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  1. I suspect this is not a deliberate attempt to ‘defraud’ you of the value of the compensation, but simply too complicated an issue for them to deal with at the moment. They are obviously incredibly busy just now with cancellations, refunds and rebookings. Your problem doesn’t fit into any of the standard ones. My suggestion would be to write them a traditional, proper letter, setting out as simply and clearly as possible, in words of one syllable, exactly what your problem is. Hopefully then it can be physically passed to somebody higher up to deal with, who has the necessary authority to continue to give you the discount off your next cruise.
  2. I suspect that the two things go hand in hand. If the virus situation has improved sufficiently that the cruise is going ahead, then the 14 day quarantine period would also have been discontinued.
  3. OK, but some people consider the ambience is their business! Let’s just agree to disagree! (But please don’t be rude, as it sounds like you are saying I should mind my own business. I am entitled to my opinion as are you.)
  4. Yes, as on most cruise lines, it is a case of ‘ Can I get away with not wearing a jacket and tie on formal nights?’. Answer ‘yes’. ‘Will the head waiter be unwilling to make a scene and refuse my party entrance if I do not comply with the dress code?’ ‘Yes’. So if you are happy to be in the minority and don’t care what others think, as many do not of course, then you need not wear a jacket and tie. Some others like Beltonian take no interest, others like me do and mentally ‘tut’. But it is only mentally, I am not going to say anything! Of course, it does spoil the ambience of a formal night, if some people don’t dress up, but not everybody cares about that.
  5. I saw elsewhere that there were two Tui charter flights to Manila yesterday to get the crew back from the four ships currently anchored in Sandown Bay, having dropped off in Southampton.
  6. Many men will be wearing tuxedos on formal nights, but a jacket and tie will suffice. Other nights, long trousers and a collared shirt will be fine. Or else you can always eat in the buffet.
  7. The cabin number sounds to me as though it may be a ‘guarantee’ cabin, where you don’t know the cabin number in advance and have to take what you are given. Though I may be wrong! If the US website is the same as the UK one, go to the main menu drop down and click on ‘shore excursions’. Then type in the port name and click on ‘filter’. This will give you the descriptions of the excursions offered, though not the prices. However, compared with American cruise line prices, they are not expensive. However, with St Petersburg, it is always best to book with a local tour operator for a 2 day tour. Smaller groups, skip the lines, save money. Google SPB Tours and Alla Tours.
  8. Yes, I only meant Marella ships, not all cruise ships! Fred has indeed used the Firth of Forth as its parking area.
  9. As they seem to be ‘parking’ most of the ships in Sandown Bay for the duration, I should think there will be a number of repositioning cruises ex Southampton to start with!
  10. Yes, Fred are allowing people to transfer their deposits to future cruises. Check out their website. If they should go under, your money is protected by ABTA bonding anyway.
  11. WeeCountyMan is spot on. Don’t cancel yourself, let them cancel in due course. Then you don’t lose your money. Don’t waste your time phoning them. You will get nowhere. Just wait patiently till your turn comes and they contact you.
  12. Well, we have just returned from Explorer, so I thought I would update the thread, in case anybody else likes martinis. When we tried to order one from a roving bar waiter, it didn’t work. He said he was like a pizza delivery boy, he didn’t make the pizzas, so he could only order what was on the menu. However, when we tried ordering directly at the bar, from a barman, who knew what a martini was, it was fine and he made us one.
  13. The third berth will ‘disappear’ into the ceiling or wall, don’t worry about it. It will be a Pullman, bunk berth. You will probably have two formal nights when men should wear either a tuxedo or a business suit and tie and ladies wear cocktail dresses or sparkly tops. Other nights will be smart casual. For daytime, you will need warm and waterproof clothing if you are heading north. You should get a pre-sailing booklet giving you information. https://www.cruiseandmaritime.com/before-you-sail/pre-sailing-booklets
  14. I have looked at the deck plans and 527 appears to be a Cat 12 Premium Twin Ocean View cabin. Why don’t you look at the Cruise & Maritime website and read all about the ship and look at the pictures of the cabin there? https://www.cruiseandmaritime.com/our-ships/astoria
  15. Yes, I agree. Having to buy the package for all in the cabin makes it a no-no for us too. We travel with our adult son who does not drink.
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