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  1. The noise issue can be real concern for people that are late sleepers and even though wanted some quiet time in the late afternoon. Quite frankly, the noise is not so much from other passengers as it is from crew that tend to drag the chairs across the floor when they are rearranging furniture. When we had one of these cabins, I actually had to go down to speak with the hotel manager to explain that if the crew simply picked up the chairs and put them in the required location versus dragging them across the floor, then most of the noise issues would be resolved. The very next day, there was
  2. It's a great itinerary and the fact that you have great ports in the middle make it extra special. There are also a load of Australians and Kiwi's on the ship so it's lively!
  3. We did it last year and would definitely recommend the trip. We did the back to back that went from Aukland to Perth and then Perth back to Aukland. They only do that run once a year.
  4. Excellent. Glad that got resolved.
  5. You are not getting a cruise. You are getting a Future Cruise Credit which you have no idea the cost. You could in fact be losing money in the bargain. We'll use round numbers, if you give them $1000 and they give you $1250 of credit, you are not necessarily getting the same value for the $1000. You might actually not be able to buy the same item for $1250. It might now cost you $1500 to purchase the cruise. There is risk to your investment. You aren't guaranteed anything other than a Future Cruise Credit which may or may not have value. You are also risking the Cruise Line declaring ba
  6. I suppose it's a personal choice to loan money to a business for the defined return you're receiving.
  7. Final payments are being made on some of those cruises as we speak. A great travesty.
  8. In 2015 we did 2 weeks in eastern europe, flew down to Italy and then did 2 weeks on Med cruise to Israel then back to Italy for 2 weeks in Italy and then did the transatlantic. That was 2 months, half on the ship and 1/2 on land. That was ideal.
  9. Connie was not upgrade so you would not have a retreat. You'll still have Michael's Club and of course Luminae.
  10. At times, Celebrity will combine multiple FCC's for you into one bigger FCC. Your travel agent should be able to help you with that process. Let me know if you need help. All that said, we are in the same boat. We're going to need to cancel tomorrow for an upcoming TransAtl that's not going to to happen but is not yet canceled by Celebrity.
  11. Unfortunately, this approach ignores the fact that people can be infected while on the ship at any port of call.
  12. The virus is opportunistic. If we give it opportunity, it will thrive. We are feeding our enemy.
  13. I agree with you that Luminae should be open for lunch every day. We generally are not on the ship during lunch time on port days; so, it has not been a concern. If we were sailing in the Caribbean, it would definitely be a problem. 🙂
  14. There are pluses and minuses to each menu.
  15. That's not how any premium service works. You pay more, you get more. Just like those in categories below aqua do not get into Blu but Aqua can go to the MDR.
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