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  1. I booked our Apex European cruise for July of 2021. Not sure what we are going to do this year yet. LOL, we got time....we are home! =P
  2. I agree. We had non refundable airfare and had fully intended to make the trip, but when the Chicago to Venice air went missing, we made the call to American. Just got an email yesterday that it would be refunded to our card in within the week. Just called them about it 9 days ago.
  3. We are also in the same situation. We just canceled our flight as the ORD to VCE went missing several times in February and disappeared for good at the end of March with American not flying to VCE throughout the summer. We were to have come home from BCN to BWI via BA and had purchased the seat assignments for our Premium Economy seats at the price of 228 pounds for us to be able to sit together. Not only are wondering if we will see the refund for the seat assignments, but refunds for our BCN to BWI as that was not canceled, even though it was an AA codeshare. I too feel the seat assignment fee is BS. Charge what you want for the seats in the first place. This is the sort of stuff that sours consumers. My husband loves AA and has always liked BA when he was flying for his job, but he was not happy with this seat fee (he hasn't flown for his job since about 2012, so things had changed)....but we did want to sit together, so we dealt with it. It's been two weeks and we haven't seen anything yet. So far, we have 500 dollars of 6K invested in various things returned.
  4. Georgia Peaches, I would just carry that any day I needed to....that is just too cute! We bought a Scrubba bag for our European trip....a smaller one. We were doing a 16 day trip land and sea and we pack in carry on's....first time we would be gone over 10 days. I'm sure I will use the bag again in time, but I can't lie....I'm so hacked/sad/aggravated for a lot of personal reasons, not to mention we spent over a year planning. Italy and France will still be there and we hope to be too. Stay safe out there all.
  5. GeorgesGal, after reading the ongoing refund thread just now, I would say that really might not be the issue. A poster just added some proof backed up with a balance sheet from RCCL. I'm really thinking there is some cash flow issues.
  6. I am not sure people are being mean....I think it's being real. I prefer being an optimist to a pessimist, but when things are settled and I see what the cruise world looks like after all the dust settles, I will decide what's next for my husband and I where travel is concerned. LOL, we may decide to buy the tiny camper and see the rest of the USA....not sure. That pre-existing condition clause is going to have to be removed before we even think of it. Until then, committing dollars to companies that can't even refund their customer's cash in a timely manner is an issue that a lot of us can't afford to take. We love Celebrity, but right now they still owe many to include ourselves hard earned cash. Most of us don't have the luxury of giving cash away....that's the reality of the situation.
  7. We've had a lot of refunds going on with a European trip as you can well imagine. It's the same old story......companies are in a hurry to get the money, but naturally in no hurry to give what's owed back. I called Celebrity a few weeks back because I was wondering what would happen to all the Celebrity points we had used for our trip and talked to a lovely agent who told me our refunds were in process and our points would go to the TA in the form of a credit when we rebook. In the meantime, we have received one refund from Celebrity for our cruise that we cancelled the day before our TA requested final payment for 27 June. To be honest, I'm not quite sure what it's for because they have a number of our dollars in deposit and for shore excursions. I just know I opened up our BOA Celebrity account and there was $500 from them. I want to say it is the deposit just due to the amount, but there was a deal back in January that upgraded us to a balcony room from an OV and made our fare non-refundable and I was told that by my TA......so I'm stumped, but it doesn't add up to the shore excursion amount. I had planned to argue our deposit in the first place as I have pre-existing conditions clause that Celebrity added would preclude me from cruising 10 months after Celebrity took our deposit. Having said that, I am know these places are inundated with people canceling or rescheduling, however I really don't believe in this electronic world of ours that it should be taking the time that it is to be making refunds. I'm sure cash flow is part of the bigger picture and the lack thereof. We cancelled our flight to Europe last week and American has yet to return 4K....simply says *pending review*. I cancelled two tours of Italy with a well known tour guide and they are saying 30 to 90 days for a refund. I cancelled the Italo train and seen nothing back....still have to get a hold of British Airways for the payment for our seats....and possibly their part of the flight, even though it was through American. Sigh. This was to be a trip of a lifetime for us. We saved big time to do this. If we had a choice, we would be taking the trip....but the idea of any of these companies holding on to close to 10K did not give us the warm fuzzies at all.
