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  1. The other location on the Pacific Princess is at the Club Bar just outside the dining room (on Deck 5).
  2. I saw the topic and thought I'd get a benefit for wearing my Argyles... 😁
  3. My wife just renewed her CDL and had to go in this time. Getting an appointment at the DMV is very difficult right now and it's no guarantee that they'll be able to process you at the time of your appointment. In other words, you may need to wait. My wife was there for 3 hours last week. Ugh... What's driving this (pun intended)? People who saw the news reports saying they needed to get their Real ID drivers licenses and flooding the DMV. This was particularly bad earlier this year before the new processes were worked out, and has pushed the wait times out throughout this year. By the way, the DMV website has the documentation you need to get a Real ID. There are options for each type of document you need to provide. If you have a passport (the best ID there is), there's no need to get a new driver's license early (although yours seems to have expired 7 years ago). :D:p:D
  4. The Wi-Fi is even worse in 6093 (one of the aft balcony cabins). The closest router is around the corner and up the hall. The ship’s structure comes into play too. There’s so much steel in that part of the ship, and it impacts the Wi-Fi signal.
  5. It will be in Sabatini's every morning. The Pacific Princess is our favorite ship in the fleet.
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