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  1. Agreed! I too was on her in February. Other than those doors, she looked great!
  2. I have clients (5 cabins) that were due to sail May 21, cancelled by NCL April 13. They were all refunded late last week! Whew!
  3. I just posted this in the Roll Call for the cruise: Update, a good response from my SAles manager/BDM, following another "ping" to her this morning, though why they didn't start this 2 months ago..... I just spoke to Customer Relations and was told that we have a team now dedicated to working on voyages that were sailing when our pause started. There needs to be a different type of process and steps that need to be followed when processing those refunds and building their FCCs. Hoping now that there is this dedicated team things will start moving much faster. Fi
  4. Thank you! My clients have as of yet, received nothing. Maybe in today's mail.... I have begun "badgering" my BDM or Sales Manager. I'm tired of being put off and want answers for my clients. I told her that as these guests were on a cruise, having spent a substantial amount of money, full suite guests. That they had better not be at the back of the "line". I'll post when I hear something. They are also booked on the 2021 World Cruise. You'd think Princess would like to keep that!
  5. Thank you so much for posting this update. I have friends on board! I'm happy to hear you are healing. I love your attitude!
  6. I was on the Crown Princess in December. Other than the elevator doors, she was in great shape! She has the new beds too!
  7. We were on the Crown in December. I thought it was in good shape (other than those elevator doors!). We were in a mini suite, there are now free plugs behind each TV there, available when they replaced the old TV with flat panel. That should be the case in all cabins, behind the TV. No free socket on the side of the bed with the wall, only socket was by the desk. You'll need an extension cord or, I used a power pack and recharged it in the morning.
  8. We cruised on the Crown in December. The embarkation lunch was in Botticelli's, Deck 6 aft. I don't recall the times though I believe it ended at 1:30pm. I think times depend on the embarkation time frame.
  9. On the Royal Class ships, are all the balconies covered? (I'm guessing the aft ones are not)
  10. Thank you for everyone's input... Decisions, decisions!! It appears the Chef's Table is everyone's fav!
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