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  1. marylizcat

    Ephesus tour question from kusadasi

    We had an excellent tour with http://www.ottitravel.com/7/info/private-tours.htm. Definitely recommend them! As well as Ephesus and the terrace houses, we went to the railway museum, which was great! (This was the tour with the train museum included: http://mobile.ephesustours.biz/tour_details.php?codename=ephesuskirazli&type=c)
  2. marylizcat


    We caught the little road train around the city. Picked up from the ship. Had a couple of stops along the way so you could hop on and off. Nice old quarter and waterfront cafes. One stop was a beach.
  3. marylizcat

    Greece - Excursion Advice

    I would recommend that you skip Messina and book a trip to Taormina from there. Taormina is lovely whereas Messina is not particularly!
  4. marylizcat

    Kettles in outside cabins on Magellan.

    Yes there is a kettle. Our case went under the bed, but I didn’t note how big the space was. Opening them up can help I have found on other ships.
  5. marylizcat

    British Night on Fred

    I believe Fred used to have an ‘International’ night, but it was discontinued, presumably unsuccessful.
  6. marylizcat

    New ‘Allura’ class ships

    Interesting to see that they are launching two new ships from 2022, same size as O ships but fewer passengers.
  7. marylizcat

    CM&V Premium Beverage Package...

    CMV do have traditional formal nights. They should tell you how many. When sailing ex-UK, there are many dinner suits. With Australians on board, it is possible formal night will be less formal. However I should definitely take a tie anyway.
  8. marylizcat

    CM&V Premium Beverage Package...

    Here is the link to the bar menu with prices https://www.cruiseandmaritime.com/images/CMV_2018_BAR_MENU-P1_WHITE2.pdf You really need to do the sums yourself and calculate how much you would spend per day to decide whether or not it is worth it. Every person will have a different consumption.
  9. marylizcat

    Dover cruise port

    It is about 80 miles and will take at least one and a half hours to drive, hence the cost. i would just go with the cruise line transfer coach.
  10. marylizcat

    British Night on Fred

    Seems a pity to miss the show! I seem to recall it had things like the Beatles and was a great show. They only did the ‘Rule Britannia’ thing at the end, in a totally over the top, tongue in cheek way. Last night of the Proms stuff. I wouldn’t avoid an ‘American’ show on an American ship with them singing ‘I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandy’ etc!
  11. marylizcat

    Change in Traditional Dining Times?

    Well, yes, that is my point! 7.30 probably suits the vast majority of people compared with 5 or 8.30. So the change isn’t going to help them fill the unpopular sitting.
  12. marylizcat

    Change in Traditional Dining Times?

    Seems to me that they have simply switched the unpopular 8.30 for an unpopular 5pm. So how does that help? Standard port times are 8-6, meaning onboard time is 5.30. Maybe people might be willing to come back early in beach destinations, but who is going to rush back from Rome or Florence for a 5pm dinner?
  13. marylizcat

    Change in Traditional Dining Times?

    Yes, it isn’t difficult. Other cruise lines manage it. You book with P&O or Fred Olsen, they tell you the dining times when you book and that is the time on the ship. So why do Princess find it so hard?
  14. marylizcat

    Change in Traditional Dining Times?

    P&O (UK) who have always been a very traditional cruise line and are considered the ‘sister’ line of Princess, have announced that their newest mega-ship Iona will be entirely anytime dining when she launches in 2020. No traditional sittings at all.
  15. Sorry, but this is incorrect. If you read the responses you will see that you can definitely wander away from the group if you book the appropriate excursion. You don’t need personal visas.