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  1. Not the same thing at all Why don't you talk about a subject you know something about?
  2. I read a study recently which claimed that a high temperature did kill the virus. But its 133 degrees Fahrenheit The study concluded that humidified hot air of that temperature for 5 minutes every hour for several days blown in the sinuses did kill the virus. Unfortunately that's not easy to achieve for most of us. And I don't even know if it has been properly researched or corroborated.
  3. That's very much a matter of opinion. Where in Norway are geysers? Volcanoes? Lava fields? Geothermal lagoons to swim in? Huge waterfalls? Iceland is an amazing place to see. Not Rejkavik the capital there is not much to see there at all.
  4. If they did then anyone who accepted all their money back as a FCC would be an unsecured creditor and likely to get nothing back
  5. In Fl if you don't keep AC running you get mold To keep AC running you need power For power you need at least a skeleton crew
  6. Maybe I am confused but we were booked on the transatlantic April 11th which is cancelled so how are Princess going to get the ship to Baltic for these cruises? Sail it empty?
  7. Seems to me like its time to change the Temp Canc Policy. All cruises not yet departed cancelled until May 1st at least. Viking just cancelled theirs similarly
  8. But Italy has a load more, its really bad there for some reason, and in the Schengen Area there are no travel controls so people can move from one country to another without restriction or record - UK and Ireland aren't in Schengen Area so in theory Italians couldn't travel there without record and then go to US. And Trump says he realizes UK is taking it more seriously than EU countries are This is all going to delay it a bit I guess, we are all going to get this sooner or later if we are susceptible So for us the question is will Princess cancel our April
  9. It also depends on what "Europe" is as far as these rules. Is it the European Union? In which case it would include Republic of Ireland which has an open border with UK Or if its geographical Europe then travel to the US might be allowed from non European parts of Turkey and Russia but not the European parts And what will stop people from Europe travelling to UK by some means and then hopping on a flight to US? Going to have to be some tight rules drafted
  10. They certainly did use to pre set the mugs and glasses on the tables in the buffet for breakfast. And I am certainly not anti Princess
  11. I would say - and no doubt will get shot down in flames - that its a combination of at least Bad Luck and failing to listen to passengers with concerns Commercial greed by having many passengers from China and Cruises in Asia Poor hygiene by some crew Swapping crew from one ship to another Number of ships with longer cruises Lack of effective enforcement of handwashing Passengers who for some reason have lower standards of hygiene than other cruiselines, due to age infirmity or socio-economic reason. Lot of this applies to Noro of course
  12. Hi I already sent them that as I had the email from Princess but they don't believe it apparently, and I paid per day on my cruise fare for the extras, not online. I am not even sure we want to cancel yet but it may happen depending on what I would get back and what happens in the next few days. This was a UK booking but it should not make any difference but the agents there are really not clued up about anything. Cruise is departing April 11th so there is time yet for things to settle - maybe.
  13. Emailed the large agency we booked with in UK and they know nothing about any changes to cancellation policy and told me I would only get a small percentage back and nothing at all for the beverage package or prepaid gratuities or wifi. So we have not yet cancelled as its not worth doing to get so little returned. I would rather wait and hope Princess cancel it but I somehow think that wont be happening as they get a grip on the situation. Last time I will ever book with them. They consistently display remarkable ignorance.
  14. I'm not even sure a cruise would be enjoyable at the moment with all this going on.
  15. And you don't live so far from the port, like us just a decent drive so its not too disrupting if its cancelled last minute
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