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  1. You self serve yourself a ready baked potato from that oven in my photo where the chefs put the potatoes which they have already baked behind the counter somewhere. There is no waiting involved.
  2. We were on Royal P for 49 days this year and really had no complaints. But we were just on Queen Mary 2 for a similar cost per day and it was better meals in every way. Great baked potatoes from a self serve oven in the buffet.
  3. Just sold my last 3 in one lot on Ebay for $4.99 inc shipping. One unused and the others with some punches left. We don't cruise again until 13th September so they would have been useless. Good while it lasted.
  4. I don't know where Cunard get their beds from on QM2 but we were just on there and in a basic cabin not a suite - and I know beds are a very subjective experience But it was like sleeping on a cloud. So comfortable in a way I have never experienced on Princess even on what was allegedly ( according to Stewart) one of the new beds.
  5. Having done a long Princess all around South America cruise recently I would now like to go to Ushuaia and embark on a smaller expedition ship there to really go and land on and experience Antarctica rather than do a sail by. Not cheap but we feel it would be worth doing. Maybe we can work it into a couple of sectors of major cruise line cruises around South America to avoid much flying.
  6. Griller


    Maybe its a a World Cruise ? And the home refinance is to pay for it? Who knows? There was not a lot of detail in the original post, nor needed there to be really, the short answer is that there is no Notary employed onboard by Princess, nor can there be, its not like Princess are trying to save money or anything. Not in this case. For once?
  7. Griller


    Of course if you give a Power of Attorney to anyone they can do what they want not necessarily what you wanted and there is not a thing you can do about it afterwards legally. Absolute power can corrupt absolutely...………...
  8. Griller


    There is no Princess employee notary and no other person who can notarize a document on a Princess ship unless a passenger is onboard who is a notary. A US notary cannot notarise outside the geographical boundaries of the notary's state of commission.so even if there was a notary on board with seal etc he/she couldn't do it unless the ship happened to be docked in his/her state. Chances of that are slim to non existent. And in any case Princess ships are not US registered but British via Bermuda and notaries are pretty much a US thing. You could go to a US Consulate or Embassy and they could do it for you but you can't just turn up without an appointment and there may be a long wait for one, and they charge heavily for it. Best to find another way to handle it.
  9. 14 day Stockholder and CC Loyalty which they won't have taken account of in the quote would be another $350 as well. Can't use future cruise deposit as I only have $ ones and they are different on each side of the Atlantic
  10. Hi antsp its been an interesting day here investigating this April 11th T/A on Sky, basically they have quoted me two prices for the same cabin, they say the cheaper price will have none of the OBC I am usually privileged to receive, that is Military, Stockholder, Loyalty or any other. Not sure they are totally correct about that but maybe so. I think the $550 OBC they mention for the more expensive price is $150 each passenger from Princess as a promotional OBC and $250 for military as they input my CC number which would have brought it up. Not sure the agent is totally focused on Princess as she kept referring to the Captain's Circle as the Captains Club. Here in US I don't think I have ever known a published price without OBC for Princess. Even interline bookings in US with Princess get military OBC now, which is very nice of Princess. IF Grade Inside Cabin,GTY Princess Price = £994 per person Our Price = £964 per person $550 on board credit per cabin or IF Grade Inside Cabin,GTY Princess Price = £994 per person Our Price = £791 per person
  11. Better quality ingredients, better presented, smaller quantity on offer at any one time so fresher cooked not stewed and dried up by sitting out on the line too long, Passengers much the same on either line really, slightly more civilized on Cunard but not much. Tables in Kings Court smaller generally, many tables for two. Since Cunard remodeled it the layout is simple and not confusing like before, really easy to find what you want. Juice dispensers work all day, not turned off after breakfast. Just about everything you would expect to find in the buffet on a Royal class ship but also many more and varied items. On the other hand the pizza was nowhere as good as on Princess.
  12. I know we aren't allowed to discuss specific agents on here but I cant find it less that 819 gbp for an inside but with $300 obc so not much different
  13. Hi antsp I read your recent post about Sky P T/A next spring and how you found a low price in UK, well I think you must have a wonderful source there as I couldn't get anywhere near it in UK where I go, and I found US was still a lower cost. In fact I haven't found a lower UK cost for any Princess ( or Cunard) cruise I want to book even with the pound down the toilet the way it is. And that all taxes and fees except gratuities are included in UK prices I must be not looking in the right places
  14. No you don't have to dress up for the buffet , very casual, but just like Princess swimwear etc is not OK in the buffet. In the MDR and entertainment venues on board they now have just two levels of dress for men, One is formal with some people wearing tuxes and others a darker suit and tie, but our tablemates never conformed and just wore a light colored sports coat and tie outfit and no one said anything to them, And on other nights men wore a jacket but no tie was required Took me 2 minutes to throw a jacket on for dinner, and 10 minutes for a suit and tie for formal nights. Easy. No tux for me anymore. I have no time for snobbery but like to minimally conform. And ladies seemed to wear anything nice pretty much, smarter on formal nights, but no one wore shorts to dinner as far as I noticed, however I was not looking at what others wore much Its nothing like as strict as it used to be on Cunard BITD, nor are the crew like they used to be BITD, hardly a British crewmember to be seen in dining or cabin staff.. Similar to Princess now for crew. We only went to MDR or buffet for dinner so I don't know about dress at the other dining venues and we chucked all the daily programs away before we debarked so I cant refer back, sorry.
  15. Some other QM2 buffet choices, the cheeses in particular were varied and wonderful, two on the upper left are Wensleydale with ginger and mango, and Wensleydale with cranberry. These are expensive cheeses to buy! The Brie was just ready to eat, not hard and unripe.
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