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  1. You guys are fantastic.. I have been so worried over the last few weeks that this would turn up to be the holiday from hell but your responses so far are so OPPOSITE from what I was going to expect. In a resort it is easy to check-out and move on if you feel uncomfortable but on a ship...well, you are sort of stuck.. REALLY you have made me think that I will be able to enjoy myself and meet people who will accept me and my partner the way we are. We are like the norm, sunbake, enjoy food , people, travelling and enjoy a drink or sometimes more depending on the situation. Guys, thank you again...I am now lso ooking forward to my cruise...:) :) :)
  2. Hi Trish and Kasey, That was quick.. Thank you both. I hope that we meet people like you onboard..Friendly and nice...:)
  3. Hello, Our fiurst cruise and a bit hesitant with what to expect. We leave on Friday.Are these cruises very homophobic??? A bit nervous of having a queen size booked!!Not sure if any Aussie cruisers will read here but any advise before cruising would be appreciated. We are mid 40's like good food, a drink or 10..and just generally enjoying ourselves.:confused: Many thanks!!!!
  4. Hey everybody... Well, we are mid age 40 gay couple (of 18 years) and have paid and booked and going on the Dawn..VERY soon. Are there any gay couples usually on these cruise ships? We are fun loving love a drink and enjoy good food and great company... Also, is it really possible to put some alcohol in water bottels and bring onboard and get pass the xray machines??Appreciate any advise on any of this. By the way, you guys seem to be such devoted cruiesers. This is our first one ever!!!!Can not wait.:)
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