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  1. It isn't likely that AMSRED2 will be posting anything soon. She is a supervisor in a large retail store. During this time of year she barely gets to see daylight. That will continue through next week with all the returns. Then she goes into the recovery mode till the middle of next month. (Recovery mode usually means a trip to Vegas or some such.)
  2. Funship Freddie told me that Amsred2 has completed the intervention and detox. She is back working hard to pay for the next cruise. Funship Freddie also told me that he stole the charger to her laptop so she couldn't post stuff about a "Rockwall and Ice Rink of the Seas" ship. Fear not... the Flowrider of the Seas gang is sending her a new charger and she will be back online soon. Now if the big bad wolf at work will give her the time, more of her exploits will be posted. or not
  3. I have it on good authority that she has been whisked off to undergo a full intervention. You see, a group of Carnival funatics got wind that she might be going over to the dark side. Amsred2... I am your father. I did it for your own good. :cool: When they found out about her traderous ways, they sent spies to intersect her. Sheis now undergoing full detox. Once her re-education is complete she will once again be welcomed into the fun-ship fold where she belongs. While I recognize that she will forever be a cruise-a-holic... a sickness which can never be cured, I believe she will be brought to her senses and never stray again. Ok… I really do have it on good authority that she is well and had to go back to work only a handful of hours after she got back home.
  4. Remember that post she made a while back about "imbibing" and posting. She did get the booze package so there you go.
  5. You asked... Per the dictionary, a Dilly is - "an excellent example of a particular type of person or thing." "that's a dilly of a breakfast recipe" "That's a dilly of a cruise" And if you have a dilly of a cruise, then why wouldn't you want two... or three. So, I hope you have a dilly dilly of a cruise. Come on everybody... lets send her off with a "dilly dilly"
  6. There used to be a free trolley to take people around old town. You could get on and off at the various stops it made. Can anyone comment on this?... hours of operation, etc.
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