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  1. Hopefully this is just your personal opinion and more countries are looking forward to getting back to normal. There’s no indication that All New Zealand, Australia and French Polynesia will be still closed in Jan - Apr next year.
  2. That’s also true, but Oceania didn’t limit anything before even when they knew that the cruises would not sail. It doesn’t make sense now unless they are obligated to follow certain requirements to be able to restart cruising. Also, when they prepared to cancel before, they waitlisted all categories at once, but I can see some more profitable cabins are still opened now. I guess we’ll see what is in the books, hopefully sooner than later.
  3. I’ve noticed that ALL cruises through December are waitlisted now for almost all categories except the expensive Penthouses and above where available. Though, our January cruise on the Sirena is wide open. I hope Oceania limited the number of reservations in preparation to resume cruising with the lower passengers number and cabins sold this fall.
  4. I believe that they are doing the best they can trying to stay in business and give us an opportunity to sail with them again like we used to do before this difficult time to everybody. Whether or not to support them with your booking is a personal choice that depends on one’s beliefs and desires.
  5. The difference is mostly attributed to the huge price drop for the summer/fall 2020 cruises that most likely won’t sail anyway. Otherwise, it looks like the prices for 2021 comparable cruises are pretty similar to those of 2020 before the price drop. Also, it’s possible we’ll see the price reduction for 2021 cruises closer to the sail date.
  6. They haven’t cancelled that Alaska cruises yet not because they consider to sail. Just don’t want to deal with all that refunds at once, prefer to do one month at a time.
  7. I guess they picked the particular date just over a month ahead not because they really consider to start operating after May 11th. They just don’t want to deal with so many cancellations at once when all of us start to complain about not getting our refunds in the timely manor.
  8. Thank you Paul, I’m aware of custom tours to Bhutan , but we were booked on a small group tour that we had chosen for the most inclusive itinerary. We’ll consider some other options as well for the future tour. Hope it won’t be that long before we can travel again. I have a feeling we’ll be doing more land tours rather than cruises for some period of time then.
  9. Paul, can I ask you how did you traveled to Bhutan. What tour company did you use if it was a group tour? Our trip to Nepal and Bhutan on April 8Th was canceled. While there’s no way we’ll be going at the moment we’re very upset that our dream tour didn’t materialize. We’re definitely thinking of going there in the future. Olga
  10. Thank you all for your responses. It’ll be helpful if Oceania delay the final payment dates for upcoming fall cruises. We’ll have more time and maybe confidence and they will be dealing with less cancellations right now. Our cruise is 28 days and the final payment is due in four weeks. We’ll see...
  11. It’ll be helpful if Oceania delay the final payment dates for upcoming fall cruises. We’ll have more time and maybe confidence to decide and they will be dealing with less cancellations at the moment.
  12. And won’t you agree that TA’s today deserve a little of extra commissions and aren’t obligated to share for working so hard under the pressure addressing all our really uncommon requests?
  13. I said “currently suspending” and I’m talking about the future cruises that are scheduled to sail.
  14. Currently Oceania suspending all their operations. I’d like to ask if someone with a final payment coming soon for the grand voyages late summer or fall departures have their final payment date delayed. We’re not looking to canceling our September cruise but would love to have a little bit more time to decide.
  15. That’s true - I tried to be very nice speaking to UA representative and they made exemption. The current policy: redeposit fees apply😁.
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