know specifically what categories are available on which ships and decide based on that - but I'm reading here availability is better on the form. Will I have any better (or different) luck with respect to a) which way I go. c) any other advice / considerations I'm not thinking of? Thanks in advance and appreciate any and all opinions. Mike
  13. Similar situation - but my cruise was next week and already canceled. The tricky part is American is waiving change fees if you travel before the end of year. We have $3,000 in airfare and no plans to use it this year. Even if we end up using some, we likely won't use it all. So it is likely we will have a loss eventually (at end of year) - if so it would be at least $600-800 in change fees, if not the whole ticket. No idea how to handle this. I've been trying to contact Nationwide - but wondering if anyone has any experience or knowledge (understanding that ultimately it will be up to what Nationwide says)..... Mike
  14. Almost certainly you will get whatever perks are associated with your new booking at the time you book.
  15. Not really missing much. Samana was a complete bust for us.
  16. What ship and how much to upgrade? In the end - only you can say whether it is worth it for you. I can say the FV on M class ships - especially the corner ones with HUGE balconies are fabulous. Also, since the FVs are going away and being converted to Sunset Suites - this may be your last opportunity to see for yourself at FV rates. Mike
  17. Give it another week. Maybe then she'll be more scared of staying in NYC and the cruise will turn into the safer option 😉
  18. What does he wear on the nights he doesn't wear pants?
  19. On the Equinox in Concierge (and I assume balcony any others) the tv is still on an arm that will swing away from the wall. On the Edge it was a PIA getting to that HDMI port......
  20. I believe you and that is why I suggested trying your method also. Wasn't necessary for me. The TVs could have been configured differently.
  21. You can try with or without unplugging the lan cable. We were on Equinox in November and had no issues using HDMI using the process above (except we didn't unplu the lan). HDMI in at power up, then use the button at the bottom to navigate the menus and change inputs. The hardest part was finding the button (and I knew in advance it would be on the bottom). If it doesn't work, then as skurvish suggests try again with the lan unplugged. Mike
  22. No change to plans for our Caribbean cruise next month. Also have an Italy cruise booked for July - currently have no plans to change that unless the situation changes dramatically from where it is today. We've decided to hold off booking any cruises to Iran for the time being. Mike
  23. Also not sure what the issue was with the digital package - but if it was missing images - what we do is: Every day we collect the paper pictures as though we had the print package. They put them in an envelope for us. Each time we then cross reference all the pictures against the digital images at the kiosk. Occasionally there are some missing and we point those out so they get added. By the time we are at the end of the cruise - we know everything is there. Go Blue! Mike
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