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  1. I appreciated reading this thread. My husband and I are taking our 13 yr old great niece on the Adventure of the Seas over her Spring Break next March. My T.A. raved about the Teen Club and so I have looked into that via postings, and it does sound like a good idea, but she may or may not like it, and I am fine if she does or doesn't. I like the idea of getting her involved in choosing excursions, and already have some info for her to look at. (We live in different cities). Her mother is very excited for her, so will be also involved in the planning. Becki
  2. For those of you who have used AO, how have you handled knowing where your child was if they decided to leave and was looking for you? Or if one of the counselors needed to contact you? Becki
  3. Thank you powelweb and cruiseguy1016 ! This is exactly what I needed. Becki
  4. I am glad to see this thread. We are booked for a 6 nt cruise next March for our great niece's spring break. She is just recently 13 and my first impulse is to keep her with me the entire time. However, my TA assures me that she will have a great deal of fun at AO and will likely make friends immediately. So, I don't want to prevent her from having the best experience possible. All and any responses appreciated, and I will share with her mother, who is very excited for her to have this opportunity. Becki
  5. Exactly! Aldi is a German company and as we have traveled, have found Aldi's in many malls as well. Becki
  6. Visiting Normandy was the highlight of our Paris to Normandy Viking river cruise. My husband's father was a Pearl Harbor survivor, and so my husband is interested in all aspects of WWII. Our visit to the American Cemetery was very moving. First, they recognized the veterans from among the passengers, and gave them a rose. We then sang the 'Star Spangled Banner', or tried to thru our tears. We were then given roses to place on the graves in the cemetery. We first though to find graves of those from our home state of Ohio, but when we came across a grave that was marked "Known but to God", we knew this marker deserved our rose. We then went to Omaha Beach and had some time on the beach. It was a very sunny day, and warm, but it was windy on that large expanse of beach and the wind was whipping the sand around. It wasn't difficult to imagine those poor boys trying to struggle thru the water and then across that beach, carrying their heavy armaments, wondering if the next moment would be their last. It was a very somber day, but so memorable. Becki
  7. There is an Aldi's in the basement and a luggage store, where my friend bought an extra suitcase to carry all her new purchases home. 😄 Becki
  8. Terri, I think that's wonderful that the owner is planning to go in the gorge with your group. That is really great! Ask away if you think of anytthing else. Becki
  9. Terri, Apparently, there was a wonderful view of the Statue of Liberty on sailaway, but we were at dinner, so just saw a glimpse of it. As you already know, the Explorer's Lounge is the place to be, especially on the upper lounge for the best views. That is also true for the sail-in to Bermuda. Just beautiful! Your plan for Dominica sounds perfect! We did go to Titou Gorge, and my hubby went in, but he is a strong swimmer. I am not a swimmer, and even tho' they did have some flotation devices, I have a healthy respect for the water, so I stood on the rocks and took photos. 😄 The water is fairly deep where you get in and there is a current that will carry you into the gorge and you can then float under a waterfall and your guide can take your photo if you leave a camera or phone with him. It is very scenic. There's really not much "swimming" per se, as the current will carry you along. But if you aren't a strong swimmer, I would probably take one of the flotation devices if they offer them. A couple of the people in our group found the current a bit unnerving, is why I suggest the flotation device. I think your plan for St Martin and St Kitts is fine. We had signed up for the train and a sail tour at St Kitts. It started out nicely. We got to the train and as everyone was boarding there was a choir of young people singing. That was nice. Then, we started out and the "crew" made us drinks, and then the train screeched to a stop. And we sat, and we sat. The train had broken a part and they couldn't move forward or back without it. Ugh! So, we entertained ourselves watching goats close to the train fighting among themselves. They were really head-butting. We were laughing at them. I think they made those drinks a bit strong! And so the crew got their part in, but by then it was too late to take our train ride and too late to take us to the catamaran for our sail. We were just returned to the ship. Bummer. Becki
  10. Terri, The Viking dock is at the Manhattan Cruise Terminal at 12th Ave & 54th St. It is quite distant from Battery Park, closest to the Statue of Liberty. When I had mapped it to see if we could walk it, it showed 1 hr 45 min. Uh, no. Didn't want to waste the little time we had. That is why we took the Land & Sea excursion, which we liked. We weren't too far from Chelsea Pier if that helps. We have been to Dominica several times. The last few times, we did private tours. Dominica was hit hard by the hurricanes almost 2 yrs ago, but I think they are doing well now. The island's attractions are predominantly natural. A tour may take you to a waterfall and the Emerald Pool, for example. Or to see the native Carib Indians. If you choose a nature tour, take along some decent walking shoes that can handle uneven or muddy terrain in the case of rain. The pathways are ok if not muddy, but if they are, it will be messy. The bus in Bermuda does stop at the Horseshoe Bay pickup. I loved Bermuda, so I am planning another cruise with a longer stop there, or maybe just a fly-in and rental. There will be people in the terminal to help with information and brochures and maps. So nice! We got in a bit late on our first evening there due to high winds (the channel is very narrow to navigate, so we were going very slow), but we still had a couple hours to get off and explore the town. Hamilton is very walkable. The ferry dock is only a few minutes walk from the ship's dock. Snorkeling on Tortola should be great. Last visit there we went to Virgin Gorda and the baths. At San Juan, we went to the foot of the rainforest to ride. The company we used also does ATV rides and other activities. We had such a good time with them. Becki
  11. Terri, I don't know what happened to my post to you. I had answered you and added some info on the ports, and I guess it is somewhere in cyberspace. 🤔 I will reconstruct tomorrow. Becki
  12. Hi, Vineyard View! We did the NYC, Bermuda & West Indies last October. Before Viking Oceans, we had cruised the Caribbean a great many times, but hadn't done so for a few years and we had not been to Antigua or Guadeloupe. On embarkation day, we arrived in NYC in time for lunch on the ship and then we headed tp the 9/11 Memorial and Museum, which were very interesting but sobering. The next morning we took the included Manhattan Highlights tour, which was basically a bus tour of major sights, with a couple stops for photos. In the afternoon, we took an optional tour, Land & Sea. The Land portion took us past some of the same spots we had seen in the morning, but that was ok as I had never been to NYC. The Sea portion took uscon a Circle Line tour, cruising up close to the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge. It was a beautiful day for the cruise. We left NYC that evening and had almost 2 full days at sea before cruising into Bermuda. We took the included tour for our day in Bermuda, which was a transportation pass. We hopped on a ferry from Hamilton to the Royal Dockyard, and spent the day exploring that part of the island. We returned on the bus to see more of the island and get some local flavor, and it was fun! On Antigua, I took the included island tour while my hubby took a helicopter tour of Montserrat. At Guadeloupe, we took a snorkeling tour that was a disappointment. We had a wonderful horseback ride on Puerto Rico. Hope you have a wonderful time! This October we will be on the Grand European river cruise. Becki
  13. We had booked our own air and I had not arranged for a transfer to the ship upon arrival at Venice. I was quite pleased to find that all we needed to do was collect our luggage and follow the Viking rep to the gathering spot, give her our cabin number and we would be billed for the bus ride to the ship. Becki
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