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  1. Not sure what you mean....your photo area has a green circle with an H in it indicating the first letter of your sign on "H"CAT which is what the system installs if you don't load in a photo image.
  2. Out of all of this conflict will come cooperation...discussion is good and at higher levels than a cruise message board, required. We'll get there...but it would be nice if human kind could stop being 'right fighters'. When we do get to sail again there will be inevitable blips; in that event we want serious safeguards in place to handle them. The cruise lines are directly affected if they sail too soon. They actually ARE moving toward global sailing in a cautious manner with island embarkation ports. The US ports will not be that far behind with vaccinations going up (although the viru
  3. We ran into that situation...just a locator...in the end we paid X for our flight in full, they contacted the airline and we received a ticketed number and booked our seats. This was with Air Canada and I understand it's a firm policy. Apparently some US airlines allow seat selection without payment. Since we were going to have to pay anyway, we got it out of the way. X still was responsible for us if flights changed or anything else which needed handling. This may have changed...it was some years ago...haven't booked flights through X since....but will...on advice from other posters for
  4. Just about to post...but you got a screen grab! well done. Millenium doesn't look docked?
  5. haha...yes...probably had nothing to do with it, but my neighbour likes to think so. We've been very lucky with our site...smooth sailing. Booked easily, shot without waiting, in fact arrived a little early and they took me in, 1/2 hr. in and out. Next shot booked but not until July so maybe sooner if the big shipment promised comes through sooner than expected.
  6. You mentioned the bit of a problem booking your vaccination. My neighbour told me their 88 year old MIL was looking forward to her shot last week and was told 2 days before she was cancelled. Apparently the system allowed a double booking which pre-empted hers. She's in Ottawa as well; a few relatives contacted Parliament bldg rep ... didn't help...and then a provincial dept of health connection....still nothing. A few days later, miraculously an appt. opened for her. Odd how that works when the wheel is greased. In this case, I'd pull out all the stops as well, and use whatever worked
  7. Wish we could say the same. DH and I have had one shot...rest of the family have not. Enjoyed a lovely dinner delivered from our golf club up the street but not the same, even though I didn't cook...one good thing I guess...😄 Happy you enjoyed your Easter dinner with your loved ones.
  8. Gone beyond biology but more dependent on people and their reaction to how they will deal with the virus.
  9. I can't say I'm counting....but someone will go down on the 10 count...and....there are so many experts on this thread my head is spinning...the "wheels go round, round, round"...! is anybody winning? 😉
  10. Someone just became the message board police?? 😉
  11. So you know how much fun a student can have in O? Skating on the Rideout (sp?). Beaver tails. I'll bet the 60's were even more open than when he was there.
  12. There are some insurance companies who will not pay those who travel during this pandemic unless you purchase a rider to cover all health events. If it's someone's choice (or right) to avoid following any of a country's rules or prohibitions, would you be the neighbour who would report them if it infringed on your right? I don't understand this 'rights' aspect of what we do in our daily lives. RESPECT for others means a lot more to me and if that means following in line to protect, then so be it.
  13. I think you're taking this a little too far. I agree with the health situation only so there may be another way set up for them. But Chinese govt restrictions in the US?? BTW.. there was a survey taken this AM on this question....out of almost 30,000 votes, 97% were in favour of a vaccination passport.
  14. ......our grandkids haven't reached university age yet, so a big potential source of misery is one we don't deal with.....YET...lol. My son attended U of O....straight A high school student, etc....then went to Ottawa...haha....grades not important but being floor rep was....organized more parties than was good for him (and our bank). Part of growing up...but I'd like to think he would have been careful during a pandemic and not put himself and especially older people in the line of possibly dying from it....worse case scenario, but who knows.
  15. In our area, I had no problem booking for DH after I realized the browser was locking at a certain point and not cooperating with the booking site. Changed to another one...got in right away. Next round I booked mine; several appts. open...checked hours later, no appts. open. Increased supply no doubt opened more. Happy you got your appts. with preferred dose. It's reported the jump in virus numbers is in large part due to Universities. Your city and mine have large uni's.. numbers coming out of 'off campus parties' according to reports. What will it take! If the kids want to get back
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