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  1. Thanks, I'm going on the Pearl this weekend for a 3 day food and wine cruise, I'll drink up at these masterclasses then :D
  2. Thanks for posting this question, as we're cruising in a couple of days, and I was trying to think of no cost ways of finding each other onboard and hadn't thought of using our UHF's.....just got to find them now :confused:
  3. I seen it in Gold Class 3D last night, Gold Class is the only way for a movie that long I believe. I was stunned to realise though, that I haven't seen it before. I always thought I had, but must have only seen many snippets on the TV referring to it.
  4. Aahh..so that's where they fire the ceramics ! I won't make a plate then. LOL.
  5. Sonya, I just checked cruise personaliser, and have been upgraded from outside Plaza (P133) to outside Emerald (E135). I liked that P135 was near the coffee at the patisserie, but in hindsight, it was next to the pursers desk and the lifts, so would probably be noisy. E135 is under the showlounge, that shouldn't be a problem, as i would probably be up there watching the shows anyway. Let us know if yours is showing an upgrade yet. Not long to go now. Sandy (& Dean)
  6. Fantastic photos Joanne, thanks for sharing with us. For my future reference, can I asked where you parked? Also, does anyone know if the Pacific Dawn turns around like that upon departure? or is it done at arrival time? Thanks, Sandy.
  7. :D :D :D I wish I was forewarned before I went, as I had higher expectations that were shattered upon arrival. However it wasn't that bad in the end, and I did stay there again for the next conference. It's funny, I go to extremes with my travels, from rough camping, to 6 star luxury, and most levels in between, depends on the nature of the trip, and the best bargains I can find too. I'm going on the PD in less than 2 weeks, and am staying at the Meriton this time. One thing I can definitely recommend is the secret hotel rooms on lastminute.com . I have always been pleasantly surprised with the places I have booked through that. I live on the outskirts of Sydney, and stay in the city a fair bit, to attend training, conferences, and of course, parties.
  8. ah hah!! now I know what to bribe Tony with to obtain game secrets for http://www.trackking.org which I am loving by the way, thanks for mentioning it here on CC Sonya, because I wouldn't have known about it otherwise.:cool:
  9. I have stayed there twice for several nights on each occasion. Be warned, it is very old, daggy, run down, peeling paint, cracked plaster, dark rooms, windows facing other windows, etc. The bathrooms are shared, so you may have to wait to go to the loo or shower. My floor had 1 toilet and 1 shower/bathroom. 4 bedrooms. However its very cheap too, and has friendly down to earth busy staff, and cooked/continental breakfast available. The bed was clean, but old. If you can get the Ibis for a comparable price, take the Ibis. The Woolbroker was perfect for me as on each occasion I was attending conferences across the road, and was literally only in the room for about 7 hours each night to sleep. You wouldn't want to spend relaxation time there, but it is very close to all that Darling Harbour has to offer (no views though). I know this is a mixed review, but if you are only after a cheap place to sleep for the night, and are not fussy about the rest, go for it. Just remembered, there was no air-con, and the room was hot and stuffy in summer. Again, very cheap though.
  10. I'll be on the Amedee Island tour, snorkelling all day, so will miss out on the shopping, unless we get a few minutes at market stalls near the ship when we arrive back. Sonya better hide those heavenly chocolates real well, or they could be in danger. Actually, is chocolate available on the ship?, or should I bring a supply?
  11. This plan is good. I am very familiar with Sydney CBD having just finished 21 years straight of working there. There is a Woolworths at Town Hall station (next stop after Wynyard on the airport line), 3 storys tall, the bottom level is underground, with the doors straight in to town hall station, next to ticket barriers. Middle floor is street level (corner George and Park Sts, yes the same one that Sonyac mentioned). I'd go for that one as it's a lot bigger and cheaper, then either get the train on to Wynyard and walk, or walk or catch a cab from Town Hall. The train from the airport is so easy, underneath the terminal direct to the city stations. If you do get a cab from the airport, there is no parking at that Woolworths, but circling the block in the cab works, we've actually done that before ourselves. There are lots of checkouts as well, and on a Friday morning (my cruise is anyway) it shouldn't be too busy. I'm pretty sure softdrink slabs are available on both the basement and street levels. An alternate plan if you do get a cab from the airport is to get them to stop at Surry Hills Shopping Centre, which has plenty of parking out the back, big Coles in there. I'm also planning on bringing softdrinks, so I can spend more on cocktails. I wasnt planning on carrying them around though after checking my main luggage in. I wonder why those cans exploded?
  12. Yes, W913 PD 21JUL09 is "Cruising and Bootscootin' " themed. I stumbled across this website tonight http://www.bootstravelclub.com/cruisepacificdawn2009.htm Some like it, some hate it, but no matter how you feel about linedancing, it's better to know if you are planning on that trip. Sandy.
  13. Yep, sounds great, 2 adults for me please. Cheers, Sandy (and Dean) .:cool:
  14. LOL...visions come to mind of that mistake happening in reverse...the look on 2 straight guys faces arriving to a queen bed. :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
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