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  1. High dose. Seems it’s in reverse. Here and there. At least we got it.
  2. In ontario seniors have to get the flue shot from a family doctor vs the drug store. . This came into effect two years ago. I got mine 2 days ago and no sore arm.
  3. It’s sure been hot. How do I post a photo Love this daily.
  4. Empress of France June 1953, Liverpool to Montreal. In the days of classes and shared bathrooms. . We were privileged to have our own bathroom. 1st class, company payed. Grandparents visited on Empress of Canada 1961.
  5. Knitting, knitting and oh yeah crocheting.
  6. I would be hugging my new born great granddaughter.
  7. If it had not been for that little news paper I would not have known of multi fatalities caused by a deranged driver at home. Made sure my family was ok.
  8. I purchased a HAL coffee cup to be in my daughters cabin. She received a card saying they had none on board. Later that day I saw them for purchase in the crows nest and at wine stations. Very disappointed. . No apology at the desk. She got a refund for the cost.
  9. Many times I have seen them make the coffee brewed in the lido. They have large coffee Filters with grounds.
  10. I’ll try. My front then my back in witch I had 3 deer invite themselves for dinner. And I live in the city.
  11. Wish I was cruising right now. In the mist of a horrendous storm.
  12. I get at least two or four a month.
  13. My itinerary for circle Hawaii shows the render ports.
  14. As 4 star we have cruised only holland America and always had a good response. Via roll calls. I agree much of some are self promoting but many are informative.
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