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  1. Here is my two cents...first to answer your question, there are quite a few tables for two...go for it. What would be rude would be asking to sit at a table for four and demand no one be seated with you when you would have no need for a larger table. My thoughts...our last HAL cruise (December 2018) we tried anytime (or whatever it is called) dining for the first time and loved it! We sat at a table for two every night..the first night we walked up without a reservation. Got our table for two but we were next to a table with three children who were out of control. They were so loud we could not carry on a normal conversation and left before we even had dessert as I was getting a headache from the crying, whining and carrying on. We have three small grandchildren my tolerance is very high for noise and crazyness but this was even was beyond that. The next day we walked around the dining room scoped out the tables that were more "isolated" and started making reservations. It worked out really well. Please note that availability of the tables were limited so our dining time choices were either before or after the prime time for that cruise. We were good with that...we had nowhere we had to be...Bon Voyage!
  2. Thank you for taking the time to review your B2B2B...I am a long time fan. We are Celebrity fans and have sailed twice on the Equinox. Not sure if I missed it, but did you post any updates on your children. I think most of us long time followers feel like we watched them grow up starting with your first review of your B2B2B2B.
  3. I have yet to try open dining on HAL but have done it on Celebrity on more than one occasion. I love the freedom of being able to head down to dinner when I am hungry not when it is time for me to be hungry. Terrydtx we are like neither time works for us for set time dining so I was thrilled when they rolled out the my time dining.
  4. We will be sailing HAL for the first time in 8 years. Since that time we have mainly been sailing on Celebrity. It will be interesting to see what we think now we have been away for so long. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us.
  5. I have cruised both lines. Carnival is much more of a party ship. HAL is more quiet and a great cruise if you are looking to relax. I would also do some research on the actual ships that you are looking to book. HAL ships usually have a smaller passenger load. Carnival ships, the newer and bigger ones have a lot more bells and whistles. Visit both cruise lines boards, maybe that will help you in your decision. Bottom line any day at sea beats just about any day on land.
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