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    Proposal ideas for a 7-day sailing?

    Thanks so much for the feedback and suggestions so far, I'll be sure to let you know how it turns out.
  2. Hi, I realize this category is for honeymoon/wedding planning so please feel free to tell me a better location to post this discussion on proposal ideas. But I figured people here should have some good ideas. I'm taking my girlfriend on a 7-day Caribbean cruise on HAL's Westerdam later next month, with the idea of proposing sometime during the week. I'd be interested in hearing opinions on whether doing it earlier or later in the voyage would be better, and whether on-board or on-shore would provide a nicer setting. I'm not looking for it to be a big public event since she wouldn't want that, but rather something romantic - maybe at the bow of the ship later at night? I figured by talking to the cruise director, etc., after boarding I should be able to do something nice for her. Thanks! :)