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    Have U sailed Destiny AFTER her dry dock???

    We were passengers on the Carnival Destiny from Sept. 21 to 27, 2008. We have taken 20+ cruises between the two of us within the Carnival family of cruise lines. We began calling this The Cruise From Hell. People everywhere on the ship were complaining. The lines at the pursers desk were an hour long for days. One woman sat at our dinner table and began singing a song out loud about this being the worst cruise ever! Boarding the ship was a terrible experience. The worst we’ve ever experienced. We waited to board ship for 4 hours after signing in. It took a ridiculous FOUR HOURS to board! Some people were left standing outside in 90 degree heat for 4 hours. Others were left standing or had to sit on the floors while waiting. No food. No drinks. No seats. No compassion for passengers. The ship staff and port staff seemed uncaring and incompetent. We were eventually told the ship’s crew hadn’t arrived in time so everything was delayed until they boarded. Poor planning and scheduling….again. There were hardly ever any announcements or they were poorly done. The cruise director hardly ever took time to make any announcements about debarking or schedules. It was the worst of any cruise we've been on. No messages given as to when the safety drill would be or when we would be departing Miami. After being asked by passengers, a crew member told cruisers that the ship had 24 hours to hold the drill and it would be done "whenever....probably tomorrow morning." It was held 45 minutes later in a surprise announcement during dinner at 6pm. The lifeboat drill took place IN THE MIDDLE OF DINNER! There was no organization or scheduling. People in wheelchairs and those with canes (like me) were told to walk down 4 flights of chairs to the lifeboat drill that was announced unexpectedly during dinner. In Key West, no announcement was made as to when we could leave ship or where to go. It was chaos. There was often no debarkation announcement at all. In Miami, they called self assist passengers and then called all 10 zones as well creating a logjam that could have been easily averted if they had waited for self assist passengers to clear before calling everyone else. Those of us with injuries or in wheelchairs were left standing in crowded lines for no reason. The Pursers desk and maintenance phone answerers were very disrespectful in their tone, probably from receiving so many complaints. The food was poor. Several foods were spoiled on the buffet even on the first day (tomatoes, fruit, potato salad). The food was the worst of any cruise we have been on (20+ cruises between the two of us). Elevators were shut off for most of the cruise. There were NO elevators for special needs passengers. Many of the elevators were shut off for 5 of the 7 day cruise… most of the cruise! In some places, 3 of the 4 elevators were closed off! We were told the elevators were being used for repairs / upgrades. Here's an idea....get the upgrades done before you launch! People in wheelchairs and those with canes (like me) were told to walk down 4 flights of chairs to the lifeboat drill that was announced unexpectedly during dinner. Our television did not work! We called maintenance on the first day to report the TV didn’t work. We called and again reported the TV had not been checked. We called three more times the next day and still no one came. We had no TV for 3 days (1/2 of the cruise) and when we called, the maintenance people lied repeatedly before finally sending someone up to look at it and found a cable was broken in the hallway. Our ceiling collapsed! On Tuesday about 5pm part of cabin ceiling fell down as the ship was in minimal waves and barely missed our laptop, breaking glass all over floor. It took maintenance only an hour to repair the ceiling but the broken glass was left on our floor for hours. They came and put the ceiling back but left glass all over the floor. Instead of cleaning the dangerous broken glass, they put a stool over part of it! We had to shower and get dressed for dinner very carefully due to all the glass which wasn’t cleaned until we returned from dinner after 9pm. Extremely unsafe. The shower was dirty and did not drain properly. Our shower was covered in black mold in the grout until Wednesday. On Thursday the shower overflowed over and over again getting everything wet on floor in bath area. Our shower would not drain and flooded the bathroom and dripped into our cabin. When I phoned maintenance, they came and said there was no problem. It flooded again and again after they did nothing. The overall ship was dirty and in need of being refurbished. We have never before seen a ship in such disrepair. Our balcony was dirty and rusty. The outside of the ship was covered in rusty circles 5 feet across and other parts of the ship were covered in rust. There were entire floors that were uncarpeted and unpainted and wavy as you walked along. Garbage littered the floors of the promenade. Brown scum that looked like sewage covered the windows in the lido dining room. Not very appetizing. Many areas of the ship could not be accessed due to work being done during the cruise. The basketball court, parts of the deck where we normally sit on lounge chairs, and hallways were blocked off limiting our enjoyment of things we had paid for. We deserve a complete refund. This was a totally unpleasant experience and a waste of our time and money. Carnival Cruise Lines 3655 NW 87th Avenue Miami, FL 33178-2428 1-888-CARNIVAL