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  1. stromer

    Holland America Zaandam

    I booked Patrick Watts for my tour that I will be taking in the near future. Look him up on Google.com and also try to go to the roll call for your cruise and look for posts related to the topic.
  2. I have enjoyed your posts and would like to ask a few questions about the ship because I will be on it early next year for a 3 week cruise. 1. Can you post the daily activities sheet for a sea day to determine how many activities there are. On Celebrity and Princess they have games you can play and get small prizes - not bingo or gambling. Also maybe you can comment on tnis. 2. Can you post a few pictures of the gym and give the hours. I like to eat and thus need to workout to help burn calories. On other shops sometimes the gym is open past the posted hours. 3. Do they have many movies in the theater and are they recent releases? 4. Is the main pool heated or is it cool and is it fresh or salt water? 5. Does the Lido buffet stay open late - say 12 midnight and is it ever closed throughout the day between meals? 6. Is there a free pizza and ice cream station? 7. When they have production shows are they Las Vegas/Broadway style with 10 or more dancers and singers or just a few of these? Princess and Celebrity have big shows. Thanks, Rick
  3. I have read all the posts and there was no mention of what rooms the newer mattresses were in and are they on all the ships or just the newer ones. I will be on the Golden in an inside and then a outside cabin on the return. So are they in all ships and all rooms? Thanks, Rick
  4. stromer

    First Star Legend Alaska cruise live-ish.

    Thanks for your review. We have never been on Windstar but are considering a July or Aug Alaska cruise. I would like to ask,a few questions about the general cruise experience as compared to the larger cruise ships. 1. Do you know what the Internet fees are? 2. Is there a buffet dining area for lunch and dinner? We sometimes like to save time and not spend 2 hours in the main dining room. Is the buffet in the Veranda/Candles? 3. Is there a laundry onboard? 4. What are the evening shows like? 5. Windstar advertises a water sports platform where various things can be done at no cost. Does that include kayaks or zodiacs in the fiords to get close to the glaciers like you described or are those items excursions? 6. Does the fitness center have much equipment? Thanks, Rick
  5. stromer

    How do you get an upsell

    I have sailed Princess many times and my small travel agent usually sent me via email or phone upsell offers that were usually good that I took. I have read a lot of the upsell threads when I did a search but now my travel agent seems to be out of business or does not respond to request for quotes. The only other travel agent I have thought about using is the large membership wholesale company (can I mention the name of this and my old agent or is that forbidden) that has good OBC but does not offer upsells. I called them and they will not call me and I called Princess and they said you have to work through the travel agent. So how do you get an upsell offer if your travel agent offers no customer service other than good prices and good OBC? Can people give recommendations on good travel agents with good service? Thanks, Rick
  6. I am on a cruise that leaves in 10 days and there are still about 60 unsold cabins - mostly in the 6 lower classes G2 to E. The amount of cabins sold in the last 5 days has been about 3. I have not received an upsell offer yet. Does anyone know what Regent does with this many unsold cabins? They do not seem to lower the price as shown on the Regent website and several other cruise sites. Will they offer complimentary upgrades at check in if there are still vacancies? Will they offer last minute low prices to travel agents? There are enough vacant F1, F2, E and D cabins that they could move all the lower H, G2 and G1 passangers to those vacancies and still have room to spare. Thanks
  7. stromer

    Electrical plugs on Explorer Suites

    We Will be on the Explorer soon in a G1 suite and saw reviews and pictures that indicate there is: 1. A std US power plug 2. A European power plug 3. A USB plug for phones and tablets at each bed nightstand. Has anyone been able to confirm this and could someone post a picture of these plugs at the nightstand. I assume the plugs in the G cabins might be similar to the F, D and E staterooms. We would to know this so we can decide if any extension cords or adapters need to be brought. Thanks, Rick
  8. stromer

    Exercise classes on Explorer.

