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  1. Please don’t presume to know my situation. I don’t live in the USA and we maximize our Vacation time when we travel. It’s a five nighter and just one of the cruises I will be taking on this trip. I will be bringing two suitcases and a carry-on and so will my spouse. We have never had a problem with putting the suitcases under the bed on ships, apparently until now. We meet a lot of people that do this as well. Not everybody just takes a single cruise.
  2. Another video has surfaced. It’s not looking good for luggage space. Apparently you cannot store luggage under the bed.
  3. Tsunami alert has been issued for the Caribbean! CNN
  4. Yes the shower is shown in the second video and it is quite big and rectangular. it appears to be considerably larger than a royal Caribbean tube shower.
  5. As we are from Canada, we optimize our airfare and do multiple cruises and resort stays per vacation. We travel with four large cases and two full-size carry-ons. They usually fit under the bed in a state room. We are extremely neurotic and the room must look pristine. In other words everything has its place and must be put away. On our last cruise on serenade of the seas our state room attendant said she’s never seen a neater room than ours and wants to come visit us at our house. 😂 It’s always a challenge to figure out a new room configuration and get everything put away properly. Room vid
  6. I appreciate your concern and further investigation on my question. Eventually someone will have the answer I am seeking. Thank you for your efforts. 😄
  7. Please! No need to be rude. I’ve already indicated that in my cabin that fixed portion of sofa is a pull out bed. I’m in 12050A. You obviously cannot give me the answer I need so why not let someone else who actually has knowledge answer please. That way I know what to do with my luggage instead of your speculations. Good day.
  8. If you read this thread you would note that I pointed out the timestamp for the closet earlier. I’m looking for someone with some actual insight into the room. I’m afraid your opinion does me no good. Thanks anyway.
  9. I would prefer facts over your opinion to be honest. You can clearly see there is no place for luggage in the video they released. I was hoping someone had some insight.
  10. Did you watch the video? The closet is minuscule. It seems to be all open concept and there’s no drawers anywhere.
  11. If you watch the video you can clearly see right under the bed. It’s not designed to have anything underneath it. Nor does it look like it’s high enough to host a large piece of luggage.
  12. Actually our room is marked with a triangle which indicates that the couch is a second bed for one. So it can’t be luggage storage in our case. We might be living out of our luggage on the floor on this cruise 😄
  13. I just watched a video on youtube showing the cabin features. There doesn't seem to be a place for your empty luggage after you unpack. The bed breaks in half and is used as a couch during the day. There is no visible place that I can see to put your empty luggage it seems. The closet is small as well. Anyone know anything about this?
  14. Let me enlighten you as a person who has explored and learned to partake in clothing optional activities. There will be no necessity to clean the resort any differently than any other day. It is standard etiquette to always sit on a towel. Because of the stigma that some people have with their discomfort with nudity, naturists actually go out of the way to ensure extreme cleanliness. You have absolutely nothing to worry about except maybe spilling guacamole and staining your bathing suit. 😄
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