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  1. I want to thank Lisa for taking the time for this "Live" thread. I regret that we weren't able to meet up on the cruise. I didn't expect the great sail away party on the first day. We did have a chance to chat with Gus Antorcha prior to the sail away. I expressed my gratitude for all the hard work that he, his staff, and the crew did to make this trip possible. We also had many opportunities to chat with Seth. This was our first time on the Nieuw Amsterdam, but IMHO this cruise was an improvement over cruising pre-covid. Other than the crew being required to wear masks all the time, the only differences that I could detect were the improved cleanliness efforts and the overwhelming desire of the crew to make this cruise exceptional. We only ate in the main dining room twice as we spent most nights enjoying the specialty restaurants. No matter where we dined the service and food more than fulfilled our expectations. My daughter (the one with the rainbow hair) enjoyed the musical options. There was a great variety in the age of the passengers. Something new for us.
  2. Overall, my review of the cruise is that it has been outstanding. The Crew is extremely happy to be back on board and it shows in their performance as well as the people in port. We have eaten twice in the Pinnacle Grill and both meals were exceptional. We had lobster last night in the PG. The weather has been perfect. Anybody who is having second thoughts needs to put those where they belong. Cruising is back!
  3. My daughter (30) says that the evening entertainment has been great. She likes BB King. It has been hopping every night. There always seems to be a crowd for the dueling pianos. The Lincoln Center is standing room only
  4. Roll Calls have always been slow on HAL, even before the Pandemic. Our roll call on the July 24th cruise (we leave in six days) has been the most active that I have ever seen. It rivals Royal Caribbean when they are doing a repositioning cruise. We even have people from subsequent cruises adding to the discussion. It will be nice to get back to cruising.
  5. We are one of the few people that have an inside cabin, Category I. We are 3 star Mariners. We booked last year in September. We are in Boarding Group A. Last name begins with "A". Go figure.
  6. Our first flight out of SeaTac following a cruise was in 2014. Our flight was scheduled for 2 pm. We had cruise ship transfers and arrived at the airport before 10 am. We spent two hours sitting on our luggage because we weren't allowed to check our bags until 2 hours before our flight. They even asked us if we wanted to take an earlier flight. This year our flight leaves at 11:35. I'm not worried.
  7. I like this tip. Usually the only thing we find in our luggage is the letter from the TSA that they have searched our bags. I use the plastic tag holder with the steel cable tie. My wife always gives me static because we end up taking them off hours after we put them on. Now they get to stay on throughout the cruise. Why do we get our bags searched? My daughter works in the marijuana industry and her clothes set off the dogs.
  8. We are one of the ones that booked the Eurodam cruise on July 24th in September of 2020. We have an interior cabin. According to my PCC, there are 35 interior cabins booked for this cruise. Although I am the only one who has popped up on these boards. So take that for whatever it is worth. There are a number of reasons that we picked this cruise. 1. We have always sailed on HAL's smaller ships and since there are now so few of them, we thought we better try one of the larger ones. 2. We've been to Alaska many times (April, May, June, and August) but have never seen the salmon run. 3. My daughter wanted to see Fireweed in bloom. 4. We had FCC that we needed to use. We gave up on trying to determine when Covid would go away, so it had nothing to do with us picking the 24th. Somebody has to be first. The whole family has had Covid and survived. We were vaccinated as soon as our groups came up and survived. We vacationed in Hawaii in March and had to shell out $375.00 for the test, and had a great time. Now we are going on a cruise in July and we will let the rest of you know how it goes. Anything beats sitting at home or going to work with a mask on.
  9. To which cruise date are you referring? Holland America President Gus Antorcha said that the first sailing on July 24th will be capped at 50% capacity. Capacity for this ship is between 2106 and 2527. At 50%, you are looking at 1053 to 1263. Nobody knows (other than HAL) what number they are aiming for, but the figures above leave about 200 passengers of wiggle room. On our sailing (July 24th) they blocked off every room with the exception of the suites for about a week. One of the couples joining us on this cruise said they booked the last suite, which would leave you thinking that they had sold all the cabins. Magically, the next day 95 balcony cabins became available. Obviously HAL is trying to maximize income by selling the most expensive rooms first. On the other hand, the fact that 95 balcony cabins are available doesn't mean that they need to fill all these cabins, just to reach 50%. It just means that there are 95 cabins to choose from. They could sell five cabins and then have to stop because they are at capacity. If you are on the 24th cruise, please join our roll call.
  10. Quite frankly the CDC needs to spend whatever leverage that they have left with making sure that any person that can get vaccinated gets vaccinated. Then they need to take their heels off our necks and go back to their cubicles where they belong. Since when does an unelected and unrepresentative body get to control our lives.
  11. We have used Seattle Express several times in the past. Once, they even sent a limo for us when they overbooked. It takes about 45 minutes to get to the dock from SeaTac hotels depending on where you are at on the pick up list. After the cruise they will take you back to the airport or SeaTac hotels. In the past they have published a list of the hotels from which they do pickups.
  12. I received an email from Seattle Express today: We are going to be operational this year but just for straight transfers from the Sea-Tac hotels to the ships and from the ships to the Sea-Tac Airport or hotels. We are currently not going to be offering any pre or post cruise tours. If we do start up the tours I will let you know. Thank you, Matt Schmer Seattle Express
  13. Port fees are always an estimate when booking. The amount is adjusted up or down on the last night of the cruise. Sometimes you receive a credit, other times an additional charge. I would not expect any adjustment to the port fees until the end of the cruise.
  14. Anything near the front bank of elevators is fine. While you are near the front of the rooms, you are nowhere near the front of the ship.
  15. The obvious response is: What is Canada protecting their citizens from? The entire ship and crew is vaccinated? Are they worried that some rat is going to jump off the ship and reintroduce the plague?
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