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  1. I haven’t heard any such announcements. However it is far too early to know what the arrangements will be next winter. A lot will depend on each country’s own requirements for visiting cruise ships. Obviously you should be prepared for that to be the rule, but it may not be.
  2. Nobody has mentioned the highlight of a sea day on Fred - the dolphin racing!!
  3. Well, obviously one is allowing for that! Oceania usually give you an option of including drinks at meal times ‘free’. We have sailed with them several times and they are pretty similar to Fred apart from freely available lobster, which I don’t like anyway! Entertainment much worse than Fred. Onboard prices etc are much higher of course, being American.
  4. Balcony prices are always particularly high on Fred because their ships only have a few. However, their prices in general have seemed very high to me in recent, pre-virus, times. I think they are pricing themselves nearer to the level of Oceania and Azamara, who also sail older, smaller ships.
  5. It was only a change of name, nothing else. Obviously some things change over the years, such as the switch to nothing but all-inclusive and the reduction of courses from five to three on the menu, though you can always order more. Formal nights now a shadow of their former glory, basically ‘dress up a bit if you like‘, but nothing else like a Captain’s party. Newer, bigger ships have come along.
  6. Tring- the insurance I mentioned does indeed cover cancellation, as well as medical costs, for COVID. Where one company leads, I am sure others will follow too.
  7. Well, we aren’t talking large sums of money, just deposits, so insurance pretty irrelevant, with excesses meaning little would be covered anyway. Incidentally travel insurance is now available to cover COVID, if you want it. Look at Trailfinders insurance.
  8. I suspect that the reason why travel companies are so slow at processing refunds is indeed that they do not have enough money to do so all at once. Not just CMV, but all of them. They also have all furloughed most of their staff, so there are only a few people working on it. That is why it is important wherever possible, that people do not take refunds, but rebook for the future. I have rebooked our July Fred Olsen cruise for 2022. I have not heard a word fro Tui/Marella about our November cruise which their website announced was cancelled many weeks ago. But when they do eventuall
  9. Exactly the same problem seems to be being reported by the customers of every cruise line. CMV is not unusual in being very slow to make refunds. You just have to be patient, I’m afraid. You will get your money eventually, either from CMV or ABTA if they go bust.
  10. I am afraid ATOL protection is for flights and I don’t think you booked a package including the flights, did you? As per my earlier post, does your credit card not offer any consumer protection? Enabling you to claim a refund from them?
  11. Do you have protection if you paid using a credit card, as we do? Do American rules mean you can claim a refund from them if the service paid for is not provided?
  12. I suspect this is not a deliberate attempt to ‘defraud’ you of the value of the compensation, but simply too complicated an issue for them to deal with at the moment. They are obviously incredibly busy just now with cancellations, refunds and rebookings. Your problem doesn’t fit into any of the standard ones. My suggestion would be to write them a traditional, proper letter, setting out as simply and clearly as possible, in words of one syllable, exactly what your problem is. Hopefully then it can be physically passed to somebody higher up to deal with, who has the necessary author
  13. I suspect that the two things go hand in hand. If the virus situation has improved sufficiently that the cruise is going ahead, then the 14 day quarantine period would also have been discontinued.
  14. OK, but some people consider the ambience is their business! Let’s just agree to disagree! (But please don’t be rude, as it sounds like you are saying I should mind my own business. I am entitled to my opinion as are you.)
  15. Yes, as on most cruise lines, it is a case of ‘ Can I get away with not wearing a jacket and tie on formal nights?’. Answer ‘yes’. ‘Will the head waiter be unwilling to make a scene and refuse my party entrance if I do not comply with the dress code?’ ‘Yes’. So if you are happy to be in the minority and don’t care what others think, as many do not of course, then you need not wear a jacket and tie. Some others like Beltonian take no interest, others like me do and mentally ‘tut’. But it is only mentally, I am not going to say anything! Of course, it does spoil the ambience of a fo
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