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  1. Another question: I need to update my signature and add a countdown clock but can't seem to find where to do that and the search button is no help.
  2. Thank you all for your input and I looked for this thread but I couldn't find it on the first 5 pages so I thought it got deleted so I called and booked it. Then after getting off the phone I realized I could just look in my profile to find it and sure enough here it is.😳 Ugh... sometimes I can be such an airhead... I never even thought about calling CAS and thanks for the reminder. I will call them tomorrow and see what they can offer to me. I will also put the details into my favorite website that will notify me when prices go down and hopefully they wil
  3. I have been waffling about booking a cruise all day... I found one in June 2022 so I figure by then vaccines will be had by all that want to get them. DH and I will be towards the front of the line after doctors/nurses, etc... but I don't want to go on a cruise next year as I don't want to wear a mask on a cruise. What I am going back and forth on is a couple of reasons. The cruise I want to go on is the Joy out of New York to Bermuda June or July of 2022 and I was about to book it but it said that the deposit would be $1500.00. I thought that can't be right so I called to see w
  4. I just checked my credit card account thinking it wouldn't be there as they said could be 90 days. But was happy and totally surprised it was credited to my account on 8/7 and I submitted request on 6/10. Here's wishing that if you haven't received your refund yet that it will be there shortly. Also, hoping that they come up with the vaccine(s) so that we can all get back to our passion of cruising. ❤️ Oh, one more thing... where do I look to see that my cruisenext voucher is returned. I looked but couldn't find it. Thanks
  5. I guess I just was a little concerned that the letter I got today didn't say anywhere about applying for a refund on June 8-19 where it did yesterday. Ooops... can't believe I did that!🤪
  6. Yesterday i got an email stating that I could get the FCC or a refund (see below) Today I got this saying they gave me a FCC (see below) Dear Valued Guest, Thank you very much for choosing Norwegian Cruise Line. Due to current challenges as a result of COVID-19, your cruise (reservation ID xxxxxxxxx) has been cancelled. We appreciate your understanding and loyalty to Norwegian Cruise Line and we look forward to welcoming you on board very soon. A future cruise credit in the amount of USD 1,653.75 has been issued to your account. To reflect our appreciation for
  7. I read that if you file a dispute with the cc company that they will ban you from booking with them for life and I hope that's not the case for your sake. You must have gotten a different letter than me as mine said: Those guests can request a refund of the fare paid to be reimbursed to the original form of payment within 90 days after completing the request form.
  8. I got my letter this morning and I am opting for getting my money as I am battling thyroid cancer right now. Even though I expect to kick this as it's one of the most curable cancers to beat it's a long process which lowers your immune system so going to be quite a while before I feel safe. What I don't understand is why we have to wait a couple of weeks to fill out the form? If they don't have time to process mine now because others are in front of me fine... but why can't I fill it out now? Do they think in two weeks I will change my mind or are they just trying to hang onto m
  9. I hate to tell you this but if the foot and ankle specialist is saying you need another surgery you are going to have a long wait. They have cancelled all surgeries for the foreseeable future unless it's immediately life threatening. My surgery to place an implant in my neck to force my vocal cord over so that I can regain my voice (I do have some but very weak and limited) and swallowing abilities was cancelled for next week. They also are about to cancel my radiation for thyroid cancer because of the COVID-19 crisis. I sure hope this all gets cleared up soon but it
  10. I'm remembering now that he did say that we got the promo from the original comp. Thanks again for the response and although it's disappointing that it's only $100 I did get the cabin for a great price! Now I have to figure out hotels and other expenses and get my insurance booked soon as it says that I booked it on March 2 (original booking date) and I know there is a limited time to not have pre-existing condition clauses.
  11. I was comped an inside cabin and upgraded to a SE suite (that's the good news). I convinced hubby to give up the beloved aft suite once he saw the balcony we would be getting compared to what was still available. 🤩 So, does this sound like we got the correct OBC to you then? Thanks for your response.
  12. Are you both saying that you got the $600 OBC added to your reservation? I called today and the guy told me that because I was booking through them that I would only get $100 OBC and I just got the confirmation and it shows a $50 OBC. 😡
  13. Thanks for the replies. I couldn't remember how many days out it was so glad to know it's correct but wonder how the confirmation came up with the wrong date. Oh well, I will call tomorrow and get the OBC... or switch to one on the the 24th as unfortunately I couldn't get through today as I had to get to an appointment and now I see it's gone back up but the one on the 24th went down. I'm actually considering changing to the forward facing suite but I will have to convince DH as he loves the aft. I do too but the sq footage of the balcony is winning me over this time.
  14. I have a few questions I hope you can help me out with. I know I will have to call and ask them these questions but I want to know how much of a hassle it will be to change if you have any experience with this. We have a cruise booked for mid July which I booked with Casino's at Sea using a CN certificate and I also had to put down a $250 payment. When I booked the cruise I asked the guy when my final payment would be due and he said mid April. My confirmation says it is due 4/12 but I just got an email from NCL stating that my final payment is on 3/12. The email didn't st
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