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  1. You are too cool. Love science and math brains!
  2. You guys are great. Thanks for the expertise.
  3. Has anyone been on an excursion in Southampton on a NY to NY round trip?
  4. Too bad Cunard doesn’t come to Tampa. Boy, do we have pirates at Gasparilla!
  5. I think you should bring Chico’s Travelers black pants. They are very comfortable and you can switch out the tops. Dressy or more casual.
  6. cindy1957


    Sailing QM2. Can I store my suitcase under the bed in Britannia Club Cabin?
  7. I know! Leaving on that trip. Made me check my voyage personalizer.
  8. Well, this information may impact our predinner cocktail plans!
  9. I’m saving the photo! I see my balcony! 😘
  10. Your replies are great. Thanks so much. The helicopters sound exciting but not so great if someone is being medivaced.
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