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  1. http://trendesoller.com/en/ this website will show you pics and video. It is a famous ‘sight’ on Majorca. Oceania are sure to offer an excursion which includes a ride.
  2. If it is your first visit to Majorca, I would do a tour which includes the vintage train ride to Soller. That is a great trip. Caves are caves, I would see the island!
  3. I think you may have posted this in the wrong place. This thread is about Ephesus, from Kusadasi in Turkey.
  4. I shouldn’t think it would be at all rowdy. Elderly cricket fans are not renowned for their bad behaviour! It is a very ‘gentlemanly’ sport!
  5. We did an independent fly-cruise round-trip from Cape Town on Boudicca 18 months ago. I recall having lunch and then getting a taxi to the ship, so suspect the time given probably was about 2-3 pm. Hope that helps with your planning. Have a good cruise!
  6. You are comparing apples and pears. Cunard is almost five star, CMV is three star. You get what you pay for. Provided you adjust your expectations according to the price paid, you can have a wonderful holiday. But it could be risky if you are a glass half-empty type!
  7. You can specify a table for two when you book, however they state that there is no guarantee you will get one. I imagine first come, first served, so you would need to book early to have a better chance.
  8. As long as you don’t take the meds ashore with you, it doesn’t matter. The authorities are not going to search your cabin!
  9. He goes to see a nurse to get it done. I’ll suggest he asks to be shown what to do and then if necessary he can do it himself. But I would prefer somebody qualified to keep an eye on it if possible. It’s not the actual dressing, more the supervision of the healing.
  10. So sorry to hear of your troubles. There is currently doing the rounds an extremely nasty chest infection which seems to last a long time and people end up having chest x-rays etc. Several of my acquaintances have had it. I imagine somebody brought it on board with them. Not really the ship’s fault, just the current bug.
  11. On this map, there is an insert box showing the port area in Portland. As I said to Fredziffle, just expand it on a tablet and it is clear to see the area in detail. https://www.portland-port.co.uk/public/files/Cruise 2018/2018 Weymouth Shuttle Bus Map for website.pdf
  12. And you can see it is next to a ‘P’ for parking, which is where the taxis offering tours wait.
  13. Anyway, yes it is the pier at the end of Dock Road, between the big breakwaters, by Castletown to the east of Portland Castle which is the first stop on the shuttle bus.
  14. Really? Maybe you aren’t looking at it on a gadget on which you can expand it to see more clearly? It would be impossible to have a more detailed map if you look at it closely! Try again!
  15. If you look at the shuttle bus map here https://www.portland-port.co.uk/public/files/Cruise 2018/2018 Weymouth Shuttle Bus Map for website.pdf there is an inset box which shows where the cruise terminal is.
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