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    Availability of Taxis offering tours

    Yes, but the point is that you need to narrow down your list to the specific ports where you do actually need a taxi tour rather than your feet plus perhaps the ship’s shuttle bus into town. A shorter list will elicit more responses on taxi availability.
  2. marylizcat

    Availability of Taxis offering tours

    From ‘grnrab’ response, you will see that in many of the ports you do not need a taxi tour, just your own feet! For example, we walked around Cadiz and Split. However, other than Venice, you will most probably find some taxis waiting. I know I was glad we had pre-booked a taxi in Kotor as there were none there. Our driver said they weren’t working that day as the previous day had been a holiday so they all drank too much! Really, you need to do more research and decide what you want to do in each port. Reading the shore excursions will guide you as to what the main sights are, so you can work this out. If you see ‘walking tours’ being offered, then you know you could get a map and walk around by yourself. Then come back and ask individually about each port, where you can see that you will need to travel further afield. It is an awfully long list for people to deal with all at once!
  3. marylizcat

    Opinions of These 3 P Roma Hôtels

    So glad it worked out well for you! We too thought it was a great hotel in a great position.
  4. marylizcat

    Availability of Taxis offering tours

    In Kotor, we pre-booked a taxi tour with http://djirtours.com/ and it was excellent. The driver spoke very good English and looked after us well. Recommended!
  5. marylizcat

    Tips on packing? Early October Greek cruise: RCL

    Make sure you take waterproofs and some warmer layers. We cruised the Aegean in early October a few years ago and had cold, wet weather. You will probably get good weather, but you cannot count on it.
  6. marylizcat

    Which HAL sailings (if any) have Dance Hosts?

    Thank you, that is good to hear as we are considering a HAL cruise. Did one a few years ago, but couldn’t remember whether or not they had line dancing.
  7. marylizcat

    Which HAL sailings (if any) have Dance Hosts?

    Do HAL offer line dancing? It is always very popular when offered on other lines.
  8. marylizcat

    St Petersburg on our own?

    Also bear in mind that some major sights are outside the city, requiring you to have a means of transport to get there. I am particularly thinking of Catherine’s Palace and Peterhof. We had an excellent two day tour with SPB Tours.
  9. marylizcat

    Rome City Centre

    The point of using the hoho bus is not simply as a means of getting to their destination, it is to get to see the other highlights as they asked to do, in a simple manner. We have used the bus, (as well as walking plus taxi and on another occasion the underground train) and it works pretty well. They don’t just want to see the Coliseum.
  10. marylizcat

    Rome City Centre

    You could catch the hop-on hop-off bus from where your transfer drops you and get off at the Coliseum as well as any other points of interest to you. Google it to see the route it follows. Alternatively if you don’t have mobility issues, you could walk around and just catch a taxi back at the end, to your transfer pickup. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  11. Thanks very much. I wanted to see pictures! Looks pretty deserted though. What time of day was it? And what were the opening hours? Sent from my iPad using Forums
  12. marylizcat

    Opinions of These 3 P Roma Hôtels

    You may have already seen it, but this website has lots of useful info, maps and the YouTube video mentioned above : https://europeforvisitors.com/venice/articles/10-hotels-near-cruise-ships.htm Sent from my iPad using Forums
  13. marylizcat

    Disembark in Monte Carlo....

    I also vote for Monaco as being more interesting and more scenic than Nice. If you want to avoid JB’s mentioned uphill slog, read Toms Port Guides here https://www.tomsportguides.com/uploads/5/8/5/4/58547429/monaco-06-20-2012.pdf which tell you how to use the car park elevators to get up to the top. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  14. marylizcat

    Hard Cider available?

    We were drinking Angry Orchard most lunchtimes in August. We were amused that the wine waiters always called it ‘beer’, so don’t try asking what ciders they have, as they obviously aren’t familiar with the item. But it is on the bar menu.. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  15. marylizcat

    Hard Cider available?

    They have Angry Orchard on Riviera. Sent from my iPad using Forums