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  1. Ship Crown Princess Class Deck Dolphin 9 Stateroom # D709 Category Mini Suite Port/Starboard/Bow/Stern Starboard Stern Connects With Cabin # No Accessible No Quiet No Balcony Size Good View Good Privacy Issues No Wind No Soot No Problems None except Noise Comments Each night at approximately 2PM it sounded like a Flood was being diverte
  2. I have been on three medallion cruises and can say I have never seen this happen. You would have to your medallion next to the device to logon to the screen. If you are concerned about your photo, use an avatar instead. There are two photos stored, one is for identification as you enter or leave the ship and the other is for use around the ship. These are my observations on the three medallion cruises I have taken.
  3. Privacy Concerns? All information provided before and during your cruise will be encrypted and is not stored on your Ocean Medallion. The most advanced software security models, tools, and methods are fundamental to Ocean Medallion. However, any guest is also welcome to opt out of all services at any time.
  4. Here's a quick question. I received my medallion for the Sky Princess which I am booked on for three back to back cruises. My Medallion's show no end date, just the start date of cruise December 1 2019. Is this correct ?
  5. We sailed on the Regal this spring (April) and had no problems with wifi calling. That may not be the same now
  6. Great looking balcony dinner. I believe this is one of the best deals Princess offers. Enjoy the rest of the cruise.
  7. Thanks for the information on "The Bears". I believe we have a single's group on the next sailing.
  8. Have a great cruise and we'll wave to you as we board on the 28th.
  9. 1) How far in advance of sail date was the offer made? We sailed in January 2019 and received the offer on November 1st 2018 and accepted it 2) asked to respond by call or email ? Email 3) where there plenty of cabins available , including other categories not included in the upsell? Plenty of cabins avail, didn't ask about other categories. 4) had there been recent price drops , or did Princess just go straight to the upsell. Just an upsell 5) direct or thru TA ? Direct 6) number of previous Princess cruises ? Eight total at that time
  10. Not really silent when those in headphones start singing out loud but sure entertaining 😂😂
  11. The only problem I have ever encountered is running out before being on a ship again.......................
  12. I've had 15yo Pappy and have been told by some Wheeler 12yo is better if not equal to Pappy. Thank heavens November is almost here "Pappy Time".
  13. It's really funny how fast FCC go. In may we bought three each and ran out before booking two other cruises. (memo to self by 5 each this time LOL). It is a great feeling to see those cruise "Upcoming Cruises" build up
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