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  1. Griller

    Dress Code - Regal Princess

    No doubt there are places where males over the age of 10 would wear them to church and not be thought disrespectful. No doubt there are people who wear clown suits and are really nice guys as well. I think it just depends on the situation, I wear shorts myself in our somewhat tropical climate, however strangely not when I am doing yard work - too much risk of snakebite with bare legs.
  2. Griller

    Dress Code - Regal Princess

    I believe it but I don't like it, just another factor in the downwards trend of what was a pretty nice cruise line with respectful passengers Having said that I have never noticed what diners wore on a casual dinnertime.
  3. Griller

    Lobster revamp

    I was on the Regal last month and reported this and a CC member on here told me there was no green risotto. I am pleased you have mentioned it as I hate being accused of mis-stating anything. I thought it was horrible. Just give me straight lobster, with butter, garlic, that's about it. And decent lobster with good flavor and not tough. And bigger than a shrimp. I guess that won't be happening on Princess. We are back on Wind Surf next week. The decent lobster is what you get on there as in the photo from February 2018. Cooked in small batches, garlicy, and plenty of butter. Delicious. And if you book your cruise right no more cost than Princess. Apples to Oranges in most ways though.
  4. Griller

    Regal Mistake

    At least according to your statistics he wasn't insulting a minority group, that's always regarded as being worse. Personally I liked all the food on Regal last month, variety is the spice of life. I am probably biased coming from a household with 1 x Irish, 1 x Polish and 2 x Chinese comprising the family.
  5. Griller

    Regal Mistake

    This is not from the Patter and last month may not be recent enough but this is who they were on the Westbound Transatlantic.
  6. I have been twice and I think you get a better overall view from the sides, I have been near the end of a side and high up and it was still excellent as long as you are OK with climbing up the bleachers steps. I booked direct with the tattoo organisers, and made our own transport arrangements, way way cheaper but I can understand someone wanting the easy way to do it with Princess.
  7. That was your experience. Ours was different. On Windstar once. Only Diet Coke for no sugar soda/mixers other than soda water. Don't want it to happen again. Particularly for 13 straight days without a port to go shopping in ourselves. YMMV Had a reply to my email today, WS say my request has been noted in my file.
  8. Griller

    cases of wine, Carried or checked.

    If the cruise is also sold in shorter sectors you get as many free minibar setups as there are sectors.
  9. Griller

    New Wine List Rolling out on the Golden

    We had Conundrum white wine on our Regal Transatlantic last month. I liked it enough to order a case at home. And I ordered the Method Champenoise Sparkling Conundrum which is totally different and very like a very decent French Champagne. I also ordered a couple of Rose Conundrum but found it very ordinary and bland. The red Conundrum we have here but have not yet opened. Got it mail order from craftcurd.com. reasonable price and less than Total Wine.
  10. Griller

    Document checks...

    There seems to be little consistency - when travelling Transatlantic to the US and producing a non US passport I have sometimes been asked at Princess checkin for an ESTA and / or return flight ticket - and sometimes not. So I have no idea if they have any system at all
  11. seems like its averaging over $800 per person plus taxes for inside for those weeks seems a lot to me but then I don't book short cruises far ahead The OBC and gratuities are worth a bit, check to see if the OBC is per passenger or per cabin - makes a big difference
  12. The forum rules prohibit me telling you, but if you poke around you usually find them with various agencies a few weeks before sailing in any year when there are too many ships in Alaska - and that seems to be most years.
  13. Griller

    Charge for safe on Regal?

    Not even worth commenting on your post Too subtle for you I guess.
  14. On our recent Regal Princess theater experience we found that for the popular shows we had to be in there and seated within a very few minutes of the doors opening for the first performance or it was full. I think I would rather reserve a seat and plan my evening ahead a little. Much less frustrating. It is generally a younger age group on NCL, or at least a livelier one.
  15. I have had a studio cabin on NCL Epic and it has everything you need, and enough space as well.. Nice! And you get admittance to the Studio Lounge which has TV, free espresso machines, bar, tables, chairs etc for socializing. When I did the 14 day transatlantic on Epic it was $399 plus taxes for the solo cabin. And a free drinks package. I could not turn that down. Late booking of course. Making a reservation for shows is so easy, go up to a screen and scan your card, see what suits you and touch OK and then you have the reservation. They scan your card to go into the show and then the computer knows if you have a reservation, but there are always some unreserved seats if you want to line up and take a chance.