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  1. Looks to be settled now....what next? Quarantine for all on board? or was the passage across enough?
  2. In Ontario (Toronto especially) it seems to be coming from the students mostly. If they're complaining about quarantine because they can't be trusted to be mature in their socializing, then maybe they should be sent home for their parents to deal with them instead of infecting everyone around them in their non-city. They may be more careful around their neighbours and parents' friends. Loss of independence might be a good teacher.
  3. Thanks for the good wishes.....It's a lovely day in our neighbourhood....😁
  4. ONLY a 3' putt 😄...assume you made it - but the the next hole - a par 3? - cost you the 2-3 strokes you made on the downhiller? 😢 BTW....I'm the 2nd leaf fan! haha....we are believers!
  5. It only gets funnier....after Captain Kate's message and now this! I'm sure I know what X means, BUT.....I learned in grade 4 that some syntax can be misleading if not in a meaningful order. This is odd....I'm booked on Infinity in June '21 in Europe....that's a long back and forth trans Atlantic sail to fill the Caribbean bookings. I'm now thinking the June cruise isn't going to happen.
  6. She sent a 'message' with a sense of humour! That's why she made Captain....SMART AND A REAL WOMAN!
  7. We just cancelled June '21 - Europe, but hoping Nov '21 on the Edge is a go. Time enough to work out some answers to this virus I hope.
  8. Most of us are missing our cruising ...results in negativity in some. This thread to me is not so much hostile, as it is righteous....other option is to just cancel your upcoming cruise and start fresh when your comfort level with sailing kicks in. For me, there's too many variables right now, so that's my option. Don't feel the need to one up anyone with personal opinion.
  9. Exactly. Thanks all....knew I'd get a quick straight answer if I came here......just left a message for my X rep...can't trust that a vaccine will be available by March (final payment date), so opting to cancel my June European cruise. Can't L&S - no EU cruises scheduled probably until Feb/March. Have a refundable deposit and didn't want an FCC. Too many unanswerable questions.......vaccine, increased Covid numbers, election result which could impact important transportation decisions and we're not satisfied the CDC will/can make the safest decision to sail. Even then, ports may be closed. Time to bail.
  10. And....no European cruises offered in '22...which is where I'd have to L&S to months of May, June, July '22 (within the 4 week stipulation, # nights, ports, etc). Probably won't know until next Feb/Mar at which time I'd have to make final payment. I'd like to cancel right now and stop the 'wondering what will happen next June with my cruise'. I understand they're gathering feedback and working with CDC, but nothing will happen until there's universal virus control and we can sail more or less safely.
  11. Ahhh! I see. Too early for their June '22 schedule....perhaps in a month or two.
  12. Cruising in June '21....wanted to 't L&S to '22...but no European cruises announced yet.
  13. This must be an auditing nightmare for the accounts dept. I'm now wondering if Future CC's aren't practical for them when right now they don't even know what the future will be re sailing schedules, ships operating or being sold? Too many FCCs out there with reduced fares they have to honour. A clean slate with $$s refunded, then increased fares when sailing starts up 'for real' again. Call me cynical, but IMO, would they refund without a request if they didn't have a plan which works for the company?
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