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  1. Agree, and bring extra Baby supplies just in case. We got home on 9/11/2001, glad wasnt on next Cruise away from home. Was single Parent raising 3 with youngest 2yrs old and we Cruised twice a yr. But lucky all my kids were 100% Potty Trained way before age 2.
  2. Would say yes, should be up then. All but one my Cruises they were up Friday Morning after Thanksgiving.
  3. Depends on Cruise. Longer or Repo's on Smaller Ships runs 20+ percent. 5 Days or less I'd say 5% about right
  4. I was one the rare that lost few points in Conversion.
  5. Probably not as big this yr. Did the longer Boston-Florida Repo 8 times, older crowd but few yrs more then 1/4 ship dressed up with some going way overboard
  6. Ate in WindJammer during 8 Thanksgivings out of last 11, had whole Turkeys to carve, tons of Pies.
  7. Yes, love watching her Sail here again! Have 6 Cruises on her in next yr inc the Oct2022 PC
  8. Done 12-13nite Boston-Florida Repo Cruise 8 out of 10yrs over Halloween, last one in 2019. Most years on Radiance Class you do feel Waves, at least half time they had the Barf Bags out. Lasts a Day at most
  9. Good, they kept original for you. Last 2 weeks on Jewel It's 11:30 earliest on one sailing and Noon on other's. But guess later check in closer to going straight to Cabin, though I'm usually one the first in Building and Boarding
  10. Funny thing all but once on Royal out Tampa was also tucked back in that Corner(#6). Seemed rare unless I was onboard
  11. One week on Jewel it's 1130, others so far it's 12. On B5B Nov-Dec myself. Checked in hr they were released
  12. Seen tables with 10-12 almost every Cruise. Agree with you was OP get 2 medium size Tables
  13. Agree, at least 8 threads talking about this last month. Most resent from 36hrs ago:
  14. Out of 2 dozen refunds last couple years only once got Full Balance in one payment
  15. Sorry, not my experience either. The Pipes, they just contain Rain from open Decks/Balcony
  16. Sorry, PRE-COVID, as said, "seen earlier but late as 6, 615 and 630 preCV on Brilliance and Serenade" ...though couple times have seen times changed after Boarding Ship
  17. Nope, seen earlier but late as 6, 615 and 630 preCV on Brilliance and Serenade. Even doing B2B seen different times on each Sailing
  18. 2 out of last 3 times I Cruised Walk offs didnt start until 730 & 745. Happens at times. This right before CV. Much as I Fly know some point this stuff happens. Not MIA but couple times got to FLL and line was out the Door. One 18 month Period had different planes have inop Bathroom, Electronic issues, Cracked Windshield, stuck in Snow and 2 different Flat Tires. Not to mention 20yrs ago flew home day of Shoe Bomber, was in Florida for Anthrax scare, but did just get home from Cruise Flying in with my 3 small kids early am on 9/11/01.
  19. Shoot when Labadee opened their Pier was 3 Ships a day at times. And though wanted to see it but wasn't there to see it on Dec 31 1999 was 4 Royal Ships at Labadee and Coco Cay that day... But I'd bet one my Royal Ship in 90's at Coco Cay it was more Crowed then 2 these larger ones now. Tons room spread out now that wasnt there 20+ yrs ago.
  20. Know there was talk on CC the Mixing of 2 Different Vax as some Countries were doing wasnt approved in US at one point for Cruising
  21. Smart, was considering a 4th but dont want pay anything upfront. As CV has really been declining(again) have feeling nobody will be running out Tests as some were month or 2 ago.
  22. What is considered "Fully Vaxed" Non-mixing of Vaccines?
  23. Agree, can see longer waits now. Even Pre-CV had one assigned day of Sailing, another one 6 months out
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