  8. We cancelled our June cruise on the Apex which was scheduled to leave on the 27th of June. We got a better deal, but ended up with a non refundable deposit. At the time, it didn't really worry me....this wasn't anything that entered my mind. Up until Sunday when I cancelled, I had hope. Now, I'm devastated more than I can talk about.....however not knowing what will happen since my husband's job had sent out information on official and unofficial travel to Europe before everything really revved up, we made the choice to not take a chance. $4500 was a little too much for Celebrity to be holding on to. I'd love to make a cruise plan for next year-same itinerary because the price is what we started out with, amazingly enough. My thought it that cruisers are going to be skittish for a bit if things do get back to normal, so I'm thinking the prices may change as the cruises get closer. Italy, Monaco, France and Spain will be there. To be honest, we might just go on foot and take the train.
  9. I talked to my TA on Saturday as we have a cruise booked for Europe the end of June and I was told that our final payment is due the 25th of March. I would have a lot more peace of mind if we had that 60 day window opposed to 90.
  10. I agree....thanks so much for posting that. Right now, my husband's work has issues with traveling to Italy. We booked this last July and we are trying to hold out hope, but when you are looking at better than 10K that you are spending on a dream trip not to be able to see the places you have wanted to see, it's not an easy thing. Our final payment for our trip is in a few weeks and the paper laying on my table from my husband's job has had me pretty well worked up. I feel better knowing that I can book for the future.
  11. That's what makes us us individuals....we all have what suits us. My home wardrobe differs greatly from what I wear on a cruise. The 60's were impressive to me and my everyday wardrobe reflects that. My cruise wardrobe is minimalistic and darker in color. I tend to put my efforts into accessories. I don't even know what the word thin is, because it's something I've never been! I tend to accentuate the features of myself that I know are strong. I have great shaped legs, so dresses work for me. Skirts do not work the same. I want to like them, but they just don't look good...most look frumpy. I have had one in my life that was amazing looking on me....it was tweed and had thin, black belt. I wore it in my high school days- late 70's. I matched it with a white cowl neck blouse and a star stick pin. That's how well I remember it. The one I am taking on this trip I just bought is reversible and embraces my hippy side. I simply it because having lived in Europe, I know I can wear it into churches and cathedrals and not feel out of place.
  12. Never have a found a dress limiting....first and foremost, I look good in them....actually better than what I feel is much easier for me, speaking of pants. There are all sorts of ways to dress them up, they take up very little space for me in my suitcase. When it comes to pants, I have to look for blouses to match, accessories and shoes. Most of my flats will go with every dress I own. I can't say that for my pants. Everyone has their preference though.
  13. When I lived in Europe, my European friends would always tell me that Americans like to wash the life out of their clothing. The clothes in Europe *do* tend to be on the expensive side and washers small, so I sort of wondered if that was maybe why she said that. Having said that though, I have learned to pack much smarter over the past several cruises. I have a lot of lighter weight items and once I get to a point I'm happy with my weight, I intend to invest in a few more Merino wool shirts. For now though, it's a few pairs of pants/, 2 dresses, a reversible skirt, 2 shorts and maybe 10 blouses. I used to be all about choice, but these days it takes the wind out of my sails to have to do all that laundry when I return home. I respect those who need to take it....believe me I do, but speaking for myself it's so easy to pack, embark and disembark with one carry on. When we walk off the ship, it's so easy and freeing. I'm not part of that madness of waiting for our number to be called so that we can find our bag. It really has it's advantages. We will be cruising in Europe this summer and doing a land tour as well, God willing. I intend to only have a carry on for the two weeks we are there. I will have to wash out a few things and I bought some items to be able to do that, but that will take no great time from our day.
  14. Thanks for sharing Hyperpipe! We will be spending time in Venice before a Med cruise we have booked for the end of June. Really looking forward to it after seeing your photo! :)
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