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    Glory Passenger drowns while Cave Tubing in Belize

    If there is anyone else out there that was on the excursion this day or has had similar experiences booking through Carnival Cruise Lines I would really appreciate your story. I am not confident that Carnival will follow up completely on their investigation as in the end, I believe they will find themselves at fault for being negligent. I have contacted my local news and CNN and I think that our stories need to be heard. We were on vacation and many of you experienced a tragic event that I know will be with you always. Many of you witnessed this first hand. I know that it is something we would all like to be able to put behind us, but after reading some of these posts, I know that this has been a problem for years. I have contacted Yhony who was there on Wednesday with his group from cave-tubing.com. As many of you know, these were the people who were rescuing the Carnival group. Yhony and his guides were safe and prepared and unfortunately he will lose business because of this tragedy. I know that had we had the proper amount of experienced tour guides required BY LAW in Belize, this woman would still be alive and many of you would not have experienced the traumatic events you did this day. We were all put at risk and lied to. We were told we would be safe and instead we were set loose without guidance. Please email me your stories and if you are willing, your contact information. A family losts a mother on Wednesday and many of you saw this all occur. Please help me bring this to the publics attention. Prior to taking this cruise I was unaware that these forums existed, and I can promise you that other people do not know about this site as well. You can email me at aguay@movgal.com Thank you.
  2. aliguaytor5

    Glory Passenger drowns while Cave Tubing in Belize

    I was in the group directly behind the group that got stuck. I was actually pulled under the water outside of the cave and had serious trouble finding my way to the surface. I have contacted CNN and spoken to a woman in the newsroom, I am awaiting a reply. This tragedy needs to be told. Our lives were risked by Carnival Cruise Lines and Bel-Cruises to make a buck. I am trying to gather as much information as I can and names and phone numbers would help. If you feel comfortable giving me this information would greatly appreciate it. You can email me at aguay@movgal.com and I will reply with my phone number if you would like.
  3. aliguaytor5

    Glory Passenger drowns while Cave Tubing in Belize

    I was on the excursion the day this happened. I booked my excursion with Carnival. For those of you who are wondering, I am under the assumption that Carnival uses Bel-Cruises for their excursions. There were 39 people in my group and only 2 tour guides. In Belize the law is 1 tour guide for 8 people. I wish I had known this before hand. The woman was wearing a life vest, however, we were told by our tour guides that if the strong mildew smell bothered us we could tie the vest around our waists or wear it loosely. When she came up, I have heard that her vest was no longer on her. Many other people were pulled under the water that day, and they were rescued primarily by the cave-tubing.com group. This group had one tour guide for every 8 people and all of their customers were fine. The person who performed CPR on Mrs. Linan was a Cruise ship passenger. It was a terrifying experience. Outside the cave my group tipped and I was trapped under water for a period of time. I could see about 3 feet of water above my head and I still could not touch the bottom of the river, so the water level was very high. For those of you who have been on the trip when the water levels are lower, you know that it should take about 45 to an hour and a half. From the time we put our tubes in the water, to the time we reached the end point, only 15-20 minutes had passed. Someone needs to be held accountable for this, and it isn't the woman or her family. We were told we would be safe, and that booking with outside groups was unsafe. Funny thing is, the outside groups were cheaper than Carnivals company, they had more guides, and their guides were trained to handle this situation. I wonder how much Carnival profits off of this excursion?