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  1. Please assist us we re-booked our 50th anniversary from last May to this May 12th to 23rd First to Fairbanks then to Denali then to ship at Whittier and cruise to Vancouver---do you really smart and seasoned cruisers ---think this might still happen? The ship is the Nieuw Amsterdam---really can't yet decide about buying plane tickets from Atlanta to Fairbanks---I am really in the dark about this entire trip--just hoping if this is our last one that it turns out OK--We are in mid 70's pretty good health--any all help would be greatly appreciated--thank you in advance--
  2. I need someone to please explain to me how to obtain a form called--Guest Booking Confirmation-- before all the problems with cruises being canceled--they (HAL) sent me that form. The form contained everything about our upcoming cruise--like category of cabin --ship--dates--pricing breakdown--onboard credit--etc--also our day by day itinerary---the very nice fellow that made our reservation has been put out of the job--can I find this on line ? Thank you in advance for your assistance--this was suppose to be our 50 years together cruise last year--guess it will be our 51st this year if it goes in mid May
  3. When I asked her about the dates--our trip starts going to Denali on the 14th--which is in the window of there cruises that are canceled--she stated yes that is correct--but your cruise portion doesn't start until the 17th which falls outside the already canceled window--seems odd--its really troubling to us that they just can't make a decision--
  4. I called HAL late yesterday (Wed) to ask about our land/sea trip starting in Fairbanks on 14 May--then on to the cruise part starting on 17 May down to Vancouver --- I was shocked when she told me that right now it looks pretty GOOD that they will do this cruise--is that possible ? IF they do not cancel it--and I cancel it--will I only get FCC offered to me? Thanks for your guidance in this matter-- Sorry if this has been covered before--but the state/town I live in the lock down he just been continued until 30 April--
  5. This PM I just got off the phone with my HAL guy--I told him I received my express docs today for our trip to Alaska starting with train ride on 14 MAY from Fairbanks to Denali then back down to start cruise from Seward to Vancouver ending on 24 May-----he stated that cruise has NOT been canceled yet because it starts after the cut-off date of 14 May-- cruise starts on 17 May--He stated it MAY be canceled--but not yet--won't know for 15 to 30 days---So we'll keep you informed---seems really ODD way to try and plan things--He thinks it might be canceled---
  6. So you folks just going to wait until you here from Hal? Would it do me any good to call and speak to them---or just let it ride--
  7. I just spoke to a friend on the phone--he's on same trip--he thinks they will not cancel--due to the CRUISE not starting out of Steward until 17 May--does anyone really know the real story on this trip?? ANY INFO WOULD REALLY BE APPRECIATED---Please HELP==
  8. This PM we received via e-mail our Express Docs from HAL about our land/sea trip starting 14 MAY---I HAVE NOT YET HAD ANY CONTACT WITH THE HAL FOLKS--SOMEONE PLEASE ADVISE---THANKS---
  9. So--I am to assume--after reading many post that --our land/sea cruise starting 5/14 in Fairbanks has been canceled--Will they (Hal) sometime soon contact me and offer us some kind of deal (repayment) or something? Any recommendations for a 70+ couple?
  10. It is Monday AM has anyone heard anything about the announcement to cancel all cruises yet? I have special interest in land/sea in mid May starting in Fairbanks--thanks
  11. When we booked with Hal in Jan 20 for Alaska trip we booked air with them also. In early Feb I found better connections for a better price. So I called the air lines to change--I was told I have to go back to Hal to cancel. So in early Feb (before the virus issue) I called and canceled my air plans from Hal. They told me they would credit it back to my card--that was 6 weeks ago.. Should I expect when they do cancel our trip which has a start date of 13 May 20 that it will all be credited to our card? It seems like a dumb question-- but we just don't know. We still think the 13 May trip will be canceled. Thank you for your input---
  12. We have a mid-May land /sea cruise starting in Fairbanks--for the past week I cannot contact the HAL person who booked our cruise and flight.. I feel certain there is a long wait to speak to them. I am a disabled Vietnam Vet and this might be my last cruise-- will they someday contact me--or should I just keep trying--I have been reading here that people are getting many different types of offers to get them to re-book with them--how do you make these deals--or do just take what they offer you? Thanks for your help--
  13. Thank you all for your assistance--I will pay the balance tomorrow--I can't wait until 30 days out- my PTSD won't let me wait that long --so who do I call to make the ticket thing happen--thank you all for your help---
  14. This may sound stupid--but I don't know who to ask--I had the HAL lady who sold us our cruise to make our flights for us---this was about 2 weeks ago. I called the airline to see if we could change our seats---the airline told me they could not help me because HAL has not purchased the ticket yet The cruise is in May---how does this work---who can I call to find out about the airline ticket purchase? Sorry it-- seems odd to us--but have never have used HAL to do flight for us. Thanks in advance for any help that is offered--
  15. Thanks to all who answered my questions about Alaska cruises--but how do I look up other things on this board--it is just super full of smart people who know all the secrets--where do we go to get a good price on the cruise tour? For our 50th we would like to go from north to south --best web site --Please--thank you---
  16. Thanks to all for your quick answers--sounds like mixed feeling as to going south to north or the other way--maybe we will do the land part first and then to the ship--where do you fly into-- to start from the north--do we need to get there a day early--how about some hotel ideas--thank you sooooo much for your help--
  17. I have not been to this great site for many years- -I now need your great insight once again--we are about to have our 50 th anniversity--and the boss stated she like our last cruise to be the one to Alaska to include the land portion to Denili (sp) area--many questions--but any help would truly be appreciated---do you go north to south or the other way---our 50th date is early june so should we start in the end of may? do we need to go on a 10/12/14 day adventure ? best ship--so many questions--if anyone could find the time to help we would really appreciate it--back ground we are early 70's--in pretty good health--I an RVN handicapped Vet --but can move just find--thanks in advance for your help and time--
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