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  1. Sounds like a fun time! Approximately what time do you arrive at Anytime Dining and how long did you have to wait to acquire a table for 8? We are traveling with a group of 9 on the sky next month and are curious to know the best method for a timely seating for ATD.
  2. Drink packages work with the medallion app to my understanding. My question, is it restricted to public areas only or could i order a drink using the app and drink package to my balcony? In the past i would assume it would be charged as room service, which the drink package would then not apply.
  3. Sorry to bother you with a not so important question. When ordering domestic beer(specifically miller lite) is it a can, bottle, or 16oz twist top aluminum bottle? Also, any info about the escape room would be appreciated. When and where do we sign up? Cost? Is it something we should sign up for right away so it doesnt sell out?
  4. Typical X cruiser here as well, newer princess cruiser. I have found that they have more similarities than differences. I agree with previous posts about the food. X has some better beef options, Princess has better seafood options and def better desserts. I also missed the French onion, which princess' is not as good and only served once on my previous cruise. Our last 3 X were in Aqua and sadly there is no blu or thermal suite access or any room goodies on Princess. One more notable thing for me was the service while sailing on princess. Not that i have dont love the service on Celebrity, but Princess does it better. The majority of X cruisers carry drink packages, which puts alot of pressure on the already severely understaffed bars and waiters resulting in long lines at the bars and little to no wait staff around the pools. Absolutely opposite on Princess. The ship seemed so overly staffed that i often observed bar tenders and waiters standing around chatting. This was not unwarranted however, as everyone in sight had beverages if desired, with zero line at the bar itself. And yes, this is including sea days and busy evenings.
  5. My mom and I will be sailing with you next week! First man and Bohemian Rhapsody were 2 highlighted in a recent email from princess about onboard entertainment. As we all know, there are many many more that all of us will eventually end up watching by the end of the week. On our last princess cruise we must have inadvertently watched more than a dozen movies, whether its in the cabin early or late at night, on the MUTS screen, or during attempted naps where you just cant look away.
  6. booked the lux cat for april. ill report out when i get back
  7. thanks i have ordered the 7pk of fitbit wristbands for the price of 1 princess branded one. Looking forward to the medallion experience!
  8. I would like to order wristbands for our upcoming regal cruise at the end of the month. I understand princess had problems with them and they are not available. I also have heard that people have used fitbit zip wristbands from amazon. Has anyone had any success with this? Do the medallions fit best in the "new style" zip wristbands or the "old style"?
  9. This is the best and most accurate answer. Well stated explaining the risks with sold out categories. Refare is not possible if category is sold out.
  10. I see a shift in art auctions/sales on cruise ships as a whole. Some lines are already ahead of the curve, princess is behind, obviously making that big push for art revenue before the auction collapse. With ships now offering relatively reliable and semi-fast internet, the perspective art buyers are now more educated and are able to get a better idea of market value and avoid overpaying. So the rollout of medallionnet is unintentionally not helping. Revenue is not being generated in the fashion it once was from auctions and cruise lines need to figure out other ways to get it using the same space, time, and clientele. A focus on art appreciation and education seems to be the trend. Celebrity offers self guided tours on ipads of their art gallery, Crystal and Seaborn have art lectures and often times a resident artist onboard. Im hoping to see more lines head in this direction and away from the park west total ship art auction days.
  11. on the crown last month, i had always slid it to green as well. My thoughts were the same as yours, it seemed like its rightful place.
  12. There were always 2 showings. Sometimes 5 and 7, sometimes 7 and 9. Either way it was always possible to go to the show. Dinner service lasted approx 1hr 15min.
  13. Didnt see any turtles. Driving was not a problem for me. Locals do drive a little fast but you can just stay to the side and they will pass if necessary. Roundabouts are a little tricky, they are 2 lanes, outer lane is for taking the next exit only.
  14. I physically carried the box directly to my cabin after boarding. I did see others with rolling wine suitcases. I believe you can give your wine to the porters but theres the possibility of having to claim it downstairs. I didn't mind carrying it once I got past security.
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