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  1. Check availability in a mock booking....if cabins in your desired category still available you may still have your bid accepted; we received our acceptance one week before sailing. Non-acceptance was 48 hrs prior to cruise (only bid twice so response could vary).
  2. Well...YYZ neighbour...we've used X reps for many years...I've been very satisfied with them and mentioned how GREAT they were. In retrospect, I've done all the work, email my request for booking, indicate perks etc and after booking, do all the homework checking cabin reductions, better locations, etc. Now I'm wondering just how great they've been when I've never been offered any little extra on my behalf, such as mentioned by more than a few posters. ie: calling me when there's a price reduction, offering a 'good will gesture' for a bday or special anniversary....other little appreciatives for our loyalty. Maybe I've been too hard working on my own behalf and should put a little more on the rep to work for me? BTW, I agree with captains club/ Resolution Desk being very helpful solving issues. Only had to call twice on rather important concerns which were taken care of right away on that phone call.
  3. we were deck 8 S1 aft corner Silhouette....lovely cabin...pole not an issue after 1st night.... I did bump into it in the dark, but actually laughed out loud in doing so....last thing before going to sleep my thought was 'don't bump into the pole'...LOL. We had 2 poles, one by the sofa as well as the bed...to me they added interest to the design of the cabin. We definitely would book this cabin again, however, agree the butler isn't an added incentive.
  4. From my experience with move up bids, the system sends an email which advises you the cabin level you may bid on; we were in concierge so up from there - Aqua and Suites - were available for my bid. If you're 'inside or verandah cabin', I don't know if they permit you to bid on ALL levels up from there. You bid from weak to strong on their 'meter'...at your comfort level. Just for interest, I was researching how the system was operating.....It seemed to work from inside cabins up to suites as the number of cabins in each level from 'inside' up came off the grid, in order, until only suites were open, leaving only one or two cabins in each level available for outside purchase. In my case the price paid didn't enter into acceptance as we booked concierge on a really good sale originally and bid weakly on a suite. I think if the cruiser was bidding from Aqua to SS they would have already paid more than basic IV and would be considered more favourably, unless the IV put in a stronger bid... IMHO.
  5. I booked during an X sale which has elapsed and onboard, so not fair to compare I guess. I'm told a TAs pricing is in line with X...but they CAN offer more OBC, wine, and maybe group discounts...but that's the US. Canada can't offer these and the conversion is at the mercy of either the TA's bank or Cda's. Isn't cost effective for me to book in the US. Others have had success so it's possible if you spend the time.
  6. i just compared my next cruise with a TA based in US....costing more with same perks, NRD, and I think the $$ conversion was higher (didn't really do the math on paper). Will stay with X but keep eyes open for a better TA deal, then present to X agent as another poster advised. OP.....Just keep checking for X sales, especially far out from sail date or right before final payment...and sign up for their emails which advertise these sales.
  7. IMO....if they're looking for a job on LinkedIn, maybe they're not happy where they are and not the dedicated employee you may be looking for?
  8. So I'm confused...are you looking for a travel agent outside Celebrity who books Celebrity cruises or are you looking for a CVP who actually works for Celebrity? I didn't think the CVPs would be advertising themselves on LInkedIn.....learn something new every day if that's the case...LOL.
  9. My CVP's were young and eager...also VERY patient....I'm usually prepared from online investigation and provide details so they don't have to do a lot of work initially. But, if I want changes - cabin, price decreases, etc - they have quickly honoured my requests if valid. Also follow up phone calls may be a little later than I'd like, but I recognize work load, so I have to be patient also. I usually communicate by email which gets faster results. Hope you're successful with your change if that's what you elect to do.
  10. I was assigned a 'planner', used him for 6 years until he was promoted, at which time he recommended another, until she was promoted after 5 years. They were both super great and we were very satisfied. I've now been assigned the 3rd CVP but it's only been a few months. She appears to be very helpful so far. I haven't solicited any change, but would do so immediately if there was an unresolved issue or personality differences - which could happen with any agent, outside X or in.
  11. I will definitely ask a few questions of my long-term X planner. The concierge/suite wine is not used anyway, but OBC is worth finding out about...and the 4 perks add without extra payment surprises me.
  12. I'm not sure how future cruises (meaning no set booking) work, but I appreciate this question, which is why I opened it, so thanks to the OP for posting. On this board quite regularly and haven't seen this question once a week. Booked a specific cruise onboard for the first time last cruise and I found it financially beneficial. The additional OBC is a plus, also the reduced deposit. However, that was a non-refundable deposit so if one wanted/needed to cancel, there isn't a big loss in $$s. I received all the benefits of the 'sale' being offered online, so couldn't see where it could be a bad deal.
  13. This is confusing me...in all our cruises (E+) my X planner has never offered any additional OBC, wine, or other incentive to book with X. Whatever the going 'sale' offered is what I received. How did you ADD 4 perks PLUS OBC to the original booking, or did you cancel the first and rebook with these incentives? Are you really booking with a travel agent and not a Celebrity planner (as you said in your post)?
  14. C2 Balcony Comfort, Concierge Class, deck 9-12, midships/stern, C1 Balcony Comfort, Concierge Class, deck 9-12, stern, C3 Balcony Comfort, Concierge Class, deck 9-10, bow/stern, Above from a European site which explains Concierge S class locations (and available cabins for each ship). All cabins and MOST balconies are same size. C1 on the hump and aft; C2 on the slant and side aft; C3 in between C1 and C2
  15. There is still only a handful of people in Michaels...at least on our last sailing. We prefer outside Michael's and among the many cruisers enjoying the music. I agree, we don't attend the CC events or any X events...not because of seating issues, just not part of what we like to do. Obviously many do enjoy the venues... And....why is such an old thread being opened again? Before I'm flamed...I'll ask the question...why am I answering...LOL? Didn't even notice it was from last May '19...just came up in my notifications.
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