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  1. mmmmmm Oysters lol, thank you for that, off to drool at the menu now :p
  2. Thank you both for your replies, yes totally agree they should have some rooms that adjoining. I looked at Rhapsady but it leaves Sydney and we are in Hervey Bay and would prefer to drive and leave the car in long term parking in Brisbane, so don't have a lot of choices.
  3. Sorry new to this but when you say $40 cover charge is that basically for the meals or is that just to get in the restaruant and you pay for your meals on top?
  4. I'm planning a cruise for my husband and our six kids, for 2013. So we would need two rooms, can you have one adult with 3 kids, do they have rules on that cause I can't find any info. Shame they don't have adjoining rooms that would be really good :D TIA ;) edit to add missing word :cool:
  5. thanks for that just gave my friend the addi, as she is the one driving lol..sounds pretty good..
  6. O you must have butterflies, can't wait till my turn, have fun :D
  7. Where can you leave your car for the time you are on your cruise is there parking that is safe?
  8. :eek: have to agree I'd be doing the same :ninja: :D:p
  9. I've been doing heaps and heaps of surfing regarding eating on the sun, and wanted to ask you guys is it true that there is no buffet style dinners on the sun, like they have on the dawn? From what I have found you can have buffets for breakie and lunch but not dinner, is all dinners so many courses? TIA:D
  10. Due to stressing for a while now about being away from our kids for 2 weeks and our friends also having to change cruises, we have decided to not do the pacific dawn on the 15 november next year and have now changed to the pacific sun (which our friends are on, and we got a room next to them) leavng on the 3rd of October next year :D, which means 1. its cheaper more drinking and spending money :p 2. its less time to wait for our cruise :D I just wanted to tell everyone lol...;)
  11. I would love to know what food you get, like at the buffet , do they have morning and after noon tea, endless coffee :P... what are the meals at the steakhouse? it would great if someone had a menu :D can't think of anything else..atm.. TIA
  12. :O not sure only new to this forum but you do have watch yourself when you talk about prices I've noticed maybe they are just going through it to check and it will just reappear again lol
  13. there is another meaning to DH you use it when you are not happy with the darling husband :P d---head lol
  14. we are going on the 15th November cruise, and I'm just hoping that out of the 14 days we get some great weather lol...agree luck of the draw, you really couldn't book a cruise in regards to weather, it maybe cyclone season but a cyclone maynot come about until january or feb or it may come earlier like november or december... have fun choosiing :D
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