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  1. Thank you for the information, that is great news! We are very excited to be in a suite!
  2. I will have to post a review on this cabin once we are on! Wow, you really got a deal! We paid $195 (Canadian though) for our upgrade. Considering it was Canadian funds, we scored! I don't get what they do either. We would have been happy to stay with the SS and get an Explore 4 package added, but they wouldn't do that. It would have been in HAL's favour if they had taken our offer???? Have a wonderful cruise!
  3. Thanks everyone for the info. I don't think there would be any further upgrade, which we aren't really interested in. I can't even imagine what a Pinnacle suite would be like! Sorry - I should have mentioned that we are on the Eurodam (in 9 days). We had started this adventure out with an aft balcony cabin 2 doors over from where we have ended up. Because this is a special cruise for us, we upgrade our cabin and to go all out by moving up to a Signature Suite, and booked a guarantee - something we have never done a guarantee before. About a month after full payment was made, the priced dropped drastically. We asked our TA if there was anything we could do - not really expecting anything - but when she called HAL, they offered us a Neptune suite for a very small amount extra. We didn't really understand the logic from HAL, as we figured it would have been better for them to add in a drink package or gratuities or something similar, but they offered us the Neptune suite instead, so we still feel that we lucked out on what we paid for a Neptune suite. We did book an SC guarantee, as that was all that was available at the time we took the upgrade. We have been put into an SB. I have been checking daily to see what was available, and when I looked earlier today you couldn't even look at Neptune suites on the HAL website so I figured we would get our cabin assignment soon, and sure enough, when I checked the luggage tags, there it was! I do like the large overhang for deck 8 as I don't think much will fall on our deck. We were on Celebrity last fall in an aft cabin and the soot was pretty bad some days - just depended on which way the wind blew. However it was worth it for the views we had.
  4. Hopefully I haven't missed information somewhere, but I have looked hi and low for anything on cabin 8173 (Neptune aft suite) and have not been able to find much at all. We were offered a good deal on an upgrade/upsell a while ago because the prices for our Hawaii cruise increased considerably so we jumped on the opportunity to get in to a Neptune suite. We would never have been able to book a one otherwise. We are thrilled and concerned at the same time. We love aft cabins, and the fact that we have a wrap around balcony is very exciting. The downside is that it is directly below the Lido deck, so I am concerned about noise, but more importantly, this is the side of the Lido that is the designated smoking area. I did call HAL to ask if we could possibly move, but they have indicated that there are no other cabins available, however we might receive a further upgrade. This did confuse me as both parts to this answer seemed to contradict each other 🤔. Does anyone have any experience with this cabin?
  5. Enjoy your cruise. If it the one going to Fiji and Tahiti/Bora Bora, I envy you🤗 We looked at that one but booked the Hawaii cruise now and are looking at the 28 day Tahiti for later.
  6. Yes I am really thinking the beverage cards might be the way to go. We’ve never bought a beverage package before because we either booked during the explore 4 promo or booked Celebrity. This cruise was not really planned so we booked it after any promotion was available. I will plan better next time! I wish I liked wine because you can bring that on. Thanks!
  7. Certainly some options to consider. Thanks for the help.
  8. Thanks RocketMan275 for such a quick response. We are on board for 20 days so the package is just over $1000 each. I did call HAL and ask if we could buy the Quench package for DH as he cannot drink alcohol due to medications but they give no exceptions! We have discussed the Quench package and purchase other drinks separately, and it may be the way to go. It’s the exchange for us that is the killer. Thanks for the price lists as well, they help with budgeting. I am a beer drinker with the occasional margarita or fruity martini so my bar bill isn’t huge. We had all included on our Celebrity cruise last fall and it was so nice not to worry about anything at the end. Drinks, gratuities, internet were all included, along with an OBC, and we were able to pay in Canadian funds so it made for a very reasonable cruise. Too bad HAL doesn’t offer the same perks.
  9. Not sure if this the right thread to ask this question, but rather than start a new one here goes. We are on the Eurodam in 12 days and are debating the drink package. DH does not drink alcohol, but I do. Unfortunately both of us have to purchase the same package so I am wondering if there are any better prices upon boarding or is the online pricing the best we will get. Doing the exchange to US, along with the automatic gratuity charge makes for a hefty price for on non alcoholic drinker and one very moderate drinker. I have been looking at the beverage cards but the package is much more convenient.
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