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  1. I can no longer help you since I am not maintaining the list anymore.
  2. I STAND CORRECTED. It should be Future Cruise DEPOSIT.
  3. Last year I purchased a $100 FCC during my cruise. Since then with the virus and personal reasons I have decided I will not go on any new cruises. On 6/11/20 I requested a refund. As of today it still shows up on my account and I have not received anything. Is anyone else having the same problem and what can be done about it? I have phoned twice with no definite answer. I have emailed twice with no response.
  4. I wanted to buy it at $7.50 but my brokerage account was closed due to inactivity. It took a week to reactivate it and it had gone up $5 by then. 😟
  5. Princess shops are duty and sales tax free. I believe any items purchased online would have to be picked up onboard. It would be quite an expense to handle all the different state taxes if sold online and shipped to you.
  6. Money can only be credited to your credit card if that was the source. The refund always comes by check.
  7. As a single you pay double the price except for the port taxes.
  8. customerrelations@princesscruises.com
  9. This was not a private tour. It was the ship tour of movie production locations.
  10. I was on an all day tour in Kawaii where there was a choice between 2 items. I think it was a hamburger or chicken sandwich. The guide phoned it in about 1 hour before arrival. It probably all depends on the tour and the size. I can't imagine a separate buffet for 12 people.
  11. I was on the Grand and the only live TV shows seemed to be news. They had a variety of free on demand movies and TV shows. New movies were added daily including the ones shown on Movies Under the Stars.
  12. This is my latest update 11/12/19 Princess Event Coordinators Use these coordinators to schedule an onboard event. Updated 11/12/19 SHIP GROUP SERVICE AGENT EMAIL Caribbean Princess Coleen Reyes creyes@princesscruises.com Coral Princess Bernadine Grayr bgrayr@princesscruises.com Crown Princess Jodi Rudolph jrudolph@princesscruises.com Diamond Princess Diana Hall dhall@princesscruises.com Emerald Princess Lawrence Andrada landrada@princesscruises.com Enchanted Princess Craig Blish cblish@princesscruises.com Golden Princess Jan James jjames@princesscruises.com Grand Princess Jenny Streeck jstreeck@princesscruises.com Island Princess Diana Hall dhall@princesscruises.com Majestic Princess Jan James jjames@princesscruises.com Pacific Princess Jodi Rudolph jrudolph@princesscruises.com Regal Princess Bernadine Grayr bgrayr@princesscruises.com Royal Princess Darlene Howell dhowell@princesscruises.com Ruby Princess Craig Blish cblish@princess.com Sapphire Princess Jenny Streeck jstreeck@princesscruises.com Sea Princess Lawrence Andrada landrada@princesscruises.com Sky Princess Jan James jjames@princesscruises.com Star Princess Diana Hall dhall@princesscruises.com Sun Princess Lawrence Andrada landrada@princesscruises.com
  13. I was on the Grand in December and they have installed a sink at the entrance to the buffet. You wash your hands with soap and water which is much better than hand sanitizer.
  14. Most ships have the policy that if you tip individually and cancel the automatic tip the money is still pooled. They can only keep an individual tip if you keep the automatic one. This is true on Princess and I can not say if it is true in Cunard.
  15. My experience with anytime dining is that a line starts to form about 15 minutes prior to opening. At the front of the line you can than tell them your party size. You can share a table with strangers or try to get your own. Once the dining room is filled or your size table is not available you are give a pager. If you call the dine line early in the day you can reserve a time slot for anything dining and you get to go around the line at your set time.
  16. It was announced that the price was going up. I prepaid at the lower price and it was easier to keep track of my account balance without planning for each day's tips. Since there were no tips I had a higher balance at the end and got it all back in about 3 weeks.
  17. For the Chef's Table contact the Dine Line as soon as you board. If your room is not available then go to the front desk and they will let you phone from there. Some people indicate that the Matre D' can also handle it but they probably just contact the dine line at a later time. There may be more than 1 seating on longer cruises. Price is about $95 depending on ship and if you want wine.
  18. You can use WiFi calling easily for outgoing calls by signing into WiFi first but to have incoming calls you must remain connected. If you are paying for WiFi by the minute that would not be practical. Princess now has a package with continuous WiFi. You do not have to sign out.
  19. On my last cruise we had a cumulative trivia in the morning on sea days (10 days). There was also regular trivia in the afternoon. People usually try to maintain a team of up to 6. You can join any team if there is space. Good way to make friends.
  20. What is a travel agent group promotion? Is that given by Princess or the Travel Agent? From Princess I would say not refundable. From the agent either you or the agent should get it back. Since you are showing an actual image I assume it is something Princess gives to large groups.
  21. I thought this would be a good subject since it is always being asked. From what I have seen the only non refundable credit is credit that is part of a cruise package or the stockholder's credit. Any other credit such as travel agent gift, military, Princess credit card points, and cash or gifts placed into the account are refundable. This is from my experience. Anyone have any corrections? Non refundable credit is accessed first and then the refundable. Your statement, which is available at any time, shows the breakdown. A refundable balance of up to $25 can be received onboard. Larger amounts are paid 3-4 weeks after the cruise and they come from a disbursement company, not Princess.
  22. The All Inclusive Photo Package (the “Package”) is available to the purchasing guest, immediate family traveling on the same booking number as the purchasing guest or anyone verified as staying in the same cabin of the purchasing guest (together referred to, for the purpose of these terms and conditions, as the “purchasing guest”).
  23. Now that I think about it using limited minutes would only be good for outgoing calls. Waiting for incoming calls would quickly eat up the minutes.
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