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  1. Yet another email from Royal Princess that the 12-night Alaska cruise has been delayed yet again. Now 8:00 PM. Boarding is now delayed again from 4:30 to 6:30 PM.
  2. Thank-you voljeep for the information. That would be a substantial "refund." However, had we wanted a less expensive cruise price, we would have booked a less costly stateroom. We're just fussy about such things - type of stateroom and location of it. Would think that response to this offer will be brisk. So Good Luck to anyone taking advantage of it. You might even be able to take another cruise!!! Wow!
  3. Will be sailing on the Royal Princess for the 12-night Alaska cruise out of San Pedro, CA on September 17, 2019. Just got a Move Over Offer email to downgrade our standard mini-suite on the Aloha Deck to an obstructed balcony somewhere on the ship. And they will give us 50% off our cruise fare via On Board Credit. Never heard of such a thing. Why would they do this? First of all, we have no interest in downgrading and second--there's no way we could spend that amount of money on-board. Why would they do this? Thank you.
  4. Have looked at the sketch but couldn't and still cannot figure it out. The cruise is advertised as Inside Passage with Glacier Bay but I guess the 7 Days at Sea are 7 days being tossed around in the Pacific Ocean. We've done a R/T Vancouver 7-night Alaska cruise that started up the Inside Passage and back through it again. So I had been trying to figure how where in the Inside Passage the Royal would would be in. Thank you for your help.
  5. Am totally confused and lost with the new Cruise Critic site. Have tried several times to insert our 2019 cruise but nothing happens after I save it. I tried to limit the expanded signature to only 6 lines but nothing takes after I hit save. I even deleted all prior cruises and that doesn't even take. Anybody know how to make changes stick? Thank you.
  6. Have been trying to access Cruise Critic for days and cannot figure out what has been done to it. So excuse me if this ends up in the wrong place. Recently booked the R/T Los Angeles cruise to Alaska for September 17, 2019 on the Royal Princess to avoid flying. There are 3 days At Sea going to Alaska and 2 days at Sea returning. Question: Between Glacier Bay and Victoria is also At Sea. Is this At Sea Day in the Inside Passage? Or do we exit the Inside Passage, go to Victoria and then head home? Thank you.
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