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  1. There is no way we would cruise with these restrictions in place. This to me, is not a vacation!
  2. Not the impression I got it all. It sounds like his card has been paid in full, so he is not accruing any interest on it. He even included the response he got from the credit card company.
  3. It could be worse. Some of us booked with NCL and we have to wait 90 days! Talk about asinine! There is a new thread on the Norwegian board from someone who did a credit card dispute and won. He did not have to wait long at all before his bank credited his money back.
  4. Exactly what kind of questions do you have? There will be no cruises out of New York in June. Have you not read about the 100 day no sail order that was ordered last week?
  5. My bank says if you paid with a credit card your refund goes back on your credit card and if you do not have a balance, then you will have a credit on that card. Basically, she said, if you didn’t pay in cash you cannot get it back as cash.
  6. Then why the heck haven’t they canceled our April 22nd cruise out of NYC yet? 😒 No, we aren’t going, but we want a refund in lieu of FCC.
  7. I don’t know where in the world they think they are going to cruise to in April. Absurd!!
  8. Any particular reason you did not withdraw your upgrade bid? Or do you really want to cruise next month?
  9. We are booked for April 22, but we never did get luggage tags, even before all this virus stuff started.
  10. We have a cruise booked for 4/22, but clearly it won’t be sailing. There’s no way I’m canceling because we also want our money back. They’ll wait until the last minute before canceling. They want us to get the FCC and then charge us additional money because the prices will obviously be higher. Not happening for us. We already have vacations planned/booked for the next 2 yrs, so an NCL cruise is not an option in that timeframe.
  11. There is a difference in ordering and recommending. It’s important that we are not misleading the folks reading this and thinking that it has been ordered and is mandatory. I live in NC and the only thing here, so far, is closing the schools in our county for 2 weeks. Everything else has been business as usual. In fact, we drove out and spent the weekend in Raleigh. No shortage of people out and about.
  12. This is exactly why we are holding out and hoping NCL cancels our April 22nd cruise. We want a refund and not the FCC. Way too much money for them to keep.
  13. They only made the recommendation, not ordered it. No, I don’t believe it will apply to cruises. It also does not apply to schools or businesses.
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