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  1. Reading about various stories about the dining room. For the last 18 yrs always had late fixed dinning I’m thinking as solo I may prefer fixed earlier. I enjoy having the same servers throughout the cruise. Is that possible. When I asked Hal rep she said no.
  2. Sorry. It is price. Need new glasses.
  3. I realize you are in the us and I’m i am in Canada. The prize there please.
  4. WOW!! I did not know about that law in Quebec. Weird.
  5. Yesterday a tornado zoomed through a subdivision just north of me and within 2k, from my sons house yesterday many houses totaled thankfully no deaths and few injuries
  6. Thank you now I also know how to add photos
  7. Thank you. This offer has other perks including drinks in the casino and $ to spend.
  8. When you book with a casino offer, does that show on your documents?
  9. Sorry about duplicate posts. I’m still learning. Gotta learn the right buttons to push.
  10. Both 1st and 2nd shots papers. provided show the vaccine received and the dates. Headline on both in very large print ONTARIO Ministry of Health. Both English and French.
  11. Holland America site. To see my bookings etc.
  12. What the heck is going on. I used the same password since 2008. Recently rejected. Made new one Tried to use the new one today. Rejected again.
  13. I don’t think the floor space is larger but the roof overhang is. More shade and protection from rain.
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