    We too are on the Jan 30 Explorer. We have been on the Mariner twice and assume the classes are similar. The have various for pay and free biking and yoga classes and other specific classes from the spa people and sometimes they have group runs on the track. The gym seems to be rather nice with numerous cardiovascular machines. Have you signed in with the Roll Call? We are Rick and Paula from Southern Calif. What room are you in? Maybe you can communicate this info on the Roll Call. Have you noticed that the ship still has about 50 unsold rooms - which means we might get an upsell or upgrade. Rick
  9. I too will be on the Jan 30 Explorer. I have signed up for most of the free excurzions, but there is still some free time to spend when they are over. I might want to share a car with you. Have you signed up on the Roll Call for this cruise? Are you also taking the free excursiins? Let's keep in touch to see what we can plan out anything together . Thanks, Rick
  10. stromer

    Lucky us onboard the Explorer

    Thank you all for commenting on the possible vibration on the aft facing cabin. I heard on another thread that has been an occasional loud banging sound on these aft cabins that Regent cannot explain. Has anyone heard of this before. LAST QUESTION: To those who have been in these aft facing cabins, would you do it over again or go to a side cabin in the middle on the next cruise? Thanks, Rick
  11. stromer

    Lucky us onboard the Explorer

    I will be on the Explorer in late Jan in an aft facing cabin and am concerned about the vibration from the drive systems. Would it be possible for you to note the vibration (if any) in the rear of the ship while it is cruising from either the gym or the Infinity pool area. My cabin is on deck 7 and any vibration in the above areas might be still noticeable in my cabin. Thanks, Rick
  12. stromer

    From Onboard Explorer

    I will be on the Explorer in late Jan. Could I ask the OP a few questions about the ship? 1. Is the water in the pools salt water or fresh and how warn is it. Can you go in the Infinity pool and do any thing except just sit there? Is the water warm there also? 2. Can you describe the gym equipment weight machines? I was on the Mariner and they had maybe 5 machines and the gym was rather small. Is the gym bigger as compared to the Mariner - assuming you have been on the Mariner. 3. I have a rear facing room and would like to know if there is much engine noise and vibration from being over the drive system. This can be determined by going to the gym while cruising to determine this. Can you notice any issues when in the gym? 4. How are the shows. It has been noticed that they are not as good as when the shows were put on by the Ann Ryan company. Thanks for your review and would appreciate any advice on the above, RICK .
  13. stromer

    Celebrity introducing nonrefundable deposits?

    There is another thread on this topic. I called Celebrity and read their cancellation policy and it says completely refundable up to 75 to 90 days before cruise depending on the cruise particulars. This is for the US. So I don't know how this information gets out there.
  14. Where does this non refundable deposit info come from? I just looked on the Celebrity website and it says the refund is fully refundable up to 75 to 90 days depending on the cruise length. I assume this is for the US
  15. Celebrity just sent me a promo (Loyal Offer) for Capt. club members where they offer $500 off on Ocean view cabins and above for 9 days or more on certain Caribbean sailings. See the copy from the email. To book this exclusive offer—not available online—call 1-877-202-4344 or your travel agent, provide your Captain's Club number (above), and mention promo code LOYALOFFER The promo said call for details because the prices cannot be seen online. They fail to say what price the $500 comes off of. After calling a rep they said it was the base price with no promos. However the base price is never shown on the Celebrity website. I did a search to find the base price with no promos and found prices. I then called Celebrity again and asked for the price found minus the above $500. The rep said the price shown was for Exciting Deals and did not apply. And that price might have been that shown for any of the 7 or so other promotions. When pressed where could I find the base price, he could not tell me where it was and could not find it. He had to backtrack the price by saying the regular price was the price shown plus $500. He then gave me the Loyal Offer price as the price shown on the various promos minus $50 (to make it seem like it was a better deal). This is deceptive advertising because they seem to have a good promo, but it is the same as any other one. Marketing spends a lot of time trying to figure out how to trick people into thinking they are getting a good deal when the deal offered is similar to any other promo. What do you think about this or am I just blowing smoke over a minor issue.