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  1. I don't know if that will work because you must be 21 or older to cruise alone on Carnival (unless it is a married couple or military), they may not let him check in if the over-25 in his cabin is a no-show. You might want to see if you can move an adult from your cabin to his cabin on the booking so that everything is approved from that perspective (if you have 2 adults in your cabin), or you may have to put his reservation on yours, but I'm not sure how that will affect an already paid-in-full reservation where the primary is canceling.
  2. Did you expedite? It's only going to Philly so even regular mail is 2 days, tops, from Florence, but if you paid for expediting it is even quicker. We renewed ours just before Covid and I think it was 3 weeks (expedited), but same thing - being this close to Philly helps with the mailing time.
  3. Cook it in the oven. You'll never go back! I can cook lots of bacon with minimal clean-up, no splatters or burns, and still have the bacon grease to use for other things. 🙂
  4. You have to link the guest accounts, it's the only way to do reservations for dining or excursions and include those who are not in your cabin.
  5. Insurance language is specific for a reason. There is a difference between '3 days' and '72 hours' - for example, if you took a test at 7am on Thursday before an 8pm flight on Sunday, you meet the 3 days language - but you do NOT meet the 72 hours language. Is it confusing? Yes, if you're not paying attention.
  6. Fantastic news!! I love the ones on RCL where the cup has the chip in it for use, but those get long lines and the most popular locations tend to be out of service or out of flavors a lot of the time, and being forced to use one cup can be a little bit of a pain with carrying it around and being able to make sure it's clean. Being able to swipe your card and get stuff yourself without having to carry around a special cup is going to be wonderful!
  7. No - Pfizer and Moderna both requested priority review of their applications. That means within 6 months - so before the end of the year at the latest, possibly much earlier.
  8. Pfizer and Moderna both asked for priority review - that means approval within 6 months. There will likely be full approval for both before the end of 2021, and possibly well before.
  9. Yes - but they also have to do so without going through Canadian waters, because Canadian waters are closed. So that's going to prevent some of the normal passageways. I did see that Carnival Corp says that all of their ships sailing to Alaska will require 100% vaccination (including CCL, which is surprising since they will not commit to that for the Caribbean).
  10. And the other question is, of course, what will be open? Without guarantees I am wondering if any of the regular tourist attractions will be manned, since it's the end of the season with no real revenue promised - I understand they want to do it (and I missed my Alaska cruise last June, I'd love to do it too!) but I just don't see the logistics of it working too well.
  11. Don't they still have to meet CDC guidelines in order to sail? And can they sail from Seattle to Alaska without entering Canadian waters (it's not just the ports that are closed to large ships, the waters are as well)?
  12. I don't think anyone said he wasn't justified being frustrated, though - but just that it's part of the risk you take when you book a cruise. If the cruise line gets an offer to charter a ship they're going to take it - loyalty really doesn't come into play here. I say that as someone who has taken several chartered cruises that were already open for booking before the charter company took it over. People were understandably angry and frustrated, but that's not going to change the stance of the cruise lines - they can fill the ship with customers who get discounts and perks, or with customers who pay rack rates and no perks - which do you think they're going to take? It's business.
  13. All cruise lines do this. If they get a charter, they'll cancel the original sailing - charters pay rack rate with no discounts and few perks, so they will take that business any day.
  14. The first sticky in this forum is about the app, even though it doesn't seem like it is - and no updates since March 17th, no ETA on a fix, and no idea when it'll work. Tapatalk is officially no longer working and will not be available for CC.
  15. I think the point was that there is a greater risk of miscarriage and stillbirth from having contracted COVID than from the vaccine.
  16. Big caveat with VAERS - anyone can report anything, at any time. There's no way to know if it was linked to any specific vaccine or not. People report things years after they happen. People report things like headaches or body aches that may be totally unrelated. So take anything you see on VAERS with a huge pile of salt.
  17. The FDA only requires 6 months of vaccine testing and efficacy data in order to apply for full approval. Pfizer & Moderna have that. They don't need years. Phase IV (which continues to monitor effectiveness and side effects) continues even after full approval. This is normal and part of the customary process for vaccines.
  18. Pfizer & Moderna have over 6 months of vaccine efficacy data, which is all that's needed to submit for approval per FDA guidelines. The long-term work is already done. The full approval from here would be standard procedure, not 'warp speeded'
  19. Once they have all their data submitted? Typically takes 6 months or so. Not years. I see no reason why this would take years.
  20. It's expected that both Pfizer and Moderna will shortly be applying for full regulatory approval, possibly as soon as this month.
  21. Small ship cruises, likely. The big cruise lines? Nope. Unless Canada opens its ports (which it shows no indication of doing) then there's no way any cruise line can meet the requirements of the PVSA. Suits against the CDC notwithstanding, the PVSA isn't likely to be amended, or if by some miracle that happens, it's not going to be in time to save this year's season.
  22. Purchase a rider that lets you cancel for any reason. Yep, it's more expensive, and it has limits on reimbursement (generally you can only recover 70-80% of your costs), but totally worth it in a situation like that.
  23. George Washington forced his troops to be vaccinated against smallpox. What did Franklin have to say about that? Or could you be misunderstanding his words and they're being taken sorely out of context? " WITTES: He was writing about a tax dispute between the Pennsylvania General Assembly and the family of the Penns, the proprietary family of the Pennsylvania colony who ruled it from afar. And the legislature was trying to tax the Penn family lands to pay for frontier defense during the French and Indian War. And the Penn family kept instructing the governor to veto. Franklin felt that this was a great affront to the ability of the legislature to govern. And so he actually meant purchase a little temporary safety very literally. The Penn family was trying to give a lump sum of money in exchange for the General Assembly's acknowledging that it did not have the authority to tax it. SIEGEL: So far from being a pro-privacy quotation, if anything, it's a pro-taxation and pro-defense spending quotation. WITTES: It is a quotation that defends the authority of a legislature to govern in the interests of collective security. It means, in context, not quite the opposite of what it's almost always quoted as saying but much closer to the opposite than to the thing that people think it means." https://www.npr.org/2015/03/02/390245038/ben-franklins-famous-liberty-safety-quote-lost-its-context-in-21st-century#:~:text=Benjamin Franklin once said%3A "Those who would give,of new technology and concerns about government surveillance.
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