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  1. You're right. I guess I just panicked. However, when reading the CDC requirements a few days ago I DO remember seeing that they didn't want any cruises over 7 days. I thought at that time, ok, but our cruise is in November don't think it will affect us. But seeing this, this morning sure does make me wonder. Thank you for pointing that out.
  2. So I read this morning that Carnival has canceled all cruises over 7 days through Oct 2021. Do you think Royal will follow? CDC says nothing over 7 days or anything port intensive. Mine is both. I have one now booked on Radiance (was changed by Royal from Explorer) for 9 nights in November 2021. I really thought we'd be safe on the COVID front by that time. Now I'm worried.
  3. Finally got my corrected invoice! NOW, I hope the ban on cruises lasting more then 7 nights doesn't extent to our cruise in November as I noticed cruises on Radiance lasting 9 nights are not on the website at all. Fingers crossed.
  4. So, just yesterday, I was able to get the room we needed on the Radiance, close to the elevators due to mobility issues, they had put us way back, almost but not an aft JS BUT my bill went up approx $4000!!!! I know they are supposed to honor your original price so they are working on that now. I hope you also get yours straightened out. They told me it would take at lease 72 hrs.
  5. The original letter (email) about the switch, says your price should be protected. Hope it works out for you. And thank you I will call again to see about that room. I irritates me that people at Royal all have different answers, but I suppose it's the same with all cruise lines and large businesses.
  6. Apparently you can't call to secure the balcony location you really want. I don't think these "reassigned" cruises are even showing up on line yet as the rooms have all been put on hold till they are assigned. I was on the November 12 2021 on Explorer, changed to Radiance and they "assigned" me room 1592 ...a totally unacceptable room. Both my hubs and I walk with canes or walkers. This is way to far down the hall for us! I was booked on Explorer for a jr. suite on the hump near the elevators. BTW I got no notice about the room assigned, just happened to sign into my acct and clicked on
  7. I just got off the phone with Royal and was told in the switch they would assign the rooms! I was in a jr suite on Explorer November 12 2021, on deck 9 with rooms above to dampen the noise from the pool deck and Windjammer. On Radiance all the suites are on deck 10 just below all the action. In other words, noisy! Plus you can't choose your room on Radiance, they will be assigned..Well, I did not pay for guarantee!! I DID get an amazing rate on Explorer and I know I will never get that rate again...less than my last 7 night in a balcony, so I told them to put me on Radiance. When I get my
  8. Yesterday on the news here in Chicago. They were talking about 2 people living in the same apartment building but on different floors, neither knew the other who both got the virus. They then found a broken ventilation pipe, the building uses the same ventilation system for the whole building, (not sure what country this was) and now believe the virus could be airborne. They did say they were now going under this assumption and searching for more cases where this may have happened and taking precaution for same. Maybe that IS why so many on this ship are ill.
  9. Ship - OVATION OF THE SEAS Deck -9 Stateroom # -9648 Stateroom Category –2C Oceanview with Lg Balcony Starboard or Port Side - Starboard Quiet Stateroom? (With comments on problems) – One of the quietest rooms we have stayed in. Was stateroom a connecting stateroom? - No Balcony View - Give comments on view, noting if location of any obstructions was an issue. – Great View. No real obstructions. However, the room is on the back side of the hump and often we wanted to look toward the front of the ship which wa
  10. Thank you Host Clarea. I searched and never found that ...thanks again!
  11. Has anyone ever done the Mystery Dinner Theater in Giovanni's on Freedom of the Seas? If so, how was it? Is it worth the money? Was it a special menu? Thanks!
  12. Can you print them from your phone? I do it all the time...but have an eprint app for my HP printer. Good luck.
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