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  1. With the changes to CC the link to the Cabin Tour video no longer works so here it is again.
  2. Hope you enjoy the cabin as much as we did. Say hi to it for us :)
  3. We were not bothered by the noise all that much when we were in the room. It was more noticeable if we were in the room during the day but not all that bad. I noticed that for part of the week the ping pong table was over our room but it got moved to the other side of the deck about half way through. IIRC it was probably located over the bathroom so that helps the alleviate the noise. I would not hesitate to book that cabin again.
  4. I hope you enjoy the Cabin as much as we did The should be located in my signature where it says: June 2016 NCL Pearl- Seattle- Spoiled with a 2br Family Suite <---Click For My Trip Report But here is the link as with the changes to CC who knows if others see it anymore. Also I had included a video tour of the suite but with the changes to CC it seems to be no longer imbeded in my report so here it is. Let me know what you think and even respond to the end of my trip report so it brings it back up top of others want to see it
  5. I hope this is OK to post here to recommend a different website. You might find better luck over on the Dis Boards website as they also have a DCL forum that gets lots of visitors. There is also a forum they call disABILITIES as well. As great a CC is the DCL board doesn't get a ton of traffic and that site is more specific. Have a blast
  6. Although it won't be sailing in Alaska any more we did the NCL Pearl late June a couple years ago and we, myself and then 6yo DD, used the pools a few times during the cruise and found them to be warm. However the last full day we went for a swim and we were using one of the pools and I gave DD a 10 min warning that we had to get ready for dinner. She asked of we could use the other pool one last time. We jumped in and and quickly back out as it was freezing, Not sure if there was something wrong with the heater in that pool or they had added water and it had not heated up yet. We still laugh about how cold it was and how we got a big surprise.
  7. A few years back my brother and his wife were looking to cruise NCL again out of MIA (Fri to Mon) and asked them to check how much to add airfare, he had already looked on his own so he knew what the prices should be but figured it was easier to book it with the cruise line. When they told him the price he asked what flights etc. They told him that they would not know to 30 days out etc. He put the cruise on hold. He then called RC got a price for the cruise (same as NCL) for the same dates out of MIA and asked about airfare. Not only did they tell him the price (again same as NCL) but also what airline and the flight numbers and time. He asked if they had an earlier flight down and they said they did and for the same price. He booked with RC then and there and called back NCL to cancel. When asked why he was cancelling he told them it was because they could not tell him any airfare info except for price. The agent said they get a lot of people not booking/cancelling right after booking because other cruise lines will tell you. Not sure if RC still tells you flight info but I think they do.
  8. HOHO stands for Hop On Hop Off. Think those tourist "trolleys" in a city. They allow people to hop on or off a numerous stops.
  9. Not exactly true. Schooner Wharf is open and the first Happy Hour of the day is from 7AM to Noon so you can start off the day with a Dark And Stormy. :D
  10. Totally agree with Kermit's. My wife usually orders twice a year from his website so she can bake, but she always orders some Key Lime cookies too. All the others are great suggestion too.
  11. Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. We can't wait to do it again. I wish the Pearl was still going to be doing Alaska. Feel free to leave a comment in my trip report thread, that way others might see my review to get some ideas and questions answered. Enjoy the Pearl and Alaska
  12. We sailed the Pearl 2 years ago in the 2br family suite, cabin 11530 the Amber Penthouse out of Seattle. I have a trip report linked below in my signature. Included are pics of the cabin, what we experienced, and a video of the cabin. Check it out to get an idea of what to expect.
  13. According to a post on Tim's FB page a couple hours ago: "I am going to be joining the NCL Gem on the 18th of August, the to the NCLPearl on the 2nd of September."
  14. 2 years ago they were lined up on Alaskan Way to the left as you came out of the Terminal, just past the driveway entrance to the pier. If you look at a map they line up where the harbor juts in right next to Alaskan Way. They would either load right there of pull up closer if they could. As the PP said they depart and arrive on a regular basis.
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