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  1. Cruiser21

    YC pool hours

    It was 8 p.m. when we were on in March
  2. Can you tell how you went about getting the cabana when you got on the ship? Thanks
  3. Can you tell me where your room was at Pier 66 thanks
  4. Cruiser21

    Drink Packages Discounted

    I this the 50% off second guest?
  5. Cruiser21

    Labadee cancelled

    Is anybody here a marine biologist?
  6. Cruiser21

    Labadee -best beach for water access, loungers?

    Do you hear the kids at the water park?
  7. Cruiser21

    GTY Question

    Thank you
  8. Cruiser21

    GTY Question

    Where do you find your cabin assignment? Do they email it to you? Thanks
  9. Cruiser21

    Sewage smell and buffet??? Large group ready to cancel!!!

    BB, You say the prices on Seaside are plummeting. I have been monitoring the prices of the YC and they are holding steady if not rising. I could be wrong but where are seeing these prices plummeting. Thanks
  10. Cruiser21

    Sewage smell and buffet??? Large group ready to cancel!!!

    Is any of your group in the YC? When is your sailing date?
  11. Cruiser21

    MSC vs NCL

  12. Cruiser21

    MSC Seaside Yacht Club Review and Pics!

    I agree 100% with this. YC is so close to having the best product at sea. NCL Haven we felt had the best food of all our cruises.
  13. Cruiser21

    MSC vs NCL

    Not sure what the chuckle is all about? Nice shorts, button down golf shirt and boat shoes will work for you. We were on for the Jan 27th cruise YC and some men had shorts on and didn't get turned away.