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  1. Not really silent when those in headphones start singing out loud but sure entertaining 😂😂
  2. The only problem I have ever encountered is running out before being on a ship again.......................
  3. I've had 15yo Pappy and have been told by some Wheeler 12yo is better if not equal to Pappy. Thank heavens November is almost here "Pappy Time".
  4. It's really funny how fast FCC go. In may we bought three each and ran out before booking two other cruises. (memo to self by 5 each this time LOL). It is a great feeling to see those cruise "Upcoming Cruises" build up
  5. I got a bottle of Pappy 10yo last year but I'm looking for the 15yo this year. I usually drink "Wheller Reserve" because I can usually get it. (i wish it was the 12yo) I'll usually, while on board, drink Buffalo Trace, which really is not bad.
  6. Pssst, they hide the "Pappy" in the lower bar so no one sees it. (LOL)
  7. I'll Suggest Hotel Borgo Del Mar. A Bit outside of town but they provide the shuttle for you to the ship and they also have a reasonable priced shuttle from FCO. The food in their restaurant is fantastic and the rooms are great. Check them out on trip advisor as we have stayed there twice.
  8. I so agree with you on the "Zumba" That was loud all the way from deck 7 down.
  9. I've got a Balcony Suite here on the Dec 4th Cruise.
  10. It probably will work as the Medallion Network is not an app. You logon through your browser on your phone. The Medallion App provides Ocean Ready, Ocean Now, and a Casino app. I worked the Medallion Network with my Fire with no problems
  11. Each time I have ported in Santorini we make sure to take a "Ship Sponsored" tour. This guarantees you get off early and go to the top of the rim. This has worked three times for us
  12. About 95 days and 12 cruises. A long way to 151 days.
  13. Thanks folks, I thought so but wanted to make sure. Trying hard to make Elite
  14. Perhaps someone can help me with this as I have searched and not found the answer. Do you receive an additional cruise credit ( 2 for the cruise) for a three day cruise?
  15. I stand corrected, no RFID chip included in the license. I did have to provide my passport to obtain .
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