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  1. I see that Carnival is selling some of their older ships...wondering if X will sell...and if so, do you think Infinity will be the logical (as in one of the oldest and the only one of the M class not refurbished) ship to sell? Have a cruise booked on her in June '21...they would have to reassign another ship wouldn't they? or would they simply cancel us out of the cruise leaving us to book another of our choice. I don't have any knowledge of how these cancelled cruises work but don't want to make final payment if there's a chance it's not going to sail - for any reason.
  2. I agree with your opinion. The med cruises are port intensive and the longer ones we find tiring trying to get 'the most' out of our time. I'm finding a 7 day with pre and post days and the opportunity to travel to cities of interest, the best for us. As you say, the best way to explore a culture is spending more time in one location. DS, after U graduation, took 6 months travelling by bike/train through France and Italy...he was a French immersion student and enjoyed trying to improve his use of that language; apparently Italian was a non starter..LOL. We knew we wouldn't experience what anyone does who has more time in these ports, but the overall experience is certainly worth it, providing wonderful memories.
  3. Thanks Bruin Steve and others for describing your planning process. Very similar to ours, but THIS time, taking it very carefully. Using Choice Air for the June '21 cruise Rome to Venice (rolled into cruise price at final payment), pre and post-cruise hotels and car are booked and not payable until we arrive. Won't book any port tours until much closer to sailing date. All of this preparation is subject to Covid cancellation so not getting too far into it, however prices are good booking refundable now.
  4. We've sailed Barcelona to Rome...10 day...which was great....Nice, Montenegro, Monte Carlo, Dubrovnik, ...tiring with ports/excursions every day...but a super way to visit different countries, with a different embark/debark location. We've now chosen a 7 day Rome to Venice, with Sicily, Malta, Croatia, Montenegro ports in between. To justify the long flights, we're arriving 2 days early in Rome and staying 2 days in Venice after the cruise to wind down. We chose an M class 'Infinity' for the ports; never sailed it before so looking forward to a change from S class. Have fun deciding what will be best for you!
  5. Are you cancelling a cruise in a time frame which is *or will be* cancelled and the system is jumping the gun when it provides an FCC?
  6. True....I looked up the flights I wanted, checked the price, then called the Choice Air agent to quote and finalize. Seemed to work very well...first time booking with them.
  7. I saw the same as you today...on the Choice Air link there's no Celebrity option... I just went into myX booking, then Flights by Celebrity, book flights, and the option to find flights comes up. https://www.celebritycruises.com/find-your-reservation/flights-by-celebrity BTW, I booked flights on Choice Air for June 2021 at a good price. May go higher as bookings start coming in. If we still can't sail, then free cancellation is a big plus.
  8. Hi....something doesn't seem right with your browser maybe? I just checked and my cancel button is there and it works. Try another browser? However you're already into the site so all the functions should be accessible. Seems MS Edge works better for me when I'm having a problem accessing some sites.
  9. That's right...what happened in my case is that I wanted to cancel a cruise I made online and asked my X rep to do so; she told me she couldn't cancel any online cruise, but of course could cancel any that an X rep made. With her on the phone, I tried the 'cancel' online function on 3 different browsers but it wasn't working. Had to hang up with her and call back in to the general help line and the service person immediately cancelled it for me. Then I called back in to my rep who rebooked the cruise I had just cancelled. The point of all this was that I wanted my X rep to have the control of my cruise not an online general rep who would have to do any changes I may have requested in the future. What a long way around to get a result.
  10. I should have explained further....the X rep can't cancel a reservation made online...they can cancel any other reservation.
  11. Just checked one of our cruises to see if it was still there......... Upcoming cruises Manage your cruise Cruise Details At the very bottom: So....just in case this doesn't work for you, my experience last week when I tried to cancel so I could rebook (don't ask...you'll get a strange answer..LOL), I found REPEATEDLY, the link wouldn't work. Tried 3 different browsers. Had to call X (not my rep..they apparently can't cancel an existing cruise) but the general number, then the service dept, could cancel. Frustrating system when the web doesn't do what it's designed to do.
  12. Thank you for the excellent link....read them all.
  13. Thanks for the tip. We're ending our cruise in Venice. I'm assuming everyone takes the 'people mover' a certain distance, then walks or takes a cab? The people mover is a paid transportation method from the cruise port? Just answered my own ?.....looked it up on Google so now I understand..... or can you take a cab the entire distance from ship to hotel? Departing Venice via Marco Polo airport so a cab at that point is possible? So many questions...sorry for that.......I really appreciate the help CC posters provide.
  14. Thank you so much for the pic and the explanation re your 'choice' of hotel in Venice. Convenience was paramount in our decision and with the help of CC posters in this thread we had a lot to chew on. Decided on the Hotel Chiara. Cost is more than the Principe, however the good access to the cruise port and airport was very important; also, we have a long drive to another part of Italy during our stay and access to roads was a consideration. It's a big decision when you don't know where you're going in another country. A big thank you to Cruise Mom42 and Bruin Steve and Lazz and Tapi for taking the time to help as well....most appreciated.
  15. Yikes....can't you take a water taxi to the door after a cab from the airport?
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