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  1. Thank you all for your assistance--I will pay the balance tomorrow--I can't wait until 30 days out- my PTSD won't let me wait that long --so who do I call to make the ticket thing happen--thank you all for your help---
  2. This may sound stupid--but I don't know who to ask--I had the HAL lady who sold us our cruise to make our flights for us---this was about 2 weeks ago. I called the airline to see if we could change our seats---the airline told me they could not help me because HAL has not purchased the ticket yet The cruise is in May---how does this work---who can I call to find out about the airline ticket purchase? Sorry it-- seems odd to us--but have never have used HAL to do flight for us. Thanks in advance for any help that is offered--
  3. Thanks to all who answered my questions about Alaska cruises--but how do I look up other things on this board--it is just super full of smart people who know all the secrets--where do we go to get a good price on the cruise tour? For our 50th we would like to go from north to south --best web site --Please--thank you---
  4. Thanks to all for your quick answers--sounds like mixed feeling as to going south to north or the other way--maybe we will do the land part first and then to the ship--where do you fly into-- to start from the north--do we need to get there a day early--how about some hotel ideas--thank you sooooo much for your help--
  5. I have not been to this great site for many years- -I now need your great insight once again--we are about to have our 50 th anniversity--and the boss stated she like our last cruise to be the one to Alaska to include the land portion to Denili (sp) area--many questions--but any help would truly be appreciated---do you go north to south or the other way---our 50th date is early june so should we start in the end of may? do we need to go on a 10/12/14 day adventure ? best ship--so many questions--if anyone could find the time to help we would really appreciate it--back ground we are early 70's--in pretty good health--I an RVN handicapped Vet --but can move just find--thanks in advance for your help and time--
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