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  1. So it’s looking like our hawaii cruise that we rebooked for July 25 is now getting cancelled. Since we used the 150% FCC To book this cruise (our previous cruise was cancelled last minute), will I get my full 150% fcc back and then an additional 25% on this cruises fare? Has anyone had this happen yet? My biggest concern is that thet will take away my 50% portion and only give back the 25% bonus as the 50% cert said one time use.
  2. I’m so hoping for a July 25th start date for my pride of America sailing, we booked as far out as we could for my husband that is a teacher. Our spring break cruise from PR was cancelled less than 24 hours before we flew out.
  3. You can do either direct or with your agency.
  4. I had excess FCC from a rebook- not sure where it went. Do I have to wait a week after booking for it to reissue the difference?
  5. Sorry if this is a duplicate post, I searched as well as went a few pages back. I cancelled my cruise to reprice it 8 days ago. I got my 150% FCCs back but not a credit for the additional $800 I paid when making the new booking. Are the peace of mind cancellation FCCs taking longer than FCC for force cancellation cruises? When my March cruise was cancelled I got the credits within 7 days.
  6. Anyone on a cruise now? What is your experience? If we don't get a response I will try to make some updates from my cruise that leaves Sunday.
  7. Mine is still stuck in processing no credit card charge or change on NCL site. Cruise leaves Sunday.
  8. Yes mine is processing now too. Looks like we may have won! what cruise are you on? I am on 3/15 EPIC, the one I have showing processing is a 2 bedroom and I bid the min. $600.
  9. I think that means you were granted it but ncl hasn’t sent you a congrats email. Mine has been stuck with One pending and the rest expired since 3pm.
  10. On second look all say expired except the haven 2 bedroom balcony that I bid $600 on.... this may be an epic- epic vacation!!!
  11. Mine All show expired for my 3/15 epic sailing. I thought they waited till 48 hours, that’s not til tomorrow and there sure are a ton of rooms open that I bid on.
  12. Wow! I didn’t receive this letter for my 3/15 epic cruise- maybe because none of us is over 70?
  13. I was wondering if the process was going to be paused with all the craziness going on. That’s encouraging. I’m leaving on epic 3/15 and have seen a ton of cabins open up. I bid on everything mimi suite and up but only the minimum bids on haven. I noticed we have a ton of inventory in all those categories. Hope to hear soon.
  14. I put one in for the 3/15 epic sailing and I still have it in my account
  15. My flight arrives at 8:40am the day of our cruise from San Juan. We want to do the NcL transfer because they will take our bags but we’re trying to figure out if the transfers will make us wait till a certain time to leave airport since boarding is much later (heard they are asking people to come after 1pm). We’re platinum but I still assume boarding won’t start anywhere near when we arrive. We really just want to get rid of our bags then explore San Juan for the day. Will ncl make us wait at the airport for hours or take us to the port right away? Any other suggestions to get rid of our bags and go sight seeing? we could taxi to port but wasn’t sure if port will be accepting bags that early either (also I’m aware once at port illl need a taxi to go anywhere).
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