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  1. I see my kids' heads in the galley tour pictures! That was a cool tour since there was actually some food prep happening!
  2. Aha! That is why I saw crew in life vests as we were disembarking. So cool!
  3. @Underwatr, unfortunately the cruise excursions that are up our alley have age restrictions that don't meet our needs. I have sailed into other parts of DR and ended up on memorable excursions, but the Punta Cana offerings are ho-hum. Thanks for your answer.
  4. @Underwatr, did you book with Outback on your own? If so, where did you meet up with them? I have been emailing back and forth with them and the idea of me booking on my own (for a party of 5) is getting some polite pushback. I'm not sure if they are new to working with independent cruisers, or if they are getting some flack locally since they aren't an official cruiseline provider for my cruise line, or what the scoop is! Their tour sounds the best of the many options I have looked into!
  5. Thanks for the scoop on the kids' program and food! I am a veteran cruiser and cruising parent, but my first time with kids old enough to drop off. From what I hear here, the program sounds right up our alley.
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