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  1. Received full refund today for April 27 T/A submitted March 24. Nearly two months.
  2. When is Cunard going to announce the status of sailings after April 11? It is only days away. RCL has already extended their Global Suspension.
  3. Has anyone attempted to secure a refund on their Premium for travel related expenses that are now cancelled? I spoke with a large travel insurance agency today and it looks like I will receive a refund once I can show proof of receipt from Celebrity in the amount of the T/A we had scheduled for April 17.
  4. I am not seeing any changes on the Celebrity Web Site. Your link has all the previous cancellations. No new Cancellations posted??
  5. Connie April 2021 Tampa to Barcelona overnight then to Venice. Fly from Venice to Gatwick. Spend about five days in the UK then on the Southampton to NYC on QM2. Time to spend in Venice and a few days in the UK. Lots of good ports along the way.
  6. Is this for real, or are just jerking my chain?
  7. I would just like to know if my T/A is on or off. At least I could move on..
  8. The stock market will come back. My money ever will.
  9. Is anyone else filling the stress over all of these constant changes from day to day and the uncertainty of loss of money or exposure to a dangerous virus. I can tell you that the Cruise industry is doing a pretty good job. However, the rest of the travel industry, hotels in particular not so much. Lessons learned from this experience for me. Never ever book a hotel through a third party. Only book hotel rooms directly through the hotel web site or by telephone. Never book a hotel room that is not refundable regardless of the savings. I like others would like for Celebrity to step and up make a decision soon on the T/A's. I do not see a situation where I will lose any money with Celebrity, but my Hotel booked in the UK is a different story. They are giving me a hard time about a refund and offering me no future credits for travel in the future. I wait anxiously for a decision from Celebrity for the April T/A's
  10. Did you have air arranged by Celebrity? And if so why did they cancel before going public with T/A cancellations. ? Or did you decide just go ahead and cancel.
  11. DW and myself are booked on the April 17 Silhouette Crossing. Trump just announced the UK has been added to the Travel Ban. What are the chances Celebrity may now include the T/A with the other Cancellations that were announced yesterday.
  12. Can an OBC be used for a pre-cruise gift? I have some OBC that came with my booking and would like to apply them to the gift.
  13. Would like some personal feedback in addition to Trip advisor and other sites.
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