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  1. We just grabbed a taxi from Venice to the airport after the cruise on the several occasions. It wasn’t terribly expensive. We wouldn’t want to bother with sharing.
  2. We were on the Riviera for 30 days in September. No worries - the ship looks great. They have done some updates mostly in the public areas. Just changed the carpet in the cabins, no refurbishing, except updating the upper suites. You didn’t tell us what cruise lines you sailed before, but I hope you’ll like your first Oceania cruise.
  3. Terri - Thank you for this great tip! I just booked our tickets for our cruise in September. Can tell you - this sale works not just from NY, but from LA as well. Our flight: LAX - Stockholm - Barcelona - LAX in premium economy through LHR is less than Oceania credit with premium upgrade. We’ll fly a day earlier and stay a day at the end without paying a deviation fee. Just out of curiosity, I priced the same flight from NY and to my surprise it was even little more expensive. This not happened very often, normally it’s much more to fly from west coast. BC tickets are also with great discounts. We fly in BC when it’s a longer flight to Asia, Africa etc...but we tried PE before and found it adequate for LAX - LHR non-stop. Thanks again.
  4. Have you just read things? We’ve been to LHR many times, so we know it can be busy. Everything can happen when you travel. I hope we’ll manage though.
  5. Thank you all. I hope we’re good with our BA flight for now.
  6. Our flight will be in a couple of weeks. I’ll post an update when we get on the ship. We realize the risk factor, especially with the recent BA pilots threatening to go on the strike. But if everything be alright with Oceania air arrangements we’ll save plenty of miles (money) compared to paying for business class tickets.
  7. I don’t think Dan was rude to anybody. This topic unlike some others on this board will benefit many Oceania cruisers if he gets more related answers to his question. I was looking for similar information when booked air inclusive rate. That’s why I responded to his thread.
  8. Paul - you’re right, we are happy to get best flight. But before we booked Oceania air I did some research. It looks like that most of the time the cheapest most economical flight with a scheduler to get us to London on the day of the cruise is the direct flight LAX - LHR. Given Oceania contracted with BA our odds were good. We don't fly in on the day of the cruise normally, but this time it works best for us. Also we’ve been to London before.
  9. First time will be using Oceania air this month. Very happy with the flight non-stop LAX - LHR in premium economy. They even picked great seats for us and it couldn’t be better if I do it myself. We prefer to fly business, but did premium economy to Europe one time before on our own.
  10. We always had the caviar similar to Paddlefish at the dinner time once or twice over 14 days cruises. Sometimes more on the longer cruises both on the R ships and on the O ships.
  11. We always had the caviar similar to Paddlefish at the dinner time once or twice over 14 days cruises. Sometimes more on the longer cruises both on the R ships and on the O ships.
  12. It’s often a Gala brunch on the one of the sea days. No, caviar wasn’t available at the brunches that we attended recently. The caviar at the MDR dinner wasn’t lump fish, I believe it was more like a paddlefish, but definitely not osetra or beluga though.
  13. Most recently the caviar was only available in the MDR on the evenings of the captain reception and on the longer cruises on some other night closer to the end. Some years ago it was also available at the Gala brunches on the sea days. At the dinner I was served two-three orders at once without any accomplishments. Still not enough to enjoy it without bread and butter. I don’t believe that you will be able to order a tin anywhere on the Oceania ship😥
  14. Yes, caviar is the best without anything, but I’m afraid Oceania wouldn’t serve me enough to eat it on its own.
  15. Looks like you really got to know the Russians well. So probably not all of them are the same. As for the caviar, we prefer it served on the delicate crispy baguette with butter, not toasted soft center. No sour cream either. Good with vodka though.
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