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  1. This why I did not go on the Zip Line ! Never know how they maintain the equipment and if anything happens there is no second chance. How about Carnival with the roller coaster on the next ship. Things are getting a little overboard as they say !
  2. I noticed that a certain amount of cabins have been refurbished on the ship. Does anyone have any item what cabins and what deck have been updated. They are going into dry deck next year. I have seen video of the updated version with the bigger T.V. in the wall and they look like the cabin I had on Symphony ! Thanks
  3. Just got off the Symphony a few weeks ago and this was the first time I did not buy the Thermal Spa. It is located on deck 5 I believe and is a small area inclosed with around 6 to 8 beds in front of a mosaic wall and very dark. I saw a couple of showers with a couple of different spray settings and 3 different types of sauna rooms. The layout of the gym is real small with a few large port holes. The jacuzzi is located on the upper decks [ 6 flights up] . There are some small jacuzzi's in the treatment rooms, but you know what that costs. The track was the best part of the gym which is one deck below. I would wait until you get on the ship and look for yourself. The cost was $129 P.P plus 18% P.P. , figure that out. The Reflection was so much better ! I have photos if you like to see ! IMG_3019.MOV
  4. RCCL announced 6 months ago that they were going to change the Asian look of the ship before going to Alaska. The eating venues were going back to American style and also the colors within the ship !
  5. Just came off Symphony last week and they did not have it yet . They told me it would be a couple of months before they would have it !
  6. Spencer is the best ! We loved every bit of the tour !
  7. We go this weekend and the package we paid was $15 included 18% Came on sale a couple of weeks ago so we canceled and rebooked again !
  8. The charge is $25 per bag and applies to certain airlines like Southwest, American and a few others ! I have used it 4 times and never had a issue. Bob
  9. Please give me a little feedback on your cabin about the size. We are looking to sale on the ship in the Med 2020 !
  10. Grand Case is pretty much left in rumble right now . The hotel is being rebuilt now but is at least 6 months to a year away. There are only a few places to eat open, but the area is still in bad shape ! Check up to date video on You Tube and you will see the shape of things!
  11. I believe there is not much left in Grand Case. Check out current video's on You Tube !
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