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  1. Thank you! Same to you. 🥰
  2. Dave, sorry to hear that. My sister is in a long-term are facility and will likely be there for the foreseeable future. She did well with a knee replacement over 10 years ago, but then had a hip replacement that went south. So, I am trying to avoid any major surgery on my joints. Becki
  3. Dave, my ortho gave me an Rx for Voltaren as well. I was surprised by how well it worked and right away. I had taken Voltaren for impingement syndrome of my shoulder years ago, but it can be hard on the liver. So, I was glad to see it as a topical, as I now have knee problems. Becki
  4. Voltaren is now OTC. And, in certain European ports, they have double strength. I got some in Germany.
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