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  1. As I read the announcement in Cruise Industry News, Royal Caribbean Group today announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to sell its Azamara brand to Sycamore Partners, a private equity firm specializing in consumer, retail and distribution investments, in an all-cash carve-out transaction for $201 million, Sycamore Partners will acquire the entire Azamara brand, including its three-ship fleet and associated intellectual property. So, 3 ships for $201 million equates to $67 million per ship. These ships all date from 1999 to 2000, so not youngst
  2. I agree. While it still exists somewhere, it’s only a matter of time until a case appears on a cruise ship. For me the case rate is less important than what the procedures are to deal with it. I did a lift and shift to see how the situation develops. Our next cruise is now June 2021. We will not be cruising if a positive test during the cruise results in: - being left in a random port at RC’s whim - running the risk of being quarantined onboard past the end of the cruise - the possibility of a country denying you access to medical care (as happened a few months ago) or
  3. Sorry if I did not explain that well. As I mentioned, I have a cruise in April. I will be looking at the experience that happens between August and December to determine whether I make final payment. So, I wondered what should I expect between August and December. I think it unreasonable to assume out of the thousands of cruises in those 5 months no one will catch the virus on any cruise. That somehow cruise ships will be totally immune to the virus. Even giving strict protocols in place (which we do not yet know what they are). So I wanted to get an idea whether folks though
  4. I do not have a cruise until next April, but I started wondering what level of covid infection would be acceptable and I would still go on a cruise? For example, by my calculation there are some 300 cruises scheduled for August and September 2020 in the Caribbean. From 3 days on up. It seems to me, no matter what protocols are in place, there will be some level of infection on these cruises, just as there is, and will be, some level throughout the US. So, what level would people find acceptable and still go on the cruise? 1. Would it be one case on any cruise? 2. Would i
  5. I understand that a stressed company has to have liquidity to see it get back to profitability. I think RCL has pulled together sufficient liquidity to get it to September and probably December. However, whenever I look at a stressed company I also take into account their debt and liquidation value in the event that some creditor gets antsy and leaves the reservation. Believe me, I have seen that happen.
  6. I have been in RCL at about 26 and out at 44. Only 500 shares, so no big deal. I have been trying to wrap my head around RCL debt and value of ships. The recent 10-K shows the following debt in millions: Senior notes $1,746 Secured senior notes 663 Unsecured term $2,807 Unsecured revolver $165 Commercial paper $1,434 USD unsecured term $3,520 Euro unsecured term $677 Financed leases $230 Total 11,242 Net property and equipment $25,467 Now creditors are all in different positions. It appears from the 10K that
  7. I have no upcoming cruises with Regent, but have sailed with them in the past. Someone posted concerning whether there was a priority claim in the event of a bankruptcy of NCL. Here is some possibly useful info Chapter 13 bankruptcy. In this chapter, all priority claims must get paid in full through the plan. For instance, your plan payment will have to be sufficient to pay all of your back child support, taxes, and other priority claims. If the proposed payment isn't sufficient to cover these claims, your Chapter 13 plan won't get confirmed and your case will be dismissed.
  8. Our party of four sailed in the YC on Bellissima out of Dubai on b2b 7 day cruises in January 2020. I will review the experience in bullet points so as not to make this too long. If anyone would like more detail, please let me know 1. Overall YC. Excellent. More than lived up to expectations. The service was incredible, best I have experienced, including the service on Oceania and Regent. 2. Butler. I have cruised previously with butler service, but this was over the top. He did everything for us. Escorted us to shows, escorted us to immigration for the second cruise
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