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  1. You’re right of course. When I checked with my other half, he tells me that credit card wasn’t an option at all - the travel agent doesn’t accept them But to be honest that’s not really the point. The point is that p&o for whatever reason have been dragging their feet over these refunds for months. There may however be a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. They now tell me my claim has been ‘escalated to triage’ and that I will receive a cheque within 14 working days. My breath is bated 😜
  2. Would that we had! However our travel agent surcharges for card payments so we paid by bank transfer. As we’d already paid in full when the cruise was cancelled it isn’t just the deposit we’re waiting to get back. Maybe that’s the answer - they’d rather pay 10 people their deposit back than pay one person the full cost of their cruise
  3. I couldn’t agree more. Whilst it’s nice for people like Eddie 99 & Tom Magpie with their quick refunds, it does make me question why this happens when I’ve already waited 4 months and I’m aware of others who’ve waited even longer. I’m not sure I comprehend their prioritizing system sorry if that makes me sound bitter - it’s probably because I am 😜
  4. I’ve been following this thread and I’m pleased to see that a few people are now reporting refunds. I’m currently at day 118 after being told on 25 June that it would take ‘up to 90 days’. unless I’m misreading the posts, it seems some are receiving relatively quick refunds for cancellations well after mine. As we’d already paid in full when PandO cancelled the cruise we’re looking at a substantial amount of money I’m glad I can say through all the trading difficulties of this year, we haven’t treated any of our own customers this way
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