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  1. Apart from the humour, it is actually serious as it is symptomatic of a decline in the food standards on board P&O ships, which is an important part of any cruise.
  2. marylizcat

    Portland, UK

    The taxis hoping to do tours wait near the shuttle bus drop off point in Weymouth.
  3. It is a mistake to think that tips somehow improve service levels. We have cruised with more than a dozen different lines and the best service of all has been on Thomson/Marella where tips are included in the fare. All the crew seem to go about with happy smiling faces providing excellent service. P&O (UK) are going to include then from next May too. It is the way forward.
  4. This is great news! I was so disappointed to get the horrid little hard round circles on recent cruises. The fried bread used to be P&O’s major selling point for me!
  5. We are on Independence next summer and they are offering two excursions. First is ‘Windsor &Heathrow’ costs £94.80 and says it is for flights after 3.45pm. Second is ‘Stonehenge & Heathrow’, costs £99.34 and says for flights after 4.30pm. Hope this helps!
  6. marylizcat

    Hong Kong Port to Airport Transfers

    The railway station in Hong Kong has a brilliant system whereby you can check in your luggage for your flight there in the morning, leave your hand luggage in the left luggage office, spend the day in Hong Kong and then catch the train to the airport at an appropriate time. Worked excellently for us!
  7. marylizcat

    St Maarten port to Maho beach

    Yes, we booked in advance and paid on the day. It was a few years ago, when we were on Ventura. They ran the tour in a minibus. We were given instructions on exactly where to meet them.
  8. marylizcat

    St Maarten port to Maho beach

    We did an island tour which included Maho Beach with www.bernardstours.com, as recommended on the Ports of Call board on here. It was an excellent tour and included drinks both alcoholic and non-alcoholic! That way we saw more of the island as well as seeing the planes landing at Maho. Plus they know the right time to get you there for the big planes landing.
  9. marylizcat


    In the city centre near the City Hall. Slightly different spot the second time when the Xmas Market was on, but both times very central.
  10. marylizcat


    According to the port schedule here https://www.hafen-hamburg.de/en/vessels/cruise-saillinglist you will be at the Altona terminal. We have docked there twice, but with Fred. It is a shuttle bus trip into the city centre, a bit too far to walk. They have a great Christmas market, but that may be finished. The best place to go is Miniatur Wunderland, the biggest model railway in the world by far. Amazing even if you don’t like model railways! But if you are going independently you will need to book a time slot online ASAP as it fills up very fast, being so popular.
  11. marylizcat

    Bus Etiquette

    Wow! I cannot recall ever being cold on a bus! However I have frequently been too hot!
  12. marylizcat

    Bus Etiquette

    Yes, we do try to remember to do that. Means having to take something extra along though!
  13. marylizcat

    Bus Etiquette

    I think the OP’s list is spot on! But I would add that there is also the problem caused by the people who upon returning to the bus after a stop, sit in different seats to earlier, creating chaos for everybody else. Could be accidental, could be deliberate to get better seats.
  14. marylizcat

    Change in Traditional Dining Times?

    What are the show times to go with these new dining times please?
  15. marylizcat

    Jewel - post dry dock pictures - Nov 2018

    Lucky I found out in time! I was thinking of booking because of the slide, but if that has gone I can just book whichever line has the best itinerary! I thought the slide would make my son happy.