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  1. I am thinking of taking this Star Breeze ship on a Tahiti cruise in Oct and have a few questions about dining. Is there a buffet dinner available anywhere - if yes was it in the Star Grill? Pictures show the Amphora restaurant having buffet stations for food - is that true or is it sit down only? Thanks, Rick
  2. Forgive me if I missed the following point regarding stopping in Canada for US based cruises. Why can't the ship stop in Canada (on Alaska and East coast cruises) and not allow the passengers off the ship? Just dock and tie up and then leave a few hours later. Of course Canada and US authorities would have to agree to this. If this procedure could be arranged, an entire cruise season could be salvaged. Has this topic been discussed anywhere? Rick
  3. I have a cruise from New Jersey to South Hampton on Aug 1 which includes Iceland on the Summit. If the ship sales at low capacity will they upgrade people to a higher category- probably not to keep the cabins socially distanced. In Iceland I want to rent a car for my excursion - will they allow that? Too many things can change over the next 6 months to predict what wil, happen.
  4. I have a Apr 31, 2021 cruise in the eastern Med - 12 days on the Marina with final payment extended to Mar 1. If O cancels the cruise before final payment then all I get is my deposit back with no FCC or 125% FCC. Thus, if I think the cruise will be canceled and I want to go on another O cruise when Covid is no longer a problem, I could make final payment (before Mar 1) and then when the cruise cancells I am eligible for the 125% FCC - thus getting about a 25% discount on a future cruise. This is only logical if you have the money to give to O for the next cruise and you think O will not go out of business. I found out you can even book your next cruise now (say for late 2021 or 2022 ) before you cancel the current one, pay your deposit, and then apply the 125% FCC to that cruise. Has anyone thought about this strategy? Rick
  5. I have a Celebrity cruise to Iceland in Aug but wonder if these restrictions will still be in effect then. I too will consider cancelling if I cannot take a tour on my own but have to evaluate my private rental car tour vs the ship ones. Ric
  6. I have the Oct 14, 10 day cruise booked in an outside cabin. Due to the severe restrictions on getting into Tahiti described in these and other threads, I may be forced to cancel. However, if I decide to not cancel, what is the possibility of an upgrade to a balcony when there is about a 50% or more balcony vacancy rate. I have looked at several of the earlier cruises and they too are more than 50% vacant - some catagories are 75% vacant. This situation has never been encountered before, so do you who have cruised PG before, think upgrades would be given to all if there was availability? Also, would it be wise for new passangers to book a low priced cabin and hope for an upgrade because of the above current facts. Thank, Rick
  7. Does anyone know if all the people on this and other cruises got tested (as discussed on another thread) with a negative Covid 19 test 3 days before getting on the plane in the USA. Currently this is almost impossible to do with most test results taking more than 3 days to get the results. I curently have a 10 day cruise in mid Oct that I may have to cancel within 3 weeks - final payment due Aug 15 because of the lack of clarity by Tahiti in relaxing the test requirements. Rick
  8. I started this topic and since then have called the Tahiti tourism office in LA and emailed the main office in Tahiti. Both said they are reconsidering the restrictions but do not have an answer yet. The tourism web site and the Air Tahiti Nui web site says they are working with CVS to get rapid testing done to meet the requirements (not finalized yet). Also Reliant can do the testing for $149 with results in 2 days. Thus, as stands it would be very difficult to go to Tahiti. The ATN web site says you cannot board their plane without a negative test result. Rick
  9. I am scheduled to take a 10 day PG cruise in about 4 months. So what are your specific complaints about PG? I read some of the posts about the cancellation policy, but are your complaints more than that such as poor quality, service, etc. Thanks, Rick
  10. Air Tahiti Nui sent me an email about Tahiti reopening and they shared a link that Tahiti requires PCR based Covid 19 testing withing 72 hours of departure with negative results to allow entry into Tahiti. That seems a bit restrictive. I know that a lot of test sites will not offer a test unless you have symptoms. Has anyone heard of this. The link is below. Tahititourisme.com/en-us/covid-19/?
  11. I am looking at an Azamara cruise on Aug 6, 2020 to Iceland from Southampton, England - RT. Currently the ship is about 80% vacant. Other cruises around the same time are in a similar state. The prices have not come down much lately. How can Azamara cruise with this amount of vacancy? I know the future of Corona virus on cruising is unknown. I have read various threads (on other cruise line threads) on when cruises will start up again, with opinions varying all over the place. I have also seen the CDC and CLIA guidelines on when cruises will start up with 100 days from mid April being the most probable startup time. Is there a chance this cruise and others will sail with this amount of vacancy - I realize the vacancy will change as the state of the virus becomes more clear. In all probability the vacancy rate will decrease as the cruise sale date approaches. If I book an outside cabin and there are large amounts of balconies available will I get an upgrade without a price increase? I have cruises Celebrity and Princess many times but never Azamara. Thanks for advice on this from Azamara cruisers.
  12. I have looked at the roll calls for my cruise, posts on numerous threads here and other cruise lines and looked at all the Corono virus curves and most predict that they will be close to the minimum in May. The economy should have a rolling start soon but who knows what will happen by June or July. I think if there are no cruises by August 2020, then there will other bigger problems that will exist. People can talk forever about what the future is with no agreement at all. I have paid my NRD and will get it back if the cruise does not happen (numerous threads have discussed getting 100% back or getting a 125% as FCC). Another question - I can do 2 things: 1. If I cancel now or before final payment is due (minus a $100 pp penalty) I might be able to rebook at a lower price after the final payment is due if the price drops as the cruise date gets closer. OR 2. If I don't cancel before final payment and the price drops after FP, I won't be able to get a better price. It was advised that one could ask for an upgrade if the upgrade cabin is more than the current price. any comments on the above strategy? Rick
  13. I have booked a Celebrity cruise in Aug 2020 on the Summit (outside cabin) and paid the down payment with final payment due in about 2 weeks. In the last 16 days the amount of vacant cabins has gone up from 249 to 383 (226 are balconies) - a huge increase. In the last 5 days the vacant cabins went up by 44 - which is the same as cancellations. During that time the price has not changed and the balcony price is still very high. In normal times if there were this amount of cancellations, the price would drop. We all know these are not normal times but it would seem that if there were an approximately 35% vacancy rate the revenue department would lower prices to attract more passengers. Does anyone have any theories on why Celebrity does not choose to lower the price. Could it be that Celebrity thinks the Coronovirus crisis will keep people from cruising no matter what the price is - i.e if they lower the price a lot they still won't get any more passangers so they might as well keep the price as it is currently. What will happen if the ship sails with vacant cabins? Will they offer upgrades or allow people to switch to a better cabin at low cost? Thanks, Rick
  14. Thanks for the response. I know AF has a flight that leaves at 8 am but not on the day the ship arrives. FB is the only one that does it on my day. Another option is to take one of the midnight flights and get off the ship the night before thus missing the final night and morning breakfast. The ship said that would be OK but they said there could be a delay and not guarantee that the ship would dock at 7 pm the night before. Has any one done the 2nd option before. Thanks, Rick
  15. I am sailing on a Paul Gauguin cruise in Oct and am looking at flight options going back to LA. I don't want to spend all day in Papeete waiting for a midnight flight home. The only other option is to fly French Bee at 7:00 am. I would have to get a taxi at 4:30 or 5:00 am. Has anyone done this and how hard would it to be get a taxi at that early hour. I already know about some of the issues with the discount airline FB but am not concerned since I am coming home and don't care about any cancelations. Thanks, Rick
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