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  1. I am sorry if this has been discussed but I cannot get the search to work. I booked in January when there was the pick 5 options, so it includes the drink and dining package. Looking at my invoice I do not see the 20% service charge for the drink package, is that not included in the final price? Is it added to your bill to be settled on ship? and it is 20% of $99 per day per person? I
  2. I go to the Royal Caribbean web site, find the cruise I want and click the option that says refundable rate. The next screen has me pick room and a final total, but in small print on the bottom it says deposit is non refundable.
  3. Thinking of choosing the Excursion credit option, are you able to book excursions in advance of the cruise and use this credit, or do you have to wait till on board to book?
  4. Thinking of booking an NCL Cruise, will be 1 adult and 1teen. If one of my options is the drink package, what would the teen get?
  5. Also check if it would be less to get a rental for the whole time and then get a hotel that allows parking. Leave the rental car at the hotel and then take that car back to Atlanta when the cruise is over.
  6. Does this mean Thrifty does not have a transponder in the car, and in theory getting your own transponder should work?
  7. Just a week, but I got a great rate through Travelocity for $150 Canadian. Costco is $257 US which comes to about $350 Canadian. I will call Thrifty and try and find out if they use the plate method of if the cars have a transponder. Sounds like over riding a transponder is not a guarantee so might not be worth getting buying one.
  8. Thanks for the replies, good to know that the transponder will over ride the rental car, option. Also good to know to register the rental car plate#. I will be in Florida next week, so I will pick up a transponder then and have an account set up for when I am back in March and renting a car. The rate I got with Thrifty's is almost $200 less than any other rental I have found, so I am ahead even if I pay the $53. We are in Florida once a year so it will be useful.
  9. Renting a car through Thrifty. I gather their weekly Sunpass fee is 52.95 max. We are going from Fort Lauderdale to Marathon, and then Key Biscayne so will need the SUnpass but don't think it will be near $50 in tolls. How does it work if I opt out of the Thrifty Sunpass option and buy my own transponder. Is there a way to turn off the Transponder in the car and make sure my transponder is used?
  10. What category of room do you need to book to have a view of the ships?
  11. If you rent a car , I take it they do not have a transponder and the charges are by the license plate? I seem to remember renting a car in Orlando (at least 5 years ago) and being told to turn off the transponder if paying cash at the toll booths. Was thinking about buying a transponder , but how does it work if the rental car has a transponder?
  12. What is considered the winter months in South Florida?
  13. What about the metro mover after a concert at American Airlines Arena, would it be safe? Would prefer to stay at the Hampton Inn as it sounds nicer then the Holiday Inn, but walking across after a concert is nice.
  14. I booked a cruise last week and it is less now with the BOGO sale, can I cancel and rebook at the new rate?(it is a 2017 cruise not in penalty period)
  15. We stayed at the Bahia Mar last Sunday and this was our view
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