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  1. [B][CENTER][SIZE=4][COLOR=red]* * * AFT_LOVER (MACOP) READ THIS * * * Brenda you are a nut-case, crazy, and a lunatic. You have been banned from RCCL and Celebrity because of your stupidity and madness. 90% of your posts do not make any sense. How many people have told you to check your posts???? Examples below:[/COLOR][/SIZE][/CENTER][/B] [quote name='AFT_LOVER']I got a great Got a great fleece jacket that I wore last winter[/quote] What is I got a great Got a great fleece, what the H are you trying say!!!!! [quote name='MichellP'] [quote name='AFT_LOVER']to a mini suite to learn it is a DELUXE BALCONY on 11. Has a tub on the right of the bathroom, toliet with a sliding shower door on the left & sink in the middle. Balcony is smaller than an AFt BALCONY. So no thank you. I will take an AE or better.[/quote] :confused: What does this have to do with the OP's question?[/quote] You are one crazy person!!!! [B][CENTER][SIZE=4][COLOR=red]Do you have some kind of a disability or are you just stupid???? Can you not comprehend that everyone on this board makes fun of you!!!![/COLOR][/SIZE][/CENTER][/B] [B][CENTER][SIZE=7][COLOR=blue]YOU ARE NOT INVITED TO THE MEET & GREET[/COLOR][/SIZE][/CENTER] [/B]