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  1. I watched on my Mac....froze several times which has never happened in the past. Wish I would have thought of the screenshot, however I made Elite which only seems to be a name for now, so I'm good.
  2. I noticed this last night when I did a mock booking for a cruise we are considering to replace the one that has not been cancelled yet on the Apex. When I went in, the box was checked for gratuities. I went to my TA's site to check what was what. Celebrity's website leaves a lot to be desired.
  3. Just got my first Pfizer shot today and will get the other part in a few weeks. Hubby got the J&J one, so he is almost good to go. I'm pretty sure we would put up with anything to go on a cruise. LOL, can't be anymore uncomfortable then going to Dollywood in July and wearing a mask! We did that last year and it was crazy! Just ready to see the sea again.....sigh.
  4. I had to make a profile, so I assume so....but as with anything with the computer, the safety is only as good as those that maintain the information and so forth. I found it out totally by accident as I was looking for a vaccine for my husband through our state website as his job deems him essential and he qualifies to receive the vaccine now. Of course, trying to find one is another story.
  5. My husband got one of those in 2001 as he had to be vaccinated for locations in the world he was doing work in until he stopped traveling in 2011. He still has it. Recently, I found out that our state has a database with shots we have received in it. I was pretty shocked my inoculations in it.
  6. We take selfies with our phones. We bought them early in our cruising days, but I can't remember the last time I bought a picture.
  7. We both love Celebrity and Princess. Like others, we also find more things that are alike than they are different. Staff is good on both lines-definitely no complaints. Also feel the food is comparable on both lines. Rooms can be a bit smaller on Princess, but it's not a deal killer. We've also encountered a lot more of the dreaded door closing and talking in the halls at weird times on Princess. Smoking in the casino on Princess keeps me out of there (that may be a good thing!) I know when we went to Panama, they had one night that was no smoking....problem is, you can take the smoking
  8. I got the email saying that I would get an email but neither my hubby or I got one.
  9. Having coffee and watching our ship dock in each port in the morning with my bestie, or having drinks at the Martini bar with my bestie, her hubby and my hubby every evening. Heck, I'm so hard up to go, I'd even look forward to disembarkation and the dreaded sad last day of the cruise! Please let this go away!
  10. I just checked mine as I have a Gold AMEX and a Blue Cash. I got spend $500 for a $125 credit with Celebrity on the Gold AMEX....a Norwegian offer is on the Blue Cash.
  11. I've been on the Edge and I would say that it definitely doesn't feel large at all. The S-Class seems much larger to me.....the Edge reminds me more of the M-Class. I went on the Harmony of the Seas a few years ago during the holidays....that was too big. However there are those who love that. I just miss cruising....I am so ready to go!
  12. We have a European cruise on the books for the Apex in July and we hope to be in Europe for three weeks. The only money I have been willing to put down is the deposit for the cruise. There are so many things that are still on the dark side of going.....it's just crazy! I have four hotels reserved for the other legs of our vacation. I'm praying that before final payment, we have a better idea of how things will look. I want to be optimistic, but I am just not quite sure where I am....my realism takes over and says do I really want to be on a vacation with a mask and I can't say I am quite
  13. Well I have gotten all the other points....and if it's for real, we just made Elite status! 😁 Happy happy!😇
  14. We switched a European cruise we were supposed to have taken in July of this year and we rebooked for July of next year. We got the majority of our money back with the exception of a very well rated tour guide in Italy. (they might be well rated, but they lied on their return of cash when we couldn't even get there!) We are also out the train we were to have taken in Italy from Venice to Rome. I just sent them an email to see if I could get something figured out with them. I'm struggling this year because we decided if this really happens, we are just going to fly to Santorini and stay for a
  15. As I sit here contemplating what to do about a cruise I have booked for next July, mainly due to it's a trip to Europe that includes a lot more than just a cruise and just wishing I had a crystal ball, the next cruise I take will not be sweating any small stuff. This has been a very stressful year for all of us....I plan to only arrived with my actual packed luggage and not bring any extra baggage with me!